The Liebster Award

*Nervously laughs* So I was LATE for my blogging schedule again! But hey, I have excuses because a) I am lazy and b) I was going to put up a review but UGH REVIEWS and c) I had a thing until 10 pm and then I was really lazy.

ANYWAYS, enjoy this pre-written post! (Or not.. it’s up to you to decide. But yeah, ENJOY IT.)

So… I was nominated for the Liebster Award!! Yay (for me.. AND YOU. You feel GREAT about this*.)

Anyways, thank you to MAY who nominated me for this award!

Also, did you know that two seconds ago I figured out how to change the color of your text in WordPress?? I’m so PROUD OF MYSELF.

*And NO, I was NOT trying to mind control you. *giggles nervously* But did it work?

The Rules

  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions they gave you.
  • Nominate 11 blogs and let them know they’ve been tagged.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

The Questions… And the Answers

1) If you were to stop blogging, what would be the reason?

Probably personal reasons. Possible reasons:

  • I’m dead.
  • I died.
  • I’ve been grounded for ten years. And I’ve also died.
  • Okay, fine, I might not blog if I a) didn’t have an interest anymore or b) started focusing on the SCIENCES WHICH I WANT TO DO WHEN I’M AM AN ADULT.

watercolor streak

2) What are some hobbies you have?

  • Reading.
  • Reading more.
  • Crying about reading more.
  • Wanting to read more but procrastinating.
  • Crying about my TBR.
  • Oh, and also writing.
  • And procrastinating on writing.

There’s a lot, really.

But seriously? I play the flute (and the piano) a lot, listen to Hamilton, eat (a lot), and argue with others.

watercolor streak

3) Would you rather be dead or die? (Yes, there’s a difference.)

I would rather be dead. And then I can haunt the person who killed me. *cackles*

Image result for ghost gif

Except, I would be like 8x less scarier. LOOK AT HOW FRIGHTENING THIS GIF IS.*

*And okay but do you know the scary gifs I went through when I searched up “ghost gif”?? THIS IS WHY I DON’T WATCH HORROR MOVIES, PEOPLES.

watercolor streak

4) Do you like mangoes???


I, however, hate papayas and refuse to go anywhere near them. To anyone who recommends papaya because they are “similar to mangoes,” you are DEAD TO ME. DEAD TO ME, I SAY.

*still salty over my parents convincing me to try papaya because “it’s healthy” and “you’ll probably die early if you only eat sweets all the time” YOU LIARS*

watercolor streak

5) What book would you not feel guilty about stomping on, tearing, and burning in a fire?

Um………………….. I quite literally can’t think of ANYTHING right now. My diary?? IT COUNTS AS A NOVEL*, RIGHT?? NO???

*After all, I was quite the skilled writer back then**.

**Not really. *cries* I still cringe reading my stories.

watercolor streak

6) What type of blogs do you tend to follow? (ie. book blogs, lifestyle blogs, writing blogs, etc.)

I really like following blogs with interesting discussion posts! Also, one of the most important things is probably that blogging voice. I don’t want just facts. I want something that makes me follow YOU. I really enjoy reading humorous blogs, and sometimes I follow review-only blogs (usually when the reviews are informative but also funny/interesting).

Also I realized that this didn’t really answer the question so it’s BOOK BLOGS. BECAUSE I AM ONE.

watercolor streak

7) What’s one moment in your life you’d choose to play over and over again (aka re-experience over and over again?)

My birth. Actually here’s a video of it that my parents took!*

Image result for circle of life gif

I’m just kidding. Mostly.


watercolor streak

8) You have the choice of reading a book you HATE, every single day, or reading one good book per year. Which do you choose?

A book I hate. Then I can read ONE picture book and five other books in the same day. #so #skilled #at #evading #answers #AREYOUPROUDOFME

watercolor streak

9) What’s one food you will never get tired of eating??? (ONE food, people, ONE.)

Water?? TBH I probably would get sick of ANYTHING.

*cries because I don’t like ramen anymore because of this ONE BAD EXPERIENCE.*

Image result for water tastes good gif

watercolor streak

10) What would you do if someone walked up to you and gave you 100 bucks?

ATLANTIC CITY, BABY! Even though I’m not legal age yet. But I can still chill outside of the casino.Image result for this is fun gif

Ok, but seriously? I would probably save it in a checking account in a bank with compound interesting so I can get more $$


watercolor streak

11) How are you right now? ❤

Well, right now I’m desperately trying to think of a witty answer to this question while frantically shouting at my sister to give me ideas, so… GREAT!


