Things That Will Make Readers Scream For Joy (Probably)

So, I made a post talking about things readers hate. BUT. There are a lot of things that make us happy. After all, we are easy to please. Sometimes.

Let’s agree that about 99.99% (accurate number) of the bookish population HAVE THE SAME BOOKISH TENDENCIES. I don’t know WHY. But it’s truth (because I have stated it as so).

Watercolor Streak

The Beautiful Covers

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” SHhhhhh don’t tell me what to do. I LOVE THE COVERS. LOVE THEM I TELL YOU.


Watercolor StreakWhen Their Favorite Author is Writing A New Book

Speaking of which, I am so incredibly excited for Marissa Meyer’s, Leigh Bardugo’s, Marie Lu’s, and Rick Riordan’s new books! And lots others! IS THE WORLD PLOTTING TO TAKE ME OUT WITH MY TBR OR WHAT.

Image result for i am so excited gif

Anyways, nothing makes me happier than when one of my favorite authors publishes a new book. Except for maybe cheesecake and other various delicacies.

Image result for cheesecake gif

Ok yes I’m hungry now.

Watercolor Streak

Going on a Book Buying Binge

I mean, sure, practically all bookworms are pretty much patting their pocketbooks in a perfect picture of despair, pining over publications.*

But let’s go to BEFORE THAT. When you

*I dare you to say that five times fast in a row. I DARE YOU.

Watercolor Streak

Meeting An Author

Or also communicating with them on Twitter. Or Instagram. Or another form of social media because you are #SociallyAwkward in real life.

I mean, sure, you’re probably one of the million fans that they have, but they responded to your Tweet. 

Another reason I personally want to be an author is because ALL THE AUTHORS ARE FRIENDS. Like how.



    Yes to this post!!! Also how dare you not add some characters from SoC like Nina or Inej??? What about June??? ANNABETH??? HOW COULD YOU FORGET ANNABETH IN THAT FAVORITE CHARACTERS LIST OF YOURS. *shuns*

    I wanna talk to authors!!! *cries* On social media because like you, I can’t say… stuff… good… BUT MEETING AN AUTHOR IRL IS SO COOL TOO!!! LIKE I SAID HI TO A CELEBRITY!!! EVEN THO IT WAS JUST HI AND NOTHING ELSE!!!

    Dude I never go on book buying binges stop making me jealous pls.

    And I’m! so! excited! for! fav! authors’! books!!! *SCREAMS*

    Also I would talk more but #PACKING. 😥

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      I KNOW. I’ve talked to a couple and it was fun and basically they probably forgot who I was but I SHALL CHERISH THOSE MEMORIES FOREVER (and everly)

      haha. plan “make may jealous” worked. mission accomplished!!!

      I!! KNOW!!! RIGHT!!! ugh, I want to read Renegades SO BADLY. AND ALSO WONDER WOMAN. AND ALSO SO MANY MORE UGH.


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        Dude if I was an author I would forget everyone I talked to too. XD I TALKED TO ALLY CARTER AND ALL AUTHORS ARE CELEBRITIES.

        No you are rude stop.

        I want to read all the books honestly.


  2. This post was so fun!!!

    I have never met an author! I would love that though!

    I actually dream at night about going to book store and buying every book in sight!

    One thing that makes me happy is finding other people who love to read just as much! I don’t know a lot of people like that in real life!

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  3. I am SOOOO guilty of judging books by covers… sometimes it’s the only reason I buy a book. BUT there have been times when I originally didn’t like a cover but after reading the novel the cover has grown on my. (I used to hate the Throne of Glass covers but now I couldn’t imagine the covers any other way… They’ve really grown on me!) DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON MAPS! I used to not care for maps (bc it meant the novel was probably high fantasy and I stayed FAR away from that) but now I bought the physical copies of Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdoms because the maps/cover/colored pages were all so beautiful!

    Meeting authors has become one of my favorite things! It is why I really hope I’ll be able to go to BEA/Bookcon next year *fingers crossed* And a part of me always fangirls when authors reply to my tweets!

    I’m not a big fan of book swag, just because I never know what to do with it. It just sits in my room with no use… And this is why I don’t pick up book swag!

    LOVING CHARACTERS IS MY LIFE! I literally stayed up at least an hour last night sending my friend fanart on Pinterest of novels that she’s never read. I hope she never plans on reading Throne of Glass or ACOTAR because I’ve spoiled the whole series for her at this point… opps? XD

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      I know right? I used to hate them too! Like who is this random very pale character on the cover? IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A HUMAN. But I like them a lot more, actually.
      Um, same. I used to not get the point of maps. But UGH SIX OF CROWS AND CROOKED KINGDOM. *fangirls with you*


      I know.. I honestly don’t have much book swag except for a few buttons from BookCon but I would LOVE to have mugs or pillows or something like that that’s bookish.

      XD omg seriously?? THAT’S ME WITH EVERYONE.


  4. I…Can’t…Say…Stuff…Good so excuse this horrible comment!

    SO COVERS. There’s a big cloud of good and bad surrounding covers but what am I even talking about? COVERS are soo pretty (I MEAN THEY SHOULD BE?!) so obviously, I buy them but NOT JUST BECAUSE OF THAT because then I truly would be broke and that would be bad. Though i do request ARC’s simply because of the covers and that is partly the reason why I’m drowning. #oops

    MAPS. MAPS IN BOOKS ARE MY LIFE (SoC….LOVED IT) It’s one of the MAIN reason why I love Fantasy books because they usually have Maps. I’ve never read a book with deckled edges? SO I don’t know…?

