Mood Readers vs. Scheduled Readers

Readers face many problems.


Here’s a smol list of Reader Problems™

  • Reading?? Who even has the time??? What??
  • Losing the page # (They disappear. Just like socks. WHERE DO THE SOCKS EVEN GO.)
  • Other non-readers bothering us while we’re reading. #NoOneUnderstands

We’re going to focus on the READING TIME THING buLLET POINT.

Excuse you, I’m great at creating sentences.

But anyways, there are two types of readers and they read differently.

Well, fine, there are probably more than two types but these are the two types I know of so I’m going to talk about them, capische?*

There’s the mood reader and the… non-mood reader. Ok. I really have no idea what to call the non-mood reader, so I’m just going to call it the “Schedule Reader.” *awkward laugh*

I’ll be talking about the characteristics of the mood reader and the schedule reader and comparing them. And also I made a quiz that you should take to figure out which type you are. Because I need that #wordcount.




  • Sometimes is several books ahead of their Goodreads challenge. If they have a Good reads challenge. (But only sometimes.)
  • Has reading sprints and usually can finish books in a day.
  • When they are in the mood for it, they sometimes go through whole sprints and can finish a book in one sitting. And then sometimes they read three books in one night.*

*I am speaking of the FABLED time I read Cinder & Scarlet & Cress in one night. I WAS NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED FOR MARISSA MEYER’S WORK.short watercolor stroke better


  • Usually is several books behind their Goodreads challenge. If they have a Good read challenge.
  • They “would” read more but they are so #busy with Netflix and food.
  • Whenever they try to do read-a-thons, they either horribly fail or horribly fail. THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN. Or ANY OTHER OPTIONS.
  • They bring books around with them to read but end up just… not reading. Because they’re not in the mood for it.
  • Sometimes they read 2018 ARCs when they still have 2017 ARCs to read.
  • Especially Netgalley. It’s like “click click click” OH NO WE HAVE TO READ ALL THESE BOOKS THAT WE WERE ONLY MILDLY INTERESTED IN.
  • Sometimes they’re SIX (!!!) books behind their reading challenge.
  • They make bullet point lists about themselves to complain about how they’re six books behind their reading challenges.

(Or maybe I’m just talking about myself. Who even knows anymore.)

(Also there are so many more cons than pros. *shrugs*)


short watercolor stroke better


  • They actually read at a designated time???
  • And usually SCHEDULE and are RESPONSIBLE
  • They also can force themselves to read something that’s not that interesting.
  • They force themselves to read and whenever they do that, it’s not an extremely painful experience.
  • They keep ON TRACK with their reading challenges/TBR
  • They read books in order. And they don’t read books from 2018 before their 2017 ARCS.
  • They usually successfully complete read-a-thons.
  • They can *probably* finish the books on their bookshelf.*

*I’m not sure. After all, scheduled and responsible readers are a mythical creature and DO THEY EVEN EXIST.short watercolor stroke better


  • Sometimes they don’t like the book. Because they’re not in the mood for it. AND THEY WILL NOT BE HAPPY.
  • They could be craving a fantasy but read a contemporary. And thus THEY WON’T BE SATISFIED.*
  • Sticking to a schedule might take the joy out of reading. Because reading mainly for pleasure. (And also knowledge and a bunch of other reasons but MAINLY PLEASURE.)
  • If you’re forcing yourself to read a book you don’t like, you might not absorb the content that you’re reading. And then what even is the point.

There are a lot more pros than cons.. GUESS YOU GUYS KNOW WHICH TYPE I’D LIKE TO BE.


blue watercolor streak

Which one is Julianna, you ask, since I am an interesting creature human that you want to know more about. I most definitely a mood reader. Meaning I read depending on my mood. This CAN BE HORRIBLE SOMETIMES.

Especially since I’m currently six books behind my reading challenge. *cries in corner*

But at SOME point this year I was like, five books ahead of my reading challenge. Ah, the good times.

short watercolor stroke better

So, which type of reader is better?


Wait, no, I’m not supposed to say that.

