Problems That Plague Us Readers (Life is Difficult, ok?)

Because #thebookwormlife = #thethuglife

It’s not easy being a reader. For example, I read outside sometimes. And it can be windy outside. And then the pages are fluttering and I lose my page number to the time space continuum. It’s a hard life, people.
There are many troubles awaiting us great explorers (of books) and here is a list of all of them! And YES, these are LEGITIMATE problems*
*what are you talking about, there are people suffering everywhere??

Waiting For Books

Okay, this is one of the reasons I enjoy reading older books. More time = more books to binge on!!! But SOMETIMES everyone else is flailing about a particular book and I want to be included with them so I read it. And usually, I absolutely LOVE it! So, yes, I’m included. Cue happiness… for a day, until I want to read the next book and I have to wait years. 
And I have read books like 5 years ago (-cough- cough- Dragon Rider*) but the sequel will be out in a couple of years?? Like??? What?? Are?? You Doing?? To me????//?
*Okay, but Dragon Rider was originally published in 1997 and the sequel is being published in 2017. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME.
And here’s a Friends GIF because I love Friends. And GIFS!

Sequel Problems

I think EVERYONE can agree that one of the WORST things ever is reading a first book.. and then we’re all like Wow! Splendid writing, excellent, etc.! But then one of these three happens
a) the author just starts churning out books and putting less and less quality work to them or 
b) the characters are totally out of character?
c) maybe there’s nothing wrong with the book but this is NOT what this post is about, so… let’s pretend this option doesn’t exist
And so comes the second book slump. Where you regret reading the second/third/so forth books. And you cry inside because what could have been a potentially beautiful and amazing series is now just a beautiful book (singular) with sequels that exist but you refuse to acknowledge. 
I am writing in second person now, apparently?? You are glad.

Differently Sized Books

This can also be known as the syndrome called: The Sequel Is Taller/Shorter Than The First

Why, why, why do publishing companies do this??? Because what if I want to take a bookstagram picture?? And they are out of line???

And this doesn’t always apply to books in a series. How are some books so tiny and others just HUGE??? Me=confused because WHY CAN’T THERE BE A STANDARD BOOK SIZE WHERE EVERYTHING IS NORMAL.

*cough* I’ve calmed down now. Sort of.

For example, if I have several cupcakes, they won’t look as aesthetically pleasing if they are all randomly shaped and lumpy! Nah, I want my cupcakes to look perfect.*

*Wait, what is this blog post about again? Let’s keep talking about food!

I feel like this is a short blog post, so… sorry if it is! It’s not even five hundred words I APOLOGIZE (I’m saying “apologize instead of “sorry” because I am Fancy with a capital F now??)

What sometimes gets you super annoyed?? Do you relate to any of these (bookish, and quite possibly first world) problems?


  1. Ugh, I definitely agree about waiting for books! That kills me on the inside. 😭 Especially this year with SO MANY amazing releases. I think my current problem is just not finding the time to read! Can’t wait till summer so I’m finally free! 😂

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  2. UGH YES different sizes… like WHY??? I don’t even care if it makes the book thicker, but don’t change the size!! I don’t really mind waiting though, at least it’s not a big problem. Probably because I read most series when they’re already completed.

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    1. I think that ALL bookworms can agree this is a huge problem! AND yes, like the first book fits in my shelf but the sequel is like HAHA NO.
      Aghhh I’m waiting to read so many books this year!! I feel like there are way more anticipated reads than before,,, and YES I NEED TO START DOING THAT AGAIN but like everyone else is raving about the new release and I’m like “ME TOO PLEASE” 😂

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      1. When the UK City of Heavenly Fire came out I was so gutted – like WHAT?!! WHY DID YOU MAKE THE COVER SO MUCH BIGGER… but it was a good read!

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      2. Haha I get that too, but I feel like I’m always behind on discovering series?? I also read a lot of standalones so then you don’t have the issue 🙂

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          1. i multumim pentru cadrul creat 🙂 mai ales ca acum contribuie la mentinerea fericirii de care vorbesti.Nu am mai abuzat de mult de atatea smiley face-uri ca in comentariile de ieri si azi.Sa ne bucuram in continuare nu 🙂


  3. The different sizes thing gets me every time, when it comes to taking pictures of books, when it comes to looking at them on my shelves, and, a newly discovered problem, when I tried to pack them in a box to bring home from college. I spent 10 minutes looking at all my books like, “This box is big and you should all neatly fit in here, except you’re not a uniform size so I have to haphazardly throw you all in to make you fit.” Also, your writing style in this post was hilarious; I was cracking up at your humor in this.

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  4. Waiting for booksssss I will suffer always 😭😭 Published in 1997 with a sequel in 2017?!? I can’t stand a sequel being released in a year, omg that’s just a nightmare. And differently sized books! 😭😤 So inconsiderate of publishers, honestly. Loved thisss!!

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  5. RELATABLE. RELATABLE. Especially sequel problems…

    Me: *finishes book*
    Me: omg need second book now
    Me: what if it sucks oh gosh it will suck and my life will be ruined
    Me: honestly May you’re exaggerating — it will be great and fine and good times

    And etc. XD But WAITING FOR BOOKS IS THE WORST. Like what am I supposed to do between the five billion years that I read this book and the next book comes out??? Plus #memory problems.

    (Also I see Bardugo and Lu and Riordan in that featured image??? Obviously you are trying to please me.)

    (Spoiler: it worked.)

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      I’m so scared of reading ACOWAR because people have given it bad reviews and I read those? And now IM SCARED

      YES THE MEMORY PROBLEMS. When I read Traitor to the Throne (sequel to Rebel of the Sands) I was like “UHMMM who are these people again” and there were like ten people and I HAD NO IDEA WHO THEY WERE AND I STILL DIDNT AT THE END

      (Yay, glad to see that my evil plan is working *chuckles notoriously*)

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        1. Aghhhh I really liked it but I think the main problem was not enough diversity + rep? And I feel like the series was phasing from YA to more NA fiction because of some… stuff. THAT SERIES IS NOT FOR YOUNG’UNs (even though I AM a “young’un” lol)
          Apparently the last book was super bad according to some people.

          (*chuckles notoriously EVEN LOUDER*)

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  6. I am completely with you about waiting for books. My issue is I have the memory of a goldfish so reading a book and then waiting 5 years for a book doesn’t really work for me…I try to marathon series but sometimes my excitement gets the better of me 🙈 . I also get sequel problems. Let’s use Mara Dyer as an example. I thought the first book was really nice, not the best granted, but a solid 4 stars and then the 2nd and 3rd book were awful. Just really bad, and now there’s a book coming out from the male main characters POV and I just can’t. I just wish authors would know when to stop…Great post 💖

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    1. Yes I know right?? I recently read one of the sequels of my favorite books and throughout the first 35% I was like “WAIT WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE”
      And yes! I marathoned the Vampire Academy over two days and aghhh I probably would have forgotten everything if I didn’t marathon it.
      Honestly, I hate it when the author has a popular book and then stops putting as much quality effort to it as the first book
      And THANK YOU 💕

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  7. I love this post – it’s so relatable! I also hate waiting for books and like yourself, I won’t read them until I know there are a number in the series that will pace me in prep for the most current release! ❤

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