[Armchair BEA] Keeping Up With The Community

This post was was based off a prompt by Armchair BEA. You can visit their page here!

Community: as in the book community, of course.

For me, there are probably three main sources I get my information from.


Goodreads is probably one of the most popular, if not THE most popular book website. You can review and keep track of books, but that’s not the point here.

Using Goodreads, you can learn of new books that your favorite authors write or of the most popular books. You can find a post here where I talk about how Goodreads changed my bookish life.

And also sometimes I read reviews that go like “there’s been a controversy” and I’m like WHAT because a) idk how. To. Keep up with news?? And b) #drama*

*what do you MEAN I shouldn’t enjoy drama??


Other social networking services work, like Instagram and Facebook, but I think that a big social networking platform that most bloggers use is Twitter.

I have definitely gained more from Twitter than from Instagram, because with Instagram, people can unfollow you randomly AND you need to have Bookstagram photos.

And I feel like there’s more of a community on Twitter, because you say your thoughts, AND it’s easier to communicate with people, which overall leads to more community, etc.

ALSO I was super inactive on Bookstagram for a while and my follower count was at around 20 (people kept on unfollowing… which makes sense. I WAS inactive.)

while when I was on Twitter and super inactive I gained like 100 followers? #whoevenknows

So I guess that helped me conclude that the book community is definitely more TOGETHER and interactive* on Twitter.

And also sometimes bloggers/readers I follow post a reaction and I’m like “WAIT WHAT HAPPENED” and they link me to the thread so… yeah, definitely more responsive.

I feel like the main comments on Instagram are like “heart emoji beautiful pic!” Instead of in depth conversations but really I wasn’t on Bookstagram for that long before I decided that I didn’t have enough aesthetic photos to keep going.

*I love talking with people about books.. so if you want to talk about books I AM HERE (@blotsofink maybe you should follow me. Just a suggestion*.)

*Gosh, I should stop plugging myself all the time.

Book Bloggers

There are two main ways. Either the blogger I follow posts a reaction or input on news, to which I then read EVERYTHING about it.


sometimes bloggers have those “RECAP” posts where they sum up things that happened during the month, and they usually include book news.

There are also book news bloggers themselves.

Some that I know of are The Fandom.Net and Publishers Weekly.

So… what do YOU use to keep up with the book community and how effective is it?

Feel free to link your Armchair BEA posts down there too!


  1. I USE NOTHING TO KEEP UP WITH THE COMMUNITY!!! I’m totally clueless with all this. XD BUT I do have GR now (she knoooooows, May) so I might use that??? And honestly I feel like if I got Twitter, I would be a great Tweeter (that sounds wrong??? XD ). And haha, I totally rely on Cait to bring me all the bookish news at the end of the month. I should probably be finding other sources but I’m too #lazy???

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    1. HAhaha honestly that was so me. And yeah, I use GR bc I’m friends w enough people that they like controversial updates and then I can read them! Yessss I can’t wait for you to get Twitter soon! Do you know when you’ll be able to? And sameee though I always read super old news. For example, ARCgate? I did not know it existed but recently I have been searching up tons of articles because it’s so interesting.

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  2. I love Goodreads, as it is so easy to engage with other readers there. I am currently trying to be more active on my facebook and instagram pages to complement my own book blog, so will see how that goes – time is usually the issue, as my work takes up a lot of the hours I would like to spend snuggled up in bed and reading (don’t we all). As for twitter – I’ve tied it, but it confuses me and I just never managed to get the hang of it, so I’m a very rare visitor there.

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  3. I DEFINITELY use Goodreads to keep up with what people think of books, and the rep and contreversary around it! Twitter is just to keep up with the drama, the events and all the authors! I use some blogs that give bookish news (Paper Fury) to keep up with the exciting stuff!

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  4. OOH YES GOODREADS. ❤ I love it so much and use it so often to keep up with book news (and grow my TBR ofc)! Haha I just get random followers on Twitter half the time, but I do love using it! It can get really contraversial at times but I love seeing other people’s tweets haha. 😊 Lovely post Julianna!!

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