(And also, I’m including a link to a recent post because ping-back and other stuff.)

(Also, if you’re nominated, you don’t HAVE to do it. It would be cool if you did, though #NoPressureButYesPressure??)

Analee @ Book Snacks {recent post}

Lia @ Lost in A Story {recent post}

Jackie @ Too Much of A Book Nerd {recent post}

Elise @ The Book Forums {recent post}

Lyndsey @ Lyndsey’s Book Blog {recent post}

Mikaela @ The Well Thumbed Reader {recent post}

Kirsty @ The Kirsty Chronicles {recent post}

Nadwa @ Painfully Fictional {recent post}

Mahriya @ My Bookish Life {recent post}

Holly @ Nut Free Nerd {recent post}

Eliza @ Dusk Angel Reads {recent post}

Sorry if you have already done this, in which case YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT. OBVIOUSLY.


  • Why did you start blogging?
  • What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
  • What causes you the most pain (bookish related)?
  • What are the main reasons you’ll follow a blog?
  • What type of book covers do you like the most?
  • What’s your favorite genre of books and why?
  • Why did you start reading?
  • What happened if someone walked up to you and tried to fight you?
  • What would your “happy place” include?
  • What would you do if you were stranded on an island?
  • (Did I hit eleven questions yet?) What makes you bored? (Is it writing questions?)

Okay, anyways, I know you all loved hearing about me. Because I am so interesting. And it’s slightly late right now SO I will notify all of the people later.

Do YOU like writing questions? Does it take up 10% of your brainpower like it does me? Do you like answering questions? Or do you feel like people are trying to invade your personal life?




    Also dude. I am disappointed in you. OBVIOUSLY you would rush over to the bookstore immediately and spend those 100 bucks on books??? WHAT OTHER OPTIONS ARE THERE.

    Yes that Obama reference was good, mostly because you’re the one who introduced it to me but who cares??? DON’T WORRY WE ALL HAD CRINGY WRITING BACK THEN. And also, I agree. I REALLY love blogs with personality and humor (like you and Mahriya and Analee — AND CAIT OBVIOUSLY). I’ll read other blogs… but those are my favorite because I LAUGH and SMILE and ENJOY THE POSTS.

    If you did not like mangoes I probably would’ve killed you. (But then you’d haunt me and #no???)


    Liked by 1 person


      YES OF COURSE. Shhhhhh but let’s still pretend I’m responsible and won’t spend all of it?

      (And also $100 would buy me like, only four hardcover books.)

      YES I LOVE OBAMA. And haha YOUR WELCOME (for the tides, the [insert word because I forgot], the [insert another word because I forgot]
      AND yes oh my gosh MY WRITING WAS SO SO SO SO CRINGY. I was like “dang I am good at writing” but now I’m like “WHAT IS THIS”


      Well thank goodness I love mangoes. I like to peel the thing and eat it whole. (Like, just stuff the whole thing in my mouth, yup) But THE WORST PART IS. I HAVE TWO SIBLINGS AT HOME. AND WE HAVE TO SHARE?? (And yes I would totally haunt you. You made a good choice)

      thE FOOD IS GOOD.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Four hardcover books is better than ZERO hardcover books right???

        OBAMA IS AMAZING. (What the heck are you trying to say.) EXACTLY. I was like “gosh I’m so great” and now I’m just like “PLEASE NO”.

        My mom peels them for me. #responsible BUT I CUT THE DRIED MANGO BAG ALL BY MYSELF. #proud You have to share??? How sad. I get a mango all to myself. And so does my sis but shh.


        1. THAT IS TRUE. BUt still, *cries over the cost of books*

          Yes Obama is amazing. WHY ARE THEY SO COOOOOL. (Also I was /trying/ to do something with “You’re Welcome” from Moana but I forgot the words)

          Haha I LOVE peeling mangoes though? Like with your hands. It’s fun. But heyyyy look at you adulting and cutting mango bags! I WISH I WAS RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH FOR THAT. And yes, I have to share. It IS super sad. I get like, the side of a mango (and then it’s cut into to make those cubes?)

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, thanks so much for the tag! Such fun questions! ❤ I think WordPress did that thing where it posts your post on the day you last edited it because it’s saying it posted one day ago, which I don’t think is true! Or it might be. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your answer to Question 1 – same. Your answer to Question 2 – same.

