UPDATES! // The May 2017 Version

So I used to do nothing and just sit in my house all day but now I’m actually going to do stuff to expand my blog instead of waiting around?? WHAT??

You may be asking, “Why are you doing this? This is unlike you. Usually the only thing you ever do is lie down and sleep and then maybe sometimes sit at the computer to type up a blog post while begging your sister to give you ideas!”

And here I am to tell you, i don’t know. Apparently I’m semi-productive now?? I’m like a caterpillar- I metamorphose (is that even a word?) into a butterfly!

So… I’m going to start participating in stuff. *SURPRISE* *SURPRISE*. We should totally start throwing confetti or something to CELEBRATE.
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So, first off: (these are arranged in no particular order because I actually don’t know what order they should be in welpp)

Also- everything blue is LINKED to their respective pages!


The Summer Comment Challenge

This is the Summer Comment Challenge! It’s hosted by the fabulous Alicia // A Kernel of Nonsense and Lonna // FLYLēf. (Click on the image to be taken to the post if you want to participate in this.) You have to sign-up by May 27th and make a post about it by the end of May.

This takes place over the summer, from June to August. But this post is specifically for the June portion, which I shall be participating in. If I choose to participate during August, I’ll make another post.

What happens is that I’m paired up with another blogger and we have to comment on each other’s blogs for the month. I’m intending to comment 5+ times on their posts.

I have never participated in this before, so I’m excited for this! It sounds like fun and a nice way to find other blogs/more content!

Twitter Book Chats

So… I used to not be addicted to Twitter. NOW I AM.

I started to participate in chats and stuff! (Well, I’ve technically only participated in one before, but whatEVER.)

hint, hint: MY TWITTER IS @blotsofink so MAYBE you should go and FOLLOW ME *wink wink*

A couple days ago (May 9) I was in a live Twitter chat called #May9Debuts celebrating three authors and their books releasing hosted by the wonderful @bbookrambles (their blog is here.)

If you’ve never done live Twitter chats, you SHOULD. It’s a great way to meet new people and talk (or in my case, flail awkwardly) about books. Their main Twitter chat is usually on the hashtag #BBTC so you should check for the next chat!

If there are other bookish live Twitter chats then feel free to put them down in the comments!

Guest Posts/An Interview

Neither of these have been posted yet, and I’ll put on the links when they do, but I highly recommend you to check both of these blogs out!

I will be interviewed Elise//The Book Forums at some point… so you should go and check out her reviews!

I will ALSO be guest posting, hosted by the awesome Lia//Lost In A Story. It’s part of the ‘blogger newbies’ project she’s hosting, so if you’re a blogger newbie, you can guest post.

Book Cons (!!!)

I’m SO hyped because I’ve never ever been to a book convention before! Okay, first off, I’m going to two of them (kind of??)

Click on their titles to be taken to their official websites!

Armchair BEA

So this is actually an ONLINE book convention*! It takes place while the actual BEA/Book Expo America convention takes place, so they’re both in conjunction! You’re supposed to be able to access it from your ‘armchair’, get it? Haha. You can register for this here. I’m not sure if they have a deadline, though.


Basically, this is for bloggers who can’t attend Book Expo America, whether you can’t travel or it’s too expensive. For me, it’s the latter #brokebookworm

There are live Twitter chats, Instagram challenges, and discussions about books. Here’s the schedule. There are also giveaways! This convention lets you connect with publishers and authors, too! It happens from May 31st-June 2nd

*Also, image credits to Boquilla’s Window of Big Bend Productions


BookCon logo without dates


I am SOOO hyped for this! I am going to Book Con this year with my sisters on Saturday, June 4th!

And… I may or may not be desperately searching up sites to help me prepare for going to this convention. Apparently it’s chaotic and crazy (but these are all posts about the 2014 BookCon so idk??) but well.. I’m fine with that. (kindaaa)

Chaotic + Crazy pretty much = me.

So… yeah! I’m going to be DOING stuff this month/next month. It’s interesting. I’m probably going to TRY to keep this up and keep doing things like this.

How often do you like doing things that are productive?





  1. Yay for productivity! You mentioned so many cool things that I didn’t know about in this post! Twitter chats have become one of my favorite things to participate in! They are so fun and I’ve met lots of new and great people because of them. I wish I could be going to BEA or Bookcon but yeah money… I went a few years ago though and it was great, I hope you have lots of fun! If you’re curious, the interview will be going up on May 23rd (next Tuesday) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right!! Twitter chats are so much fun 😄
      And I am SO excited for BOOKCON! Honestly I would prefer to go to BEA because in all of the things that I read they said that BEA was a lot nicer than BookCon and that BookCon was too chaotic but idk. BookCon is definitely a lot cheaper than BEA, though!
      And also, nice to hear!


  2. Ok, I swear I left a comment, but it must have disappeared or WordPress ate it or something. What in the world???

    BUT, I said in my previous comment that’s I’m also going to Bookcon and wanted to see if we could meet up sometime! 😄 I’m so excited!


    1. I know right?? I’m way too hyped for BookCon!
      And yeah, it would be soo cool to meet up! But I have to check with my sister/our schedule because she likes planning things a lot (It’s weird, right?) But I wish I could :/

      And yes, I totally relate. Sometimes I reply to comments but it doesn’t show up. Who knows?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, yes, I’m planning as well! There are a lot of authors signing my most anticipated ARCs, and I’m sending out my mom and brother to stand in some lines for me. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re so lucky! I wish I could go to BookCon but I live on the other side of the world and I have finals around that time!😭 All my favorite booktubers and bloggers are going to attend it. I can’t wait till one day when I can finally attend it.


  4. OH MY GOOOOOOSH. See this is the bad thing about not being allowed to have social media — I KNOW NOTHING. And now I’m going to frantically flail over book conventions and research about them and dream??? And OOH the comment challenge looks fun! I might just head over and check it out for myself. 😛 And AGGH like I said, my parents don’t allow me to have social media, BUT TWITTER LOOKS SO GREAT. *cries* I mainly want Pinterest, but a Twitter account seems cool, AS WELL AS INSTAGRAM — SO I CAN FOLLOW BOOKSTAGRAMMERS. Pretty pictures = heart eyes.


    1. I KNOW RIGHT. I used to not know that book conventions existed??? And in the past five months my life has changed so much omg.
      And I feel horrible for you- Twitter is so much fun for book blogging/talking with others, so I recommend it! And YES to Pinterest but I never go on it?? But I need to do that more.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. THESE BOOK CONVENTIONS LOOKS AMAZING. *cries* LOOK AT ALL THESE AUTHORSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I want to go so bad now thanks a lot Julianna. *glares* XDD Just kidding!

        Well, I get to use my mom’s Pinterest account, and it basically involves me pinning furiously one day, then a week’s break. And then furiously pinning, then a break… XD

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Ooooh that comment challenge sounds fun! It seems like a neat way to find new blogs AND new blogging buddies! (blogging buddies are the greatest. I just love the online and communities and friends ❤ <3)

    Good luck with all your summer goals!! 😀

    katie grace
    a writer’s faith


  6. Hi Julianna, What a creative blog name! I love it!! I’d like to welcome you to the Comment Challenge. I hope that you’ll have lots of fun and make lasting blogging friends. Happy comment!


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