*coughs* What I mean is- NO ONE KNOWS WHICH ONE IS BETTER. It’s a MYSTERY. *weird ghost and spooky noises*

Both have pros and cons!

The scheduled reader generally has a more stable (albeit less spontaneous) reading life, and the mood reader has a very bumpy reading life (although it might be more exciting and random).

blue watercolor streak

Anyways. LOOK, I POSTED, and your bodies can stop decaying. Yay!

I’ll keep on posting regularly, and August was kind of like my break~ and me getting ready for school. (And no, I’m not prepared. What, you mean that I can’t keep on waking up at noon?)

I’ll also do an August recap. Because I LOVE doing recaps so WHY NOT.

blue watercolor streak

Tell me your thoughts! (please)

Which type of reader are you? Which type of reader would you like to be?


  1. OH HI HELLO MOOD READER HERE *waves*. no but I am honestly the WORST mood reader ever and I can relate to all the cons that you mentioned!! I literally brought 6 books with me on vacation and I ended up reading like… one of them (ok no i’m exaggerating i read 4 but still you get my point???). I was pretty sure I was in the mood to read ALL OF THEM when I was packing but then I got to Spain and I was just like huh??? what are all these books that i don’t want to read doing here??? why didn’t i bring X and Y and Z???????? Well.

    AND READING CHALLENGES. oh my lord, i am the WORST 2.0 at reading challenges. I don’t even know why I bother to participate because I either horribly fail or… horribly fail (hA see what I did there?). It always starts out pretty well and I read like 2 books that fit the challenge in the first two days or so but then my mood suddenly FLIPS and I’m no longer in the mood for a challenge and forget all about it until the end of it and I’ll be so stressed/confused/surprised because what??? When did I sign up for this challenge???

    Anway sorry for this rambling mess I don’t even know what I was trying to say with this lol but GREAT POST JULES (can i call you jules lol I JUST DID!) AND YAY FOR POSTING <33333


  2. Im a scheduled reader….Im one of those anal people who has to stick to a list or my life spirals out of control….or my brain does but they are really both the same! 😂😂


  3. I am definitely a “scheduled reader”. I mean.. how do you even cope with ever growing TBRs and ARCs if you don’t plan a few months ahead?! My brain refuses to understand!

    However, I am not completely hopeless and do listen to my reading cravings.. sometimes. (I read like 5 Sci-fi books this summer! That must count for something!)

    P.S. I love sci-fi more than cake.


  4. Great post! After reading this, I have NO idea what kind of reader I am ahah – I tend to pick up my next read according to my mood, whether I want to read something sweet or something fantasy-like or…well, that really depends… BUT since I’m not allowing myself to buy too many books and don’t have any kind of library, I always have around 10 books to read on my physical TBR and maybe a couple ARCs if I get lucky, so… I know what books I will read next?! If that makes any sense ahah.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, God, I’m definitely a mood reader 98% of the time, and the other 2% is me being a scheduled reader because I have a lot of e-ARCs to read and they’re all due in one week. 😂 But I definitely like to choose what I read for what I’m in the mood for, and if I don’t, then there’s a large chance I won’t enjoy it even if I originally would have. And in general I need to be in a reading mood, which I’m definitely not in right now!


  6. I am 1000% a mood reader- I like making lists and piles of books but they are likely to change at any time. And gosh all the pros and cons you listed are so me LOL. Some books I get need the perfect reading setting i.e. clean house, lots of uninterrupted time, other unknown factors that factor into my decision making somehow?! But then there was the time I read 6 NA sports romances in two weeks because that’s all I wanted to read. I’m pretty evenly split between fantasy and contemporary usually but still the mood readingggg. Sometimes I want to read and my eyeballs hurt or… Netflix… but other glorious times I have so much to choose from that I want to read and it’s fun. For the record, I’m ahead of my Goodreads challenge for now 😉 haha. Awesome post!


  7. Loved this post! I’m definitely a mood reader. I’ve tried to “be a scheduled reader” before, but it just ended up putting me in a slump so safe to say that doesn’t work for me. I can definitely see the uses though, it would definitely help to get through my huge tbr list.


