10 Times That You Can Read And #Multitask Like The Good Bookworm You Are

So, apparently I read a lot. But this is because I read FAST™ instead of actually having proper time to read. I made a list of times during the day that you can read. 

See? I’m helpful and you should definitely ignore the other days on which I was supposed to post and I haven’t.

Most definitely.

blue watercolor streak

Also, slight update: I will be changing my posting schedule to Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday! I will also probably sometimes post in between if I have a review that I need to post or something related.

blue watercolor streak

1. Read During Class

And if you’re not in school, then you can just read during work! See, there are many variations #flexible. And if you don’t work, then… read!

And… you know, if you get fired or kicked out of the classroom, YOU’LL HAVE MORE TIME TO READ. See? I aM helpful.

(Okay FINE I don’t read in class because my parents would kill me but HALLWAYS ARE STILL THERE. #Smart)blue watercolor streak

2. Read While Eating

Eating = good

Reading = good


(Unless you were to… spill food onto the book and stain the pages, but you’re a responsible bookworm, right? RIGHT?)

A handy dandy list of things that you should NOT eat when you’re reading:

  • Ramen or noodles of any kind (Slurping! Is! A! Problem!)
  • Wet foods
  • Foods that require eating with both hands
  • Foods that require eating with one hand
  • Foods that have hands
  • WHY DO YOU HAVE FOOD WITH HANDS THAT’S NOT GOOD (this does not, of course, count things such as legs. legs are fine.)

Eat some crackers with solid cheese or something. Saltines are A++

blue watercolor streak

3. Read While Walking

Cite the first reason. I READ IN THE HALLWAY.

But have I slammed into several walls in a day? NO. Only, like two.

Image result for walking into poles

WHY WOULD YOU WALK when you can READ and WALK, huh? Huh? It’s EXERCISE and also reading. And reading is good. Because usually in hallways there are people and times for socializing and haha #no.

blue watercolor streak

4. Read While You’re Doing Your Homework

OR, if you don’t go to school, then read when you’re supposed to be doing work or something else productive. Because reading is productive. Very, very productive. You are getting through your TBR. *nods*

Image result for i am being productive gif

blue watercolor streak

5. Read While You’re Blogging

Do you have a blog post that you need to write today?

Do you have some ideas and approximately zero words in your draft?

Then sit back and read. It will give you ideas and inspiration for a new post, of course!! Probably. Maybe. Or it will just make you late for writing your post and end up making you postponing it to two days later.

*nervous laughter*

Oh, and I DON’T DO THIS. I write my posts every day like a responsible blogger BECAUSE I am a responsible blogger. One who definitely does NOT read when she is supposed to be blogging. She also sometimes talking in third person, which is also not weird.

blue watercolor streak

6. Read While You Watch TV

Step 1. When you are about to watch your favorite show with other people, bring a book!

Step 2. When something happens, lift up your head and ask everyone what just happened.

Step 3. Annoy everyone.


Or, better yet, turn off the TV and read! Because you’ll probably end up not listening to the TV at all and just reading and you might miss the VERY VERY important facts that are vital to the episode. I am telling you this for your own safety, folks. Trust me. 

blue watercolor streak

7. Read While You Hang Out With Your Friends

Whenever you go to a hangout/cult meeting/summoning of spirits/party, take a book with you and when you arrive there, sneak away so that you can peek in the book.

Or if they’re complaining that you don’t give them any attention, DON’T HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS and stay inside the house and just read.

Just be a hermit.

See? Simple. Friends aren’t necessary *sobs*

I am very very smart.

blue watercolor streak

8. Read While You’re Browsing Books In A Bookstore

See? If you’re unsure on whether or not you want to buy a book, then read the first chapter to see if you like it!

Or, better yet, read the whole thing right then and there and you don’t even have to buy it! (Those corporate stores had it coming, didn’t they.)

Be in awe of my incredible ideas.

blue watercolor streak

9. Read When You Should Sleep

Who needs sleep when you can devour books?

Sure, you might mess up your sleep cycle which is vital to your health. But would you rather find out who the villain is OR have a healthy lifestyle?

I thought so.

A list of things that you handily can use for light:

  • A flashlight
  • The light in your room (!!!)
  • Fire. Just light a fire in your room.
  • (For Greek Gods/Goddesses) Turn into your true form and use your heavenly light to read. You might burn the book when you try to turn the pages, so you can just… reread the two pages that you are on right now.
Image result for light on fire gif
Just… stand like this and you will be fine, okay?

