Reasons Blogging is Useful (Part Two! Also I’ve Never Done Two-Part Posts Before!)

Sequels are love. Sequels are life.

Unless they suck and give you Second Book Blues or Sequel Unhappiness or something along those lines. I don’t know the official name.

But this post is a sequel. I’ve never done a two-part post (#firsssssts) and the first part- a list of reasons that blogging is useful- is here!

But yes, this post is mainly aimed at those people who think that blogging is useless or that blogging doesn’t take that much work.

*coughs* My younger self. *coughs*

But yes, blogging takes a lot of work.


  • Writing the post, obviously.
  • Responding to comments.
  • Commenting on OTHER PEOPLE’S POSTS.
  • Writing the post. It’S HARD OKAY.
  • Thinking of ideas for posts.
  • Social media managing.
  • Trying to be witty?? Obviously my genius jokes don’t come out of thin air.

Seriously, why isn’t blogging appreciated more??? Obviously if you don’t understand that blogging is important, read this post and hopefully with my mind control convincing skills and well said argument with persuade you that IT IS IMPORTANT.

second grass graphic

blogging helps you improve your voice and with writing

One of the most important things about blogging is your voice.

It’s basically what distinguishes you from millions or billions or *insert large number* of other blogs.

When you blog, it helps you to express yourself and show your voice in your blogging! If everything you say is just factual and not enjoyable to read… why would anyone want to read your blog?

And basically, when you write, you have to show your thoughts in an organized and concise* manner. You can’t just keyboard smash.**

*I’m totally organized and concise with my post. Yep. Not rambly at all. NOPE.

**Yeah, keyboard smashing never works with posTSJSSDEGWIYFHVS

second grass graphic

blogging can help you discover new things and new people

Blogging gives you experiences and helps you talk to new people.

For example, you can connect with someone in Texas, or someone in the UK, or someone somewhere else. Everyone has had different experiences and you can learn more by talking to people and learning from their experiences.

You can already LEARN THINGS, if the particular blog you’re reading is a self-help blog!

Like mine totally is! Um.. guys, don’t cry in the corner because you’ll never read all the books you want to read, JUST BECOME IMMORTAL.


second grass graphic

you can even monetize your blog, and eventually make it your career

Well… this is actually pretty hard to do.

It’s really hard to make money off of blogging, but you can still do it!

I know you can use AdWords on Google, but usually that requires you to have your own domain… which sucks. And also you usually have to have pretty high traffic… which is also hard, if you’re a book blogger.

(Also here’s a post by Balie that lists some ways to earn money from blogging.)

For YouTubers, it’s usually a lot easier to make money, because you don’t have to implement a system or anything- you just get the money because that’s how YouTube works!

Sadly, it’s a lot harder for bloggers. But you can probably promote your shop- or if you ARE a YouTuber, you can more easily promote your channel!

I know you can also earn money through affiliate links and paid promotional posts, but it can be hard to make money from that.


second grass graphic

the internet is basically built on blogs

This is kind of something that I realized while pondering life (I do this quite often).

When you look up food* recipes, what are most of your results?


When you look up how to put together a chair from IKEA, what are most of your results?


Except why are you looking this up Ikea literally gives you a list of directions??

When you look up how many bags of chips are appropriate to eat in one day, what are most of your results?


See? Looking at blogs goes beyond clicking in your WordPress feed. You probably read and use blogs a lot more often than you actually think.

Image result for mind blown gif
you, obviously

*Obviously you’ll be looking up food recipes? Who even knows how to actually cook???

**I speak from experience, young grasshopper.

second grass graphic

blogging helps you to express creativity

I know I already mentioned EXPRESSING YOURSELF but right now I’m talking in terms of your design, bio, etc.

It’s YOUR BLOG. You can do whatever you want with it!

You can make it a photo gallery (except that would be too many words*), a life journal, a comic blog, or a book blog.


People might not necessarily want to read/view your life journal or photo gallery, that might be true! But you never know, people on the internet are weird.

You can also do whatever you want with your header, your featured icons, your bio! You can draw your header font, or make it, or do anything.


*Okay you might not get it but this is a reference to the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Haha I’m so clever.

**I was going to do a “Why Blogging Should Be Appreciated More” but then I realized that it would be basically this post.

second grass graphic

Tell me your thoughts! (please)

Are you a blogger? You probably are. Do you think that blogging is important?? What are things that blogger spend a lot of time doing? Is writing blog posts really easy for you? How do you manage your time as a blogger?