  8. I AM SUCHHHHHH A MOOD READER. *collapses* sometimes I read loads, and then I’ll have THREE OR MORE DAYS where I just. … flop and do nothing. like, literally FLOP on my bed and not even try to read #WutIsLife.
    I WISHHHHH that I could just,, you know,,, ORGANISE MY LIFE. BUT. NO. I cannot *cries for 564587234 years* *is also immortal so it is possible* I can’t even go on net gallery because I WILL REQUEST AND REQUEST and I WILL NEVER READ THEM FAST ENOUGH #CommitmentIssues.

    Great post!!


  9. I feel like a mix of both… (if that’s possible?!) I like to know what I’m reading and set aside time to read, and even force myself at times, but I am currently 4 books behind my reading schedule(!!!) and find myself frequently finding something else to do, avoiding the daunting task of trying to catch up with my reading challenge 😅 oh well! Great post!


  10. I really feel like I’m somewhere in the middle… I will totally schedule my reading in terms of how many pages a day I need to read to have a book finished on time and have the review go up on a certain date, but this can be ugh when I’m really just not in the mood for that book but I’ve already committed to reading it so i have to push through and finish… ughhhh XD


  11. Where DO the socks go, right??

    I’ve always thought of myself as a mood reader, but I think I’ve… trained myself to be something in the middle, because ALL THE ARCs?? So basically, I never read just one book. I normally read 3-5 interchangeably. Right now, I can read at least one scheduled one with maybe one more, or just a loose choice. But that way, I actually manage to stick to my ARC schedule! I know, it baffles me to no end as well :0
    Anyhow, I will be launching a linkup meme that’s ARC related tomorrow, mostly to help my own mood readerish tendencies, so feel free to visit, link up and get motivated to mow down those ARCs 😀 cause that’s all we need – motivation!

    Also – you read THREE books in a night?? Holy… okay. Are you human? XD

    Liked by 1 person


      Ahhhh the ARCs. I am DEFINITELY better with physical arcs because PHysical IS BETTER FOR ME.

      DIGITAL… well… haha… i’m also… kind of great with that too… yep. *nods convincingly*

      Ooh! Ok! Sorry, I’m kind of replying to this comment three days later, but I’ll check out your meme right now!



  12. MY BODY HAS STOPPED DECAYING THANK GOD 🙏🙏😭 And yessss I love this post!! Um excuse me you said there was going to be a quiz WHERE IS IT??? Ahahaha I think I’m a scheduled reader? With parts if a mood reader? I really want to find that balance between both so I can be spontaneous but also on track. Like I set reading goals for myself each month and that’s basically my scheduling. Most of my books are from the library so I kind of HAVE to read those, before they’re due??? But I choose which library books to read first based on my mood. And I also check out the books based on my mood (except when they’re not there 😭). So I guess I’m a mix of both???

    HAHAHAHA I totally forgot about the ARC thing!!! This is you, isn’t it. *glares* And OMGGGGGG HOW DID YIU READ SCARLET AND CRESS AND WINTER IN ONE NIGHT ARE YOU INSANE HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?????????


    1. YAY FOR MAY’S NON-DECAYING BODY!!!! *confetti and cheers all around*

      And… about that whole quiz thing… #awkward I WAS TOO LAZY I GUESS I FORGOT TO TAKE THAT PART OUT OOPS.

      I wish I was a scheduled reader. I mean, I set goals for myself too sometimes but I NEVER ACCOMPLISH THEM???! HOW DO YOU DO IT. TEACH ME. And also #tbt to that one time I requested like, 20 library books and they all arrived and I didn’t read ANY OF THEM. (They were all contemporary, which might have been why.)



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  13. I wish I was a scheduled reader but I have tried!!! I can’t force myself to read a book I am not in the mood for! I also think that if I read a book I am not in the mood for it will negatively impact my opinion of the book? I wish I could make and follow a monthly TBR but I know that I can’t so I don’t even try any more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I WISH I WAS A SCHEDULED READER TOO. Honestly, *sometimes* there are miracles and I start to actually like books I force myself to read??? But I agree, usually when I’m not in the mood for the book I start liking it less, which is horrible.