    I get so excited when an author replies to my tweets?! LEIGH BARDUGO replied to my tweet as well (also secretly waiting for our books become a dystopia world XD ) AND it was a very embarrassing tweet (why did I @ her??) because I was talking about trying o to write SoC review without sounding like an over-excited penguin? And she replied ‘she didn’t know what that sounded like but she was delighted’ or something #EMBARASSING MOMENTS = moments I want my TBR to actually swallow me. I can’t imagine what would happen to me If I met an author IRL.

    I’d like to say that going on a book-buying binge makes me happy. AND IT WOULD If I could?! I don’t what it is but when I have a large sum of money I always plan on ‘buying so many books’ and kinda end up with one book after coming out of the bookstore? I DON’T KNOW WHY but I keep saying ‘I could get this as an e-book (or in a charity shop) way cheaper’ ‘I don’t like this version of the cover’ OR SOMETHING that makes me put it down?! Like ‘what if I don’t like it? I would’ve wasted money’ SO OBVIOUSLY BOOK BUYING CRISIS.

    I SO WANT BOOK SWAG! Seriously, I see photographs of bookworm’s bedrooms covered in bookish merch and posters, mugs, pillows and I WANT and THIS IS UNFAIR. Characters definitely make me happy! And SO DOES READING, OF COURSE, that is why i read?!


    1. It’s all right. I can’t say stuff either. YES I LOVE THE PRETTY COVERS. XD
      I KNOW RIGHT?? I request ARCs even if I’m slightly interested and also am drowning in a sea similar to yours.

      UM YES. I’M GLAD YOU LOVED SOC otherwise we wouldn’t be friends. (just kidding. mostly.)

      I’ve read, like, two books with deckled edges and it was weird..? I don’t LOVE THEM, but they are actually super cool.

      Agh YES LET’S FANGIRL OVER LEIGH BARDUGO I LOVE HER SO MUCH. OMG that sounds embarassing but let’s just relish in the fact that she REPLIED. AND ACKNOWLEDGE OUR EXISTENCES.

      Haha I love buying books (but that’s on Book Outlet where the books are #cheap) and I almost never buy them in a physical bookstore. I’m also a lot like you! Whenever I buy something (that isn’t food) then I’m always like “Do I REALLY need this?”

      I KNOW. I have a couple of posters but also my walls are slanted?? SO?? I CAN’T PUT THEM UP????? And I have a gazillion book pins but that doesn’t count. I WANT PILLOWS AND MUGS.

      Of course. If you didn’t like reading and you were a reader then I’d be very very confused.

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      1. IT’S DEFINITELY A PROBLEM. I usually assume that a good book cover will mean it will be a hyped up book, SO ARC’s allow me to be early on the hype!? #genius. ANYONE WHO DOESN’T like Soc needs to…reconsider life… I LOVE LIGH BARDUGO SO MUCH EVEN THOUGH I’M SUCH A EMBARAASING PENGUIN. I just grab and go with food but with everything else, I’m so catious, it’s annoying. IF MY BOOK PINS CAME TO LIFE….*sigh*


  5. Yess! I’m so excited to meet Adam Silvera at a book event next month. I haven’t read his books yet but I’ll get to it before the event.

    The aesthetics will please me more than anything! Don’t care for deckled edges or maps, but textures and illustrations bring me so much joy.

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    1. YAY! I hope you have fun meeting him! And also I haven’t read any of his books BUT you will probably cry from what I’ve heard.

      YES. I LOVE THE ILLUSTRATIONS AND TEXTURES GAH. Especially on the cover where’s the title’s raised. IT’S AWESOME.


  6. Yes yes yes YES to everything here – reading makes me SO happy, it’s the best thing ever. Getting new books obviously is just as well and yes, I can’t quite describe the feeling I get when I hear that my favorite author has a new book being released but it’s, well…basically I am FREAKING OUT A LOT ahah.
    I’d love to meet authors someday but geography is not on my side here – so I love whenever I get even just a small fangirling moment when an author, like, favorites my tweet or something ahah 🙂
    Lovely post! 🙂

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  7. Beautiful covers are the best. I like them waaay too much xD. I also love buying bookks and when my favorite author is writing one! And Leigh Bardugo replied to my tweet too! I almost cried.
    I also love finding a new book boyfriend xD.
    Great post!


  8. 100% agree with you on the cover topic, meeting the author AND buying binge 😉 I would add: getting THE ARC I dream of.


  9. I agree with all of these – except book swag. I find it completely useless and just never do anything with it. XD But I totally agree on all the others, especially a book-buying binge! I don’t get to buy books often, so it’s always nice when I do! 😀


  10. BEAUTIFUL COVERS YES!!! They are amazing and I am IN LOVE WITH THEM. 😍😍😍 Oh and yes for favourite author writinth a new book!! Best thing ever omg. (But cheesecake offers itself as a worthy opponent. 😍) Meeting an author!! Would be a dream come true but very very unlikely for me so I settle for Twitter!! It is AMAZING to have an author reply to you like wut. 😱❤ Also I’m not sure but it feels like a part of your post got cut off or something?? It just ends at ‘Meeting an Author’ without your usual chat questions and seems to be lacking some of stuff previois people mentioned in comments… but maybe it’s supposed to be this way and I’m just dreaming?? BUT EITHER WAY IT’S A GREAT POST! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      Haha, meeting authors is super fun… I HOPE SOME AUTHORS COME TO CANADA SOON FOR YOU!!!
      I knowwww I love it when authors reply to me. My bookish Twitter goal is to have authors that I adore follow me. Like, I’ve seen other bloggers who authors “adore them” and I’m like WELL DANG.
      Yup, I just checked, and it was cut off! I’ll add it back, thanks for pointing it out 🙂


  11. YESSSSSS to everything on this list!!!! I LOVE buying books (especially when they are on sale!!) and when my favorite authors have new books in the works!!! This post is EVERYTHINGGGG


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