    Umm, I love mangoes but I’ve never tried papayas? Are they really that awful? :’)

    “I don’t want just facts. I want something that makes me follow YOU.” I AGREE 100% this is so so so important!!! I love a good, fun, sassy, sarcastic, humorous (omg Jackie calm down) blogging voice!


    Oh yeah, and thank you so much for nominating me! Your questions are so good like how am I supposed to come up with witty answers?????? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my god, now I’m scared! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat a Papaya now 😂

        You stole from the president????? I think that’s not really legal, Julianna!!! 😉 (I don’t acknowledge the current orange-y “president”, to me it’s still Obama in that White House 😝)

        IF YOU SAY SO XD

        Liked by 1 person


    BUT, I totally agree with WITH MOST OF THESE. Mangoes are obviously fantabulous, and I’d probably just get books with $100 (which I actually got as an Amazon voucher for a blog design BUT ‘TIS IS NOT THY POINT) (actaulyyyyy, what is my point? #goldfishmoments)

    I’d rather DIE than be dead. And like I’d probably wanna do it A SUPER COOL WAY like skydiving #FUN. Not just, i don’t know, getting ill. A reason I would stop blogging would be my life getting too busy (well, if books count as busy *Strokes chin*) or just me dying over the perfection of a book.

    HOBBIES. (hobbits) OH UM READING and a little bit of writing because I suck at it (who am I kidding, I’m rubbish at life in general *SIGH*) and sometimes #FOOD and just being very weird and BALLOONS..

    .yeah. I FOLLOW BOOK BLOGS (wuth discussions, food and sometimes FUN STUFF) but sometimes food blogs because of #hungry and the aesthetic of these pictures. kill me now. ALSO water = drink, NOT FOOD. I’d probably choooooooooooooooooooooooooseee, books because they’re food right. Or I’d just BECOME A DIFFERENT CREATURE so I don’t need food? #genius.

    I’m great right now. after reading this post, i’m 100%happy

    Liked by 2 people


      YES I LIKE THE MANGOES. And yes, just the books. But sadly we’d only be able to get like FOUR????

      And also WHAT I would want to die probably just in my sleep or something!! So it could be #peaceful and everything. And yeah! It would be because my life is too busy?? But also that’s probably never going to happen XD it would mostly be from my death of laziness.

      READING OFC XD and also YOU’RE GOOD AT WRITING (probably, I haven’t read any of yet but that’s not the point) And I love the balloons!

      I FOLLOW ONLY BOOK BLOGS??? maybe I need to become more cultured or something. And XD FINE WATER ISN’T FOOD BUT I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO CHOOOOOSE. Books are food, you are totally correct. (or are we all different creatures??? #CONSPIRACY)

      YAYY ❤ that is good

      Liked by 1 person

  5. THANKS FOR THE NOMINATION! I promise I’ll do this (in about 2 weeks… This is what happens when you plan blog posts so far in advance XD) Is it bad that I don’t think I even follow 11 other blogs… opps I should really read more blogs. Anyway! I love your gifs! They’re all quality!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I RELATE TO ALL OF THIS TOO MUCH. 😂😂 Love itttt!! Omg papayas are so utterly horrible I AM GLAD SOMEONE AGREES. My parents tried to give me papayas as a kid and I am permanently scarred from the horrible-ness of it. 😵 Mangoes are so much betterrrr! Why would anyone like papayas I cannot imagine omg.

    #8 YES!!! Go Julianna, you clever person. 🙈 I probably would’ve just screeched in agony about the injustice of such a thing haha. 😂

    OH and procrastination makes up 99% of my hobbies?? It’s utterly horrible and I neeeeeed to stop but 😅 FLUTE AND PIANO HOW COOL!! Which one do you play better/ like playing the most? I always wanted to learn to play an instrument but I was utterly horrible at remembering and recognizing the notes haha. Also laziness. So I AM IMPRESSED. 👌😄
    Thanks so much for the tag!! I will be very very late on this but I’ll get it done… somedayyyyy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. XD 😀 😀 😀
      YES I HATE PAPAYAS. My parents tried to give me papayas once and it smelled HORRIBLEE and I was so cautious when eating it and I REGRET STEPPING INTO THE KITCHEN THAT DAY.
      Yes for mangoes though!!

      YES I AM CLEVER *nods head* SAME about the screeching though???

      PROCRASTINATION ALL THE WAY XD I need to stop toooooo!
      YAY I think I like piano more??? But also I love flute??? BUT YEAH, PIANO. and also flute. *screeches* I DON’T KNOW.

      You’re welcome!


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