      I USED to make monthly TBRs, until I realized that I shouldn’t. Because I read 0% of them.


  14. I used to think I was a scheduled reader and that I could read whatever I wanted. Until I realized I only read one genre so basically I was just always in the mood for that. Now I’m a mood reader which honestly makes ARCS so hard *has seven ARCS waiting to read but buys a new book instead* because I go through NetGalley binges BUT DID I EVEN WANT TO READ THESE IN THE FIRST PLACE???? And now I’m a mood reader so I like for those reading sprints where everything! is! interesting! and it where I am now where nothing! is! interesting!

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  15. I’d like to think I’m a scheduled reader, but I’ve come to see I’m really a mood reader. Dramatic sigh. I have too many books I’m putting off till the right moment. And then I read just a brand new book in just one sitting. Guess, I’ll have to admit I’m more moody than I thought. 🙂

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  16. I had to laugh so hard reading this and then sat here puzzled for about five minutes because.. I seem to be a combination of both? There are times that I’m just a HUGE mood reader; only reading when I feel like it and can tackle book after book after book during a week. Then I get in a “nope, not feeling it”-mood and it goes down the drain.

    BUT then I just look at my posted TBR-list and I go like, okay. I need to read more of those or I’ll be sitting in a hole of shame. Not doing that. Read, Kathy, READ! And it helps? Also I do have some fixed reading time. Somehow. A little bit. More like “whenever you have to do chores, DON’T. Just READ.” [Like I did yesterday instead of doing the dishes which caused my boyfriend to be absolutely NOT happy with me.]
    [Also, I didn’t even make dinner because I was.. well, reading.]

    Conclusion of this awfully early morning:


    And I love this post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhhhhh thanks for laughing! (That sounds weird XD)

      um, SAME ABOUT THE MOOD READER THING. My reading sprints come and go and it’s pretty horrible when they GOOO.

      Well, I applaud you. You clearly have more strength than I do- you can force yourself to read books. Haha, but READING > DOING THE DISHES. Good choice XD.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha it does! 😅


        Haha. Always! Even if my boyfriend wants to eat my nose for not doing chores. I just go ‘sorry, wanted to finish my book’ – even when I just started a new one instead of really finishing one, but he never asks / knows 😂 [Okay, maybe that’s mean of me but boohoo 😂]

        You’re welcooome!



    You said in the intro there would be a quiz at the end but there WAS NOT and i am a sad penguin, okay?

    I AM DEFINITELY A MOOD READER. I am like 22 books ahead of my GR challenge (100 books) NOT BRAGGING HERE OBVS. For 3 days in a row, I read 2 books a day and now I’m just not…in the mood. AND OMG YES TO THE ARC THING. OMGGG, NetGalley is sad. I have 50% feedback ratio. I AM WORKING ON IT OKEE? i don’t even TRY to do readathons? LIKE WHY? i will never convert to people who do read a thons OKAY?

    Liked by 1 person


      Omgggg okay so I was *going* to do a quiz to get my #wordcount but then I was lazy and decided not to because my wordcount got higher. i’m sorry, sad penguin.

      Yessss…. Omg. I have a bunch of digital ARCs that I pretty much have no interest in (which I requested when I was a smol bean) and the #regret because I will probably never touch them. I HAVE AROUND 50% TOO????
      Ahhhhh i try to do readathons just so I can pretend that I got my reading life together but I’M KINDA GIVING UP AT THIS POINT.


  18. I’m a weird in-between of both?? So I guess I’m a moody scheduled reader??? Like, I make plans with my friends about which books I’m going to borrow from them and when, I list down all the books I plan on reading, and reserve books in the library beforehand. But then sometimes I don’t. Like, I don’t. It’s weird. I’m weird lmao xD
    Currently I’m being very moody and switching between three books WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF ARIS.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm… I’M WEIRD TOO IT’S OK WE CAN BE WEIRD TOGETHER. I used to request like 20 books from the library and then read like, one of them. IT WAS HORRIBLE. I’m always so hesitant on borrowing books from the library because I BASICALLY NEVER READ THEM #help
      HONESTLY SAME THOUGH. Rn I’m in between a bunch of books and like IDEK.