I was going to do a Percy Jackson gif but the movie and like #no.

blue watercolor streak

10. Read While You’re Summoning The Dead

Hahahahahaha how did this get here. I most definitely do NOT summon the dead.
blue watercolor streak

Tell me your thoughts! (please)



  1. Or you could read INSTEAD of sleeping. Because then you can be grump the whole day and scare people away and read even more!!! Also I read all of Wires and Nerve when I was at B&N and I was like #score. And whenever I’m like awkwardly on the sidelines of my friend group I just take out my book and read and don’t feel bad at all. XD

    I read during class!!! I mean I don’t like read during lessons but whenever I have off time — THERE WE GO. Also I’m sad because I try to read when the TV’s on… but then I watch what’s on the TV. NO. I NEED TO READ. STOP DISTRACTING ME.


    And omg I used to walk across streets while reading. Like I have a sixth sense and know when a car’s coming okay??? Stop picking on me pls??? (Also I feel like I already told you this oopsies.)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. YES THAT’S VERY MUCH TRUE. I do do that all of the time. WOW CONGRATULATIONS MAY *applauds* I used to just go to B&N and just sit there and read a book for like two hours.

      (And also I just realized I didn’t provide a signing off comment prompt discussion thingy. Oops.)

      Yeah…. my classes don’t really have much free time XD so I’m always in the hallways!
      YES I TRY TO READ SOMETIMES WHEN I WATCH TV but then something on TV’s really exciting and I miss it and I’m like “WAIT WHAT HAPPENED”

      Hahahahahaha that’s funny, May. Maybe don’t walk across streets while reading anymore?? JUST A SUGGESTION.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I want to do that but the parentals are like no.


        I’m always like “wait what happened?” and my sis is always like “YOU SHOULD’VE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION.”

        But… but I can tell when cars are coming!!! At least I’m not that Teenager On The Phone™.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Well one time my parents couldn’t find me in B&N. And then my mom saw a black SUV pull away. So… protective. XD

            BUT WHEN I READ WHILE BRUSHING MY TEETH I COULD STAB MY CHEEK (i did this once while trying to put my foot in a boot)

            Liked by 1 person

  2. If I read during class my books get confiscated instead of me being kicked out of the class to read more. 😦
    On a side note, this post was hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gosh darnit Julianna! what did I tell you about summoning the dead?! When you end up possessed it’ll be your own fault!

    But really I love this post! XD I used to read in class ALL THE TIME! I would hide my book behind my laptop (or just download the kindle app and read ON my laptop). Last year I read ALL THE TIME in religion class and I got away with it bc good grades (and I was in the back corner…)

    I think everyone reads instead of blogging bc why would I blog about books when I can just READ MORE BOOKS! This is how I get behind on reviews…

    Liked by 1 person


      Haha exactly!!! I would also put my book on my lap and just push the book to the bottom of the desk when the teacher came by XD but I stopped doing that because I was too nervous he would figure out.

      Haha exactly! I AM WAY TOO BEHIND OOPS.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. WELL IF YOU DO END UP POSSESSED… Idk call Magnus Bane or something… maybe the Winchesters would help *shrugs*

        lol I don’t think I ever got caught… at least not by any teachers that cared XD

        I’m actually caught up… IT’S A MIRACLE! But that’s just bc I haven’t finished a book in a few days… soooo I’m probably about to be behind again (but we’re not gonna talk about that)

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I used to read in class a lot but then my teacher caught me a couple times, and confiscated one of my books (IT WAS THE ORIGINAL UNABRIDGED ALICE IN WONDERLAND HOW COULD SHEEE) so that was the end of that 😦 i did get the book back though (like 3 weeks later)
    I don’t sleep much (like I’ll go to bed at 2 am and wake up at 7 or 8 am) so that gives me more time to read!! And most of my friends are bookworms, too, so usually they understand if I can’t hang out with them because books > people.
    Books also > TV. I mean sure TV is great but books are better because you can finish them faster and re-read them without getting bored. And I usually watch TV shows on my laptop so xD
    anyways, this was a great post! very relatable 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ahahah that was such a fun post to read, I loved it! I used to read during classes when I still was at school, oh, good times, now well I don’t want to get fired but the temptation is SO HERE at times hahaha. Also, YES to reading in bookstores. I want to read all the books there and basically live there 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  6. SO I used to read during Maths class but my teacher kind of caught me once and confiscated my book for 3 WHOLE DAYS (I died) and I never did it again. though I do read in English and my teacher never cares, WHO KNOWS?
    There’s actually a post about reading whilst eating WHICH CLEARED UP ALL MY PROBLEMS: https://lemon-notes.com/foods-munch-while-reading/

    I can honestly NOT read while walking. I don’t care if I get brain damage but I can’t walk and read at the same time. My eyeballs keep on drifting off and I CANNOT FOCUS.

    In my exam season, i read more books THAN EVER BEFORE so I honestly get that point so much! Reading while doing your homework IS FANTASTIC and blog posts.

    BUT, Ju (stole this nickname from May, don’t mind me) BOOKS ARE MY FRIENDS. I stroke them and talk to them and READ THEM and love ’em. What else would I be friends with, HUMANS *gasp*

    SLEEP? What is sleep? I need to conquer my TBR, a bookworm cannot SLEEP. HAHA THIS A FUNNY POINT.

    I wish I could spend all my time in a bookstore and read the books without buying them, #GENIUS. I need to live in a bookstore, tbh!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH GOODNESS. THREE DAYS. I applaud you on kind of surviving.
      IN ENGLISH whenever the teacher is like, “Okay, read [book assigned to us]” I start reading the assigned book but then I slowly transition to my YA book haha.

      I claimed that I was reading Tom Sawyer on my computer but I secretly had a little tab in the corner of my laptop that was Eliza and Her Monsters and I was way too proud of the trick I pulled off XD

      THANK YOU FOR THAT POST OMG. How very helpful.

      Whatttt I read while walking ALL THE TIME. But I’m too scared to read it while I’m near the road, because once I was on my phone and near the side of the road and I almost got hit by a car..

      YES also I stress read a lot??? Like, whenever I’m feeling STRESSED OUT~ I just start reading at school more so I can just not talk to other humans.

      Yes, reading while doing blog posts is super productive 😉

      Haha, yessss I mean, humans are too much work in my opinion.



  7. hahaha this post is great!!! 😀 I’ve definitely been known to eat while eating, especially when there’s no one else at home or my friends aren’t in the dining hall. Holding the book and a fork at the same time can be tricky, but it’s worth it!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. HAHA I used to read SO MUCH during school, most of the times in class because either the teacher didn’t care or because I finished my work and was bored. So. Nowadays I don’t get to do that (because uni and actually listening in class is important cry) but I do try and read on my commute to school or work! 🙈 Or I just sleep. I mean. Both are good options? Though I most definitely cannot read while walking because I WILL MOST DEFINITELY crash into someone!! And then the book would be damaged!! Oh, and me, too. 😂 And I am all too prone to reading when I’m *supposed* to be doing homework!! Damnit, Julianna, such a bad influence, why are you encouraging this?? 😩😆 LOVE this post, also look, I’m finally caught up on your posts!! ❤❤ YAY.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES ME TOO. Reading in English class works too, because you can say you’re reading something educatiONAL *nodnod*

      ARGH POOR ANALEE I half am excited for uni and i’m also half dreading it because WORK AND WORK.

      OH WOW. I read allll the time when I’m walking. I’M TOO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR IT.

      MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I AM A BAD INFLUENCEWhat are you talking about I’m a great influence???


  9. My brother will read on his phone ALL. THE. TIME. He just pulls it out and starts reading wherever he is… BUT I CAN’T DO IT! I have to sit and concentrate. *Cries* Why don’t I have lovely reading books anywhere stories!? I did read during school all the time then I’d have to do my homework at home… lol Such a fun post!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Helloooooo!!! *waves* I just discovered your blog, and I LOVE it! So yeah! I’m that awkward new follower commenting for the first time. WHOO!

    Anyway, this post was absolutely hilarious! Now I know how to read my books when I’m fresh out of lightbulbs, flashlights, and fire… I never thought to use my true form before…

    And OH MY WORD, I am literally dying at that GIF with the people kicking the street lamp!!! 😂😂😂 Where did you even find such a perfect GIF???

    Also, I have tried to walk (even if just from point A to B in my house) and I cannot for the life of me focus both on the story and my walking. Either I reach my destination and can’t remember a word I read, or I just awkwardly come to a halt and stand in the middle of the room like the awkward bean that I am… So yeah… 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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