Reasons to Go On That (Official) Hiatus You’ve Been Thinking About

This is basically me just subtweeting myself at this point???

I go on so many unofficial hiatuses I CAN’T. EVEN.

I was actually planning on announcing an official hiatus during August to September, but at that point I was already on an unofficial one for a couple of weeks and screaming to myself of “WHAT IS THE POINT”.

Anyways, I feel that an official hiatus can be a lot more helpful and de-stressing than being on an unofficial hiatus. Here’s why:

  • There’s less pressure to return to blogging. If you’re on an official hiatus rather than an unofficial one, you feel less pressure. You’re not badgered by thoughts of whenever you’re going to return to blogging. Probably.
  • It’s official. Not just a reaaaaally long break. When I was on my unofficial hiatus, I was just thinking all the time of when I was going to post and I kept on feeling guilty. I felt like it was a break between posts that was wayyyy too long, rather than just a period of time where I could just calm down.

This post is basically my way of telling you that if you’re too stressed out about blogging or if you feel blogger burn-out, then go and take a hiatus! Your blog is not something that is bonded to you for life. You did not make a deal where you constantly have to post.

It’s okay to take a break.

And even though many people might love your posts and miss you, they should understand that your mental health and that your stress levels are much more important.

second grass graphic


When you’re on a blogging hiatus, you don’t have to worry about your five million blogging responsibilities. (Also I posted about my blogging responsibilities at some point in time so go read that.*)

Here are some of the things that you WON’T need to worry about:

  • Commenting on other people’s posts!
    I completely suck at this. How does my feed get so cluttered and whyyyy? Y’all need to stop posting as much so I can keep up.
  • Remembering to post at a specific time!
    A lot of people have posting schedules for blogging and although it can help with consistency, if you have like NO ideas, it can be hard to come up with some!
  • Remembering to post at a more specific time! 
    Most bloggers like to post really early in the morning (like 3 am or 7 am) so that they get more stats. Is this smart? Probably. But is it horrible when you usually write posts the same day you post them? Yes.
  • Replying to comments on your own post!
    I feel so guilty that sometimes I don’t respond to comments until a week later? I SEE THEM, USUALLY. It’s just that responding takes work.
  • Taking bookstagram pictures!
    Whenever I post, I need to actually take a bookstagram picture so that I can use it in my featured image. And I’m not good at taking bookstagram pics, okay?

*I claim no responsibility if that post sucks. My three month younger self was trashy, okay?**

**I also claim no responsibility if this post sucks. I’M STILL TRASHY.

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If you announce your hiatus, people will understand why you’re not posting. It’s a lot better than Skimping Out On Posting, and your stalkers friends won’t be as disappointed!

And of course, if you’re on an official hiatus, its a lot easier to deal with because you don’t feel the weight of all of your followers who want you to post. OF COURSE YOUR FOLLOWERS AND FRIENDS want you to feel non-stressed out and will support you going on hiatus!

second grass graphic


One of the biggest blocks in blogging is the actual ideas. It can be hard to think of new ideas when others have already posted things that you were going to post about, or if you really just can’t think of anything!

When you’re on a hiatus, you’re not constantly trying to think of blog post ideas- they can come to you more naturally and you can generally just have better ideas!

I have better ideas whenever I am not personally TRYING to have ideas.

Also apparently walking around is good for idea-having so… exercise, I guess.

But let’s be real. Walking around is too much energy. Just… flail your legs and hope it works, yeah?

Image result for no exercise gif
demonstration of what you should do

second grass graphic


Sometimes if you’re blogging, you can stop being as enthusiastic about it as you were during the first month or two months.

You might not have as many ideas, or you might not be as excited to comment on posts, or you might not be as happy to respond to comments.

If you feel yourself being bored and unhappy as you blog, maybe… go on a hiatus! Believe me, it can really help you take a break from blogging and come back with a fresh start and more excitement!

second grass graphic


If you’re on an official hiatus, then you can take time to enjoy other activities and do other things! Such as stealing your sisters’ sweaters because why are they so much more comfortable than your own!!

Or maybe actually reading?? But I know that’s not going to happen.

You won’t be focused on your blogging as much and it won’t be as much as a priority!

Image result for i have been given the gift of time gif
you guys obviously

And of course, there’s school if you’re in it. Juggling both blogging and school can be stressful and hard to do, so going on a hiatus would definitely help you adjust to handling both!

second grass graphic

Tell me your thoughts! (please)

Do any of you guys feel the need to go onto a hiatus after reading this? Are you always excited about blogging whenever you do something? Have you gone on a hiatus before (and how was it)?


  1. This was a really great post, Juliana! ❤

    I think a hiatus can be a fantastic thing and your post actually made me think of maybe taking like a week off every couple of months just to give myself a proper break and not feel the pressure to come up with new posts, comment on other people's blogs (because that is something I 100% need to work on…) and just, in general, do other blog stuff. I mean, blogging is just a hobby after all right?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhhh I’ve been thinking of going on HIATUS for a while now, but I’m not sure if I realy want to / need to as I don’t know how busy my school schedule is going to get as I have mock exams! I think that over the next two months I’m going to be on a lot of unofficial hiatus’! I went on hiatus before, but it failed and I was back within a few days, but this is a really important school year for me and I don’t want to fail these exams (even though they’re just mocks!)

    Great post 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this post so, so, SOOOO MUCH. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by blogging at times, and taking a hiatus can be the right thing to do. I have taken a couple of hiatuses since I started blogging and all the time, I came back refreshed and with a happier blogging mind for sure. I need hiatuses, most of the time when I’m traveling/ really busy and just don’t have any time to blog anyway, but I also need to force myself to take them once in a while in order to avoid blogging burn out. Blogging is GREAT, but it’s a time consuming hobby and we need to take care of ourselves ❤ ❤
    Great post!! ❤

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  4. Yessss the first time I went on hiatus I was really nervous because omg what if people hate me and unfollow me?? but then i decided not to care because my health is more important than their opinion TuT
    but yeahhh hiatuses are really de-stressing and i got so many ideas for blog posts during my two week hiatus omg?? i like to think i came back with a bang but really it was more a tiny firecracker…
    like always, you had the Good, Relatable, and Funny Content™ that i signed up for so good going ju 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I kinda took an unofficial hiatus back in September when I was drowning in school work and trying to get used to my new schedule. Hitatuses are a great way to just relax for a bit (expect when you keep randomly remembering how you haven’t been reading other people’s posts and you feel bad…) (gosh I’m bad with keeping up with other’s posts… XD)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Meanwhile, I have actually never gone on a hiatus. I’ve only been blogging for a year, of course, but.. Haven’t, not really. Not even during vacation. Don’t know why.

    I agree that it’s best to announce the hiatus though! Your blogger friends won’t be all like “WHERE IS SHEEE” 😀

    I don’t really worry about posting times though. I have followers from all over the globe. My night is their day. So it would be hard to stick to just one group of people.


  7. Ugh, YES!!! I totally needed this post right now!! I’ve taken at least two official hiatuses (is that how you spell that??? XD ) since I began my blog, and they have literally helped me out SOOO much. Sