Reasons Blogging Is Useful (And NOT A Waste of Your Time!)

I think everyone in the blogging community can agree that blogging is a worthwhile activity.

I mean, of course, most people in the blogging community are… bloggers. So of course bloggers wouldn’t think that blogging is useless*.

Blogging is useful and a very wonderful activity to engage in.

It’s harder than it looks. Contrary to what some non-bloggers think, blogging isn’t as easy as “Ooh, I’ll write this post in ten minutes and upload it! I’ll become super popular, etc. etc.” 

Hahahhaha, no.

If you want to have a blog** then it’s work. Several hours a day, actually. (Well, for me.)

*If you’re a blogger and you think blogging is useless, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. 

**And by this, I don’t mean “start a blog and then leave it for eternity.”

blue watercolor streak

blogging consistently shows dedication

Blogging is hard. When you start a blog, obviously you don’t neccesarily have a responsibility. It’s yours. You can leave it for two months and abandon it. And then come back. It’s pretty much yours.

But, the thing is, if you want to maintain a blog, you have a couple of things that you should do.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everyone. Not everyone networks or whatever. But this is a smol list of average blogging responsibilities.

  • Network! If you want your blog to be known, you have to spread the word!
  • Have good quality content. Generally, people will keep on coming back to good quality blog posts. It’s good if they’re funny/witty as well.
  • Respond to comments. Not everyone does this. But it’s kind of an unwritten rule that you should.*

I talk more about my blogging responsibilities here. #SelfPromo

Anyways, my point is, you should post regularly, whether that’s three times a week, once every three days, or what. And when you post regularly, it takes effort to write the posts**, whether those are reviews or discussion posts or tags.

And with those posts, you have to do other things.

  • Find a good title whether or not you include slaying demons, being a dragon, or if you just make a question.
  • Have a good featured image or… just a simple black and white text with your title. That is not recommended.
  • Draw in the audience with your introduction even though we know all of my introductions pretty much consist of two words and an awkward transition.
  • Format whether it be with gifs, headers, those asterisk foot-note things, or what not.


Image result for effort gif

Also, here’s a post made by my m8 May about her post writing process and what not. GO. IT’S A USEFUL POST.

*Well, fine, no its not, but generally people enjoy blogger interacting with their followers and commentators.

**Although not everyone knows, my keyboard doesn’t type up posts automatically from my mind. #rudeshort watercolor stroke

blogging improves communication skills

With blogging comes… talking to people *gasp*

It’s a lot, I know.

And you probably want to just stay in your house while munching on chips, I know. 

Wait, does no one do that?

But like I mentioned earlier, you should network! Get your blog out there! Talk to other humans!

some instances where you talk to humans or whatever other species they are #diversity

My post is feeling very bullet-pointy today.

  • Replying to comments
  • Commenting on other posts
  • Talking to other bloggers for collabs/features
  • Social media (which opens up SO MANY things)
  • Contacting publishers for press features/other things

Not everyone has social media, but eventually, even if it is in five years, your blog will get comments* where people want to talk to you about your post! And generally, you reply to those comments.

And when you reply to those comments, you want to do it in a nice way**, yes?

Ergo, building communication skills.

When you comment on other blogs, you also want to seem genuine and nice. You want to be yourself, so if they enjoy talking to you, maybe they’ll come to your blog***. Generally, you should talk about their post, whether it’s fangirling about a book or just screaming****.

Ergo, building communication skills.

And another point- which doesn’t apply to everyone, but… if you’re contacting publishers for a review copy or for an interview, you want to be courteous in your email and polite. This kind of applies… for all serious emails. (Not if you’re just emailing your friend to scream about how much you love Hamilton. Which I, of course, always NEVER do.)

Image result for hamilton gif

This helps you learn how to maintain a professional air, which will most likely apply to your future job.

Ergo, building communication skills.

*Unless you disable them or something?

**Another unwritten rule everyone should know! Be nice and polite. Unless you’re a roleplay blog or something, and do those even exist?

***This shouldn’t be the main reason you comment on other people’s blog posts!

****I never just go to a comment and scream. Never.

short watercolor stroke

reviews help you analyze books

This only applies to book blogs. But I’m a book blog so fight me I’ll talk about my own area of expertise*.

But, when you’re a book blog, you USUALLY do reviews. And even if you don’t post them, a lot of book bloggers review on Goodreads. (Which you should add me on.**)

And when you do a review, you have to talk about:

  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Writing
  • More things that you want to mention

Obviously, you don’t have to talk about these. You can write “I hated this book” and leave it at that. But that’s not very helpful or thorough.

If you want to write a helpful review, you should usually address those main points, as well as give evidence to support your claims.

It’s kind of like an essay, where you have a claim, and then give evidence to support your claim.

See? This helps with school (and also college and other places where you write essays). *nods*

So when you’re writing your review, you have to think about what you read, and process it. Writing reviews can actually be very helpful in terms of processing your thoughts and feelings about the book.

You have to think about the book and all the standing-out aspects, and then think about whether or not they were postive/negative/meh. And then you write those thoughts into your review.

(And that also takes effort!)

Image result for writing gif

*Well, not expertise. More like… experience. Of failures.


blue watercolor streak

So, I’m thinking of making a part two, because I originally had seven points to go over in my post. And I have three.

But EACH POINT IS RIDICULOUSLY LONG although I might just be repeating myself over and over again??

Do you agree with any of this? What do YOU do that makes blogging hard? Do you ever wish that your keyboard would automatically type the words in your mind?


  1. Yes, yes, yes, and YES. Sure, blogging is hard, but thAT’S WHY I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve hardly had any free time. And that’s good because I’m actually doing something PRODUCTIVE with my time. I’m affecting people’s lives (?). AND OH MY LORD if a keyboard like that was created I’d probably have like one post every single day. Because I have the ideas but I’m too lazy to type them all out, and format, and etc. Ugh.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Definitely make a part 2 😀 This was fun to read. I agree that you learn a lot from blogging, like in a way you become more social (at least on the internet yay) and all the other things you mentioned. It is very useful *nods* and even if it weren’t it’s FUN so there *wow great argument right there*


  3. HAMILTON GIF ALERT! *high five bc Hamilton is great*
    Blogging is a lot of work but it’s fun work! Right now I’ve been trying to get ahead with posts so that I can not drop off the face of the earth when school starts… XD


  4. These were some really great points, Juliana and I can’t wait to read part 2 of this! 😀

    I 100% agree that blogging – especially long term, takes dedication! I mean, I don’t even want to think about how many hours/days/weeks I’ve invested into blogging ever since we started! I almost feel like actually writing the posts might’ve been the least amount of time I have spent on this blogging thing! It will usually take me much longer to do everything else surrounding the post – especially for new releases or wrap ups as I have to add links, cover images, research when books are coming out, etc! So yeah, definitely some serious dedication right there!

    Also, communication skills! YES. I am definitely the type of person who talks differently depending on the situation or circumstance. Sometimes it even depends on the person I am talking to. For example, with May or Jackie I am much more likely to let my fangirl side out and talks in ALL CAPS and SCREAM at them while with other bloggers I am much more ‘formal’. And we shouldn’t even talk about Twitter because that is an ENTIRELY different story. xD

    But I agree, you really do work on your communication skills and you made really good points about why! I’ve never e-mailed publishers before, but I do remember having to e-mail teachers and that is THE WORST thing to do. Because you have to be super formal and I always worry about having spelling errors in them! xD

    Would you believe that I have ALWAYS hated writing reviews for exactly the reasons you mentioned? Like, whenever we had to analyze a book in class I would absolutely hate it. I’m just not the type of person who goes super deep into a book while I read it. I want to read for enjoyment and not to analyze the material I’m reading.

    Again, great post, Juliana! And please do a part 2!


  5. Blogging improves communication skills??? WHAT? I am afraid of humans though.
    Great post! I am still a fairly new blogger, and it is helpful to see what other people think of this whole blogging deal. Looking forward to part two!


  6. Yes yes yes!! You should make a part two!! All this was so relatable, such a good and unique post to read!
    Now… *applauds you for the Hamilton gif* 👏👏😄💕


  7. PLEASE DO A PART TWO. And where you referencing me in that “emailing your friend about Hamilton” part because if so, I LOVE YOU. And if not, I still love you. XD

    THIS POST WAS SO GREAT!!! I… sometimes go into comments screaming. But ONLY if I know the blogger pretty well! I totally wouldn’t start screaming in a comment for someone I don’t know — they don’t know me well enough to realize that screaming is a part of me. 😉 And gosh YES blogging takes sooooooo muuuuuuuh TIME AND EFFORT. LIKE OMG. PLEASE. STOP. TAKING. ALL. MY. TIME. Especially when I put… A LOT of work into my posts. (Not saying that other people don’t… just that they could put MORE sometimes???)