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  19. Most of the time I’m a mood reader. Like right now it’s impossible for me to get into any 😥 but I tend to only request one earc at a time… And then get to them less than a week before the publication dates. I also decided to have a Goodreads challenge of 13 books this year, I finished a long time ago 😂

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  20. THE MOOD READER IS 100% ME. one time, I’m pretty sure I read The Lost Hero and Son of Neptune in ONE DAY. yeah, same I don’t know how I did it either because it sure ain’t happening again.

    I read whenever I feel like it, which is good but also super bad because READING SLUMPS. :’)

    also I just wanted to tell you that it’s super cool to hover my mouse over the featured images on your blog and watch them grow larger, it just makes me super satisfied and… yeaH okay I’ll stop now

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha DANG. THAT’S IMPRESSIVE. and also sameee with the ‘never happening again’. I still reminisce about the day I read three books and cry inside.

      Yes I KNoW THE READING SLUMPS. And then I have like tons of books on my shelves that I don’t want to read and it’s just like “AHLKFJD:LKF”

      Haha really? XD

      Liked by 1 person

  21. I’m a mood reader. It’s annoying because I never stick to my tbr. There’s always at least 1-2 books that were not in my tbr, yet I would read the heck out of them. The other books in my tbr would also be neglected. LOL. And the reading sprints are so true! It really depends on the book though…

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  22. I’m mostly a mood reader, but I CAN force myself to read a book that I’m not in the mood for, if I have some sort of time pressure, and I CAN enjoy a book that I’m not in the mood for.

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  23. Oh my goodness you read Cinder, Scarlet and Cress in one night?! I understand not being able to put them down but I need my sleep haha. I seriously admire you right now 😛

    I’m definitely a mood reader, though I often wish I could be a scheduled reader haha. They’re so organised!! How!! Though I do agree that they probably sometimes read something they’re not in the mood for, and then they could end up not enjoying a book they would’ve enjoyed if they had been in the mood of it (wow that’s a long sentence) So maybe in that case it’s better to be a moodreader? The pros of being a scheduled reader are so good though.. Oh well I’ll always be a mood reader anyway haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (sorry for the SUPER LATE RESPONSE haha)
      Yeah I read Cinder & Scarlet & Cress in one night but I THRIVE ON NO SLEEP *yawns conspicuously*

      Haha being a scheduled reader is my life goal. Kind of. I mean, the pros of being a scheduled reader are pretty good; I want to be able to be more responsible and assertive in my own reading (and also reading challenges, because I SUCK AT THOSE OK)

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  24. Hi Julianna!
    This is a very interesting discussion post. Thanks for sharing! Since I am still a book blogging newbie, I wasn’t aware of the distinction between mood vs scheduled readers haha… I can see the pros and cons of both: Mood readers will read whatever and whenever they want, so they will enjoy what they are reading. Schedule readers will force themselves to read certain book at certain times, even when they don’t feel like reading or when they don’t want to read a certain book. I think I am somewhere in between 🙂 I tend to go with my gut instinct when it comes to what I want to read (if I discover a book that I want to read right away, it is automatically #1 on my TBR), but I am more strict about what time I will read (I am super busy), though I am sometimes flexible with that as well 🙂
    Love this insightful post 🙂

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  25. Mood reader here. There was one time when I brought 2 books with me for vacation and ended up not reading any 1 of them. My mood can be a jerk sometimes which leaves me no review posted for 3-5 days.

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  26. OMG I loved this post! Totally unique! I am defiantly a mood reader as well. When I don’t feel like reading a book sometimes I’ll just stop halfway through and begin reading another book. I literally stopped reading the last book in a series the other day because I didn’t like where it was headed and I ended up finishing another book in a day! hahaha mood readers be crazy!

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  27. I know this article was written years ago (almost half a decade if my in-head, typically unreliable calculations are correct), but I personally find I am a mixture of both. I will pick up what I am in the mood for and there are days I am not in the mood to read; but when I do decide to focus on a book, I try to create some sort of structure because otherwise it will take me far too long to even complete a bloody text.


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