  1. Writing posts take forever. Like, sometimes I even give up halfway. I don’t really have a blogging schedule, I just blog when I feel like it. I should get rid of this terrible habit and be more organized!
    I spend a lot of time stalking checking out other people’s blogs. Reading others’ posts gives me inspiration, and when I’m bored, I read them to kill time.
    AND DUH OF COURSE BLOGGING IS IMPORTANT. I’ve made so many friends all around the world through blogging (the best part is that I can talk to them sitting on my bed wearing weird kiddie pajamas and no one will judge) and I always feel so happy when someone comments on my posts! So yes, blogging is important. It’s food for the soul 😛

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    1. YES WRITING POSTS SERIOUSLY TAKES FOREVER DUDE. I give up halfway so much also??? But then later on at least I have half a post to work on so it’s okay!


      YES BLOGGING IS SO IMPORTANT and I’m so happy that I’ve made so many friends through blogging as well!

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  2. Ummm yes I am a blogger and yes blogging is SO important! The thing I love about writing blog posts so much is that you’re simply WRITING. You know, even if I don’t write a single thing for my WIP or whatever I’M STILL WRITING SOMETHING!!!! It’s so cool XD (I hope you get what I mean)

    And writing blog posts is kinda easy for me but it’s also hard depending on what I’m writing about??? If it’s like a list then it’s fine but if you’re writing a discussion and you really want to bring your point across it takes me way too long!!! But generally it’s not the writing that takes the longest but the actual FORMATTING OF A POST. Sometimes I sit there for 2 hours just adding links and gifs and HTML codes and djshhdsjsbsj IT’S A LOT.

    And you’re asking me how I manage my time?? Ummmmm…. I don’t. I’m the worst at balancing blogging and uni and writing and life and relaxing and eating and sleeping AND EVERYTHING. I’m the worst lol and I wonder why I’ve had blogger burnout before oops :’)


    ANYWAY sorry for rambling but this was a fantastic post (and it seems like I had a lot to say XD)

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    1. Oh yeaaaah. GOOD POINT. I can just pretend that I’m doing stuff productive and actually writing when I HAVEN’T WRITTEN A SINGLE WORD OF MY WIP IN MONTHS.

      Yeah, posts can take super long for me when I do discussion posts XD and ughguhguh the freaking formatting dude. Also did you know you can do “” and “” to change the font size? Sans quotes obviously. GIFS ARE GREAT BUT I HARDLY INCLUDE THEM IN GIFS AND I NEED TO.

      Ahahahaha I’m really bad at balancing all blogger elements too tbh. I HOPE YOU GET BETTER AT MANAGING TIME AT UNI!!!


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      1. SAME LOL I said I was going to start plotting my novel in October but……. it’s the 18th and I haven’t done a SINGLE thing lol NaNo is gonna be so much fun :’) #not

        Wait what can I do to change don’t size???? My phone only shows me the quotations marks 😂😂



  3. I recently started book blogging two days ago. My blog baby is growing, not in followers but in content. So far I have very much enjoyed it and I believe that if your blogging about something that your interested in and that you love, your content will simply be better and more expressive.

    Personally for myself, I find book blogging as something that I can come back to and look as my reviews and recommendations. I have a goodreads account, but I was always too scared to comment/review the book. Mainly because I knew people wouldn’t see it but also because I wasn’t sure whether what I was saying about the book was right and that people wouldn’t like my opinion about something that they themselfs loved.

    I know I haven’t been book blogging for a long time. But I feel like I’m going to continue my journey as a blogger for as long as possible. Even though I have a part-time job and I’m still at uni, blogging about reading is something I know I can take time out to do.

    From being a book blogger (for literally two seconds 😂) I’ve come to the realisation that I just can’t be writing for myself. I have to write for others who are interested in my content, what I’ve written, what my opinion is, and what the book is about. It’s been a little difficult in the beginning because I didn’t I had to be conscious of others (I’m not obsessed with myself I promise 😂).

    But I think that whoever is passionate about something and would like to start off on social media, blogging is one of those very special ways.

    Everyone has the ability to express themselfs and they can be as creative as they possibly want. Plus you get the opportunity to learn from others and shares with them your findings and feelings.

    For some people it can be an excellent tool for release, such as self-help blogs.

    Blogs are hard work to maintain and update. But I feel like if your blogging about something that you really enjoy blogging will turn into something natural and less like a chore.

    From one little blogger to another blogger, don’t stress about the small stuff. Just do it at your own speed and it will turn into something that you’ll cherish and love.

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    1. Ooh, great to see that you recently started blogging and that you’re enjoying it so far! ❤ Welcome!

      I agree, I was always nervous to talk about my opinions on books because of course, other people also had opinions and what if they contradicted mine? Now I just scream all of my opinions so I think I'm fine on that aspect rn. ahah.