    Oh my god writing book reviews. I LOVE THEM… but I hate them. Right now I’m procrastinating three reviews to be written and I just can’t even with myself. THEY WERE FUN and they still are fun!!! I just keep stalling actually WRITING them.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. OKAY FINE I GUESS I WILL MAKE A PART TWO THEN. Yes I was referencing you OF COURSE.

      Thank youuuuu. YEAH THAT’S TRUE. I go into comments screaming ALL THE TIME though??

      I know. I like reviews but also IT’S SO HARD.

      Ok yes this was a vv short reply.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Blogging definitely shows my dedication! LOOK AT ALL THIS WORK I AM DOING FOR NO MONEY! I’m sure that if I have a job interview, that’ll be what I list as my experience (probably won’t be helpful, though). 😂

    Ooh, I hope it’s giving me more communication skills! I don’t like talking to people irl, and I feel awkward doing so if I don’t know the person well, but I feel more comfortable talking online! 😄

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  9. WAIT WHEN DID YOU SWITCH FROM A SELF-HELP BLOG to a book blog? Was there a transition? A Post about this? UGH, I’m soooo out of the loop these days.

    BUT REVIEWS ARE HARRRRD.Especially when the book is gorgeous goodness and you like ‘waiiittt…HOW DO I EXPLAIN MY EMOTIONS’. This is sorcery i tell you. For creatures not of this world (MMEEE) I make sure I write my review like 1 second after I finish my book on Goodreads because GOLDFISH.

    Requires some EFFORT? i find formatting takes ALL THE EFFORT I HAVE and that is a lot okay? Writing posts isn’t even that hard when you’re me but I think formatting will be the death of me. IT TAKES FOREVER OKAYYYYYYY. And commenting on every post in my reader (don’t ask how many tabs I have open right now. You don’t want to know) IS STRESSFUL. And then replying to your own comments? hahaha. I will never catch up. I have about 30 comments in total on my new blog which I haven’t replied to. Perhaps I need help. I have a sneaking suspicious I am in desperate need of it. (spoiler: I am. HALP)

    I swear people are so rude Like they can make all this techy stuff but why can’t my keyboard just log all my blog posts that I write in my head. TRUST Me, the blog posts I write in my head are WAY better than when I actually sit down to write them. I AGREE, we must protest against this discrimination against bloggers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WELL I’M BOTH A SELF-HELP BLOG AND A BOOK BLOG. BUT MOSTLY A SELF-HELP BLOG. I’m like Batman. I transform in the dead of night. (Let’s ignore the fact I never watched or read Batman 🙂 )

      REVIEWS areeeee HARD. AHHHHH I’M ALWAYS LIKE “this book was good. rtc.” and then lollll I never FINISH MY REVIEW until three months later and people stare at me in CONFUSION.

      Um… SAME with how much work replying to comments takes. I’m literally replying to your comment like, 20 days later XD. I NEED HELP TOO.

      Yes IKR people need to be more aware of the things we want. LIKE KEYBOARDS NEED TO bE CONNECTED TO OUR HEAD. THat’s the only time I’ll be truly satisfied with Apple.



    Blogging is definitely one of those BIG. SCARY. RESPONSIBILITIES. That you can totally ditch on whenever you want because hey, I'm from New Hampshire, Live Free or DIE. … … But there is a lot of work and scary involved, but it's all okay because there's cake at the end and kittens. Maybe.

    This is a great post outlining the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a blogger and I love how your personality shines through your posts. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  11. This post is perfect! It’s true that a lot of people simply don’t realise just how much hard work goes into maintaining a steady blog, and I was guilty of that for sure when I first started. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world, you meet so many amazing people in this community and it’s so rewarding!


  12. Great poooost! Sharing it in my Sunday post this week 🙂
    I’m sorry I’m only visiting your blog right now! I might have dropped in once or twice, but I’m only covering my visit list for the Twitter blog hop right now. Was so busy! I wonder if you even remember that I promised to visit 😀
    Anyway. Following your blog 🙂 you write well!


  13. This is SUCH a good post. I agree with you, blogging is sooo useful, it helps us build communication skills, internet skills and overall make us THINK so much more about the books we read. At least it does the trick for me. It takes so, so much time to blog and not many people realize this, however I think it is time well-spent as we learn so much, read so much more books and overall LOVE IT ALL. 🙂


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