A List of My Reading Phases

So… I read. A lot.

I mean… yes, there are people out there that read a LOT more than I do… take a look at this page.
Seriously, I’m on the line between a) wondering if it’s all a lie and b) considering throwing my life away to be on this page. I mean, both choices are valid, so…
But anyways. I’ve actually phased through a lot of genres of books… that mostly are very similar… and I have settled on YA. For now… *dark music plays in background*
And well, I wouldn’t consider it a phase, because I was pretty much ALWAYS into fantasy. Harry Potter and Dragon Rider was my childhood, okay?

My Dystopian Phase

So, the first MAJOR phase I remember was dystopian. This happened… a while ago. I distinctly remember picking up the Hunger Games and reading it. And loving it. This then happened again with another series: Divergent. 
(Wow, two good series in a row?)
So I started SEEKING books that were as good. Then I discovered… they were both from the same genre!!! Like what!!! My mind was pretty much this: [insert explosion gif]
And so, people, I discovered the name of the genre: dystopian.
What I did next was Google up dystopian books” and choosing the books that had the prettiest covers* (I’m may or may not be laughing nervously and waiting for people to attack me) and interested me the most. And so I read books like Matched, Delirium, The Maze Runner, etc. I even tried to read books like 1984 and Fahrenheit 451… to which I promptly stopped reading them on the first five pages (Not because I couldn’t understand the words cough cough I just er- didn’t enjoy reading it**). I also read Unwind, which was so, so creepy and left me wondering if the government is LYING TO US ALL. 
*What do you mean, I shouldn’t judge books by their cover?

My Contemporary Phase

Yes, this was during the time that John Green became really popular…
And yes, I succumb to peer pressure easily.. (You’re just figuring that out now?)
My friend went up to me and told me about The Fault in Our Stars. And several other John Green books. And… I Read ItTM.
(Then again, what did you think I was going to do, use it to scrub my dishes?)
And now I love John Green! I didn’t know what that genre was called, though… until actually very recently. My other friends (who are real human beings, and I totally didn’t make them up) introduced me to Eleanor & Park. 
This was also around the time where I discovered Goodreads. And GOODREADS is now my LIFE. Like, I USED to RELY ON BACK COVERS. Not anymore!!!
Seriously, before Goodreads, once I was reading Delirium. AND IT TURNS OUT: I read the third book SECOND… so the story is now ALL MIXED UP!! I knew it was confusing*.
I was mentally shocked + scarred.
Image result for i don't know what i'm doing gif
*Seriously. Why don’t books have the number on them anymore? Like, it’s not hard. You can even do roman numerals. It doesn’t even have to be on the cover. But that’s a post for another time.

My YA Phase

So… this was when I DISCOVERED the name of the books. Basically, before this, I would rely on recommendations from my friend and just borrow books from the library that had good covers.
I would have to say my first -real- introduction into that world was by reading Sarah J. Maas’ and Renee Ahdieh’s books: A Court of Thorns and Roses + The Wrath and the Dawn…
Now I read everything YA. 
After all… that’s the basis of my book blog. 
So… do you/have you had any reading genre phases? Or any phases in general? Tell me it’s not just me..


  1. OMG YAAAAS. My phases were probably children’s realistic fiction, then MG fantasy, then I discovered this WONDERFUL THING CALLED YA and my world was shaken. I don’t remember what my exact phases were, but I know that I had a fantasy phase and am now in a contemporary phase. I used to hate realistic fiction (and therefore contemporaries) BUT THERE’S SOMETHING JUST SO AMAZING ABOUT IT.

    (PS I don’t like John Green’s books??? *hides* I mean, I’ve only read TFIOS, and thought it was “okay” (pun not intended), and apparently, that’s one of his best books haha.)

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    1. I KNOW RIGHT. YA totally made me go “WHAAAT?” but in a good way. xD
      And yes contemporaries are SO GREAT! I especially enjoy the part where I almost sound like a seal because I’m laughing/squealing so hard at midnight.

      And of course it’s fine that you don’t like John Green’s books! I honestly prefer his other book, Looking For Alaska, more than TFIOS so who knows? LIFE IS A MYSTERY

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  2. I read many different genres–mystery, women’s fiction, literary, romance, and YA Contemporary. I really like YA Contemporary because teens’ emotions are so new and so genuine. There’s something a little raw there, sort of like real life. In fact, I like YA Contemporary so much (like the guy who bought the razor company) that I started writing one myself!

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    1. HII (sorry for the late/ish reply, I thought I replied to you using my WordPress app.. I think it’s bugged)
      and I AGREE with this statement. This is one of the reasons I absolutely love YA contemporary! So much feeling- which I can relate with.
      And it’s so interesting that you started writing a YA contemporary. I hope there’s a day I can see your work on the shelves!

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  3. I relate to this so so much!! I had a HUGE dystopian phase too. 😂 And I’d like google for lists of “what to read after The Hunger Games” because I was thoroughly obsessed. And then I moved onto John Green and all the famous YA books…and now I just read any YA I can get my hands on that is excellently written. 🎉🎉I think it’s awesome how we bookworms go through phases and our interests/tastes change.😜


  4. I had a total WW2 phase where I seriously read NOTHING but novels set in the 1940’s….and now I’m kind of reading Classics and Adult Fiction and YA contemporaries all at the same time. *giggles nervously* The wierd thing is, I don’t read a lot of Fantasies, but I LOVE Fantasies….what’s up with that? My reading life makes NO sense.

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    1. Wow. I WISH I HAD ONE. I need to become more #cultured?? DID YOU READ RUTA SEPTYS BOOKS THOUGH. THEY ARE SO GOOD.. Haha I wish I could read more classics because they sound so good, but I’m not a fan of the writing style?? *hides behind YA shelf* FANTASY IS GREAT SO MAYBE THAT’S WHY *shrugs* just a thought.

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      1. Oh my goodness yes, Between Shades of Gray is one of my favorite books of ALL TIMES. I postively couldn’t breathe the first time I read it. Her other books are good too, not my absolute favorite, but she is wicked talented at setting a scene and keeping the reader engaged. Mmmh yes though, fantasy is the best….do you have recommendations for YA fantasy??? What are your favorites? (As awful as that question can be…)


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