      But yes, blogging is so special and great and honestly underrated. I love how blogging can be an outlet for all of your feelings, and thank you for this comment! It was really lovely reading all of your thoughts. ❤


  4. (For me) the best thing about blogging is that I’m constantly BUSY. Like I get that that’s a *bad* thing for most people but I just?? like having something to do??? Basically I just don’t get bored at all, anymore. Even if I don’t have a post to write, I have posts to read and to comment on, social media to manage, reviews to write, books to read, etc. etc. IT’S SO MUCH FUN. //Also kind of hard to manage everything because SCHOOL and HOMEWORK and PARENTS.//

    Mostly I just finish off my schoolwork in school itself so I have enough time for blogging and other online stuff… it doesn’t always work (i mean, homework is meant to be done at home) but when it does it’s great!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahaha I guess I’ll see in a while xD (I’m younger than literally everyone asdfghjkkl;;)


        No Netflix :((((( My parents cancelled my subscription because I was spending too much time watching it D: BUT SO MUCH OF MY TIME IS WASTED PROCRASTINATING ON YOUTUBE LIKE THERE ARE SO MANY VIDEOS THAT I *NEED TO WATCH* AGHH WHY DO YOUTUBERS DO THIS TO ME.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. haha it’s okei 😀 (only if you’re comfortable with it)

            YEAH I KNOW RIGHT IT’S A DISGRACE. There are so many people talking about Netflix shows like Stranger Things and they all sound SO GOOD but it’s hard to watch them ;-;

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  5. fellow blogger here. 🙂 blogging is SOOOO time consuming! i feel like keeping up with my blog isn’t so bad; but keeping up with everyone else’s and commenting on other’s and reading other’s is what gets me. i always keep the emails until i look at the posts and then if i don’t have time for the weekend i have like a million emais by monday and it’s a daunting task. and it’s not that i don’t enjoy reading the blogs i follow (and others) it just takes a lot of time. also, totally wish i could make money from my blog; but the more i keep at it, the less i think that’s a reality.

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    1. Hey, fellow blogger! I agree, blogging is SO FREAKING TIME CONSUMING. I guess when people start blogs they don’t consider social media/commenting back/commenting on other posts! Blog posts can totally pile up if you have too many..

      I think it can be really hard to make money from blogging, because you need really high stats to get a good source of income, but eventually you could try!

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  6. I loved this post, everything you said was so true. I think blogging is so important and so many people don’t even realize how much they use us. I spend most of my time writing, editing and sorting out dodgy formatting issues! (And finding appropriate gifs)

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  7. YES YES YES to everything on this post, I love it. Blogging is SO useful, I can’t even COUNT the books I found out thanks to book blogging that I now love and cherish with all of my heart. Same goes for the people I met, the ones I connected with, the ones I have been talking for almost all my blogging years now and genuinely consider as some of my closest friends. BLOGGING IS BEAUTIFUL isn’t it? ❤ ❤

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  8. What a wonderful post ❤ Thank you so much for all the brainstorming 😀 I have included a link to this post in my Sunday Post's section. It will be up at 8:30 PM BST.

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  9. What is this commenting on other’s posts you speak of…? XD I have enough trouble keeping up with posting on my own blog, once you throw reading other’s blog in their… GOSH I NEED MORE TIME IN THE DAY! (But anyway….) great post! 🙂

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  10. Ah, yes to so many of these! Blogging does help with my writing; one of my essays last year was to write a book review, and I felt so prepared. 😂 And I’ve met so many amazing people that I can connect with, and that’s so awesome! And, yes, it definitely does help my creativity! I’ve learned to make blog graphics and do web design and think up ideas! Blogging has done so much for me! ❤️

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    1. OMG you had to write a book review? That’s so great! #BookBloggingIRL (Okay I make too many hashtags sorry)
      I love meeting so many people and reading their awesome blogs.
      And my blog graphics aren’t exactly the best or the most beautiful (like yours are) but stilllllll BLOGGING IS HELPFUL.

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  11. I’m a blogger; I blog about writing tips and my journey from just a writer to a self-published author. (And maybe someday, a traditionally published one as well)
    I love writing my posts, but they’re so all over the place that I spend more time editing them than writing them. 😆

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  12. Love this! I never realized just HOW MUCH WORK went into blogging until I bought my own domain and got serious about it. Up until then it had been a side hobby I didn’t put much thought into. Now? Oh boy, you’re not kidding that the amount of work bloggers do is underrated!!

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  13. Blogging is definitely way harder than people think. I spend SO much time writing my posts, not to mention FORMATTING! It usually takes me hours to write and format a post.
    Also I hate formatting. And half the time my posts end up weirdly formatted and just ugh! Especially because by the time I’m done writing a post, it’s normally late at night, and I’m half asleep. And then I look at it in the morning, and I’m just like, “What did I DO?!” And of course, by that time my post is already published… Ugh, ugh, ugh.
    I’m totally ranting, but I DO love blogging, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. Except the formatting. I’d give THAT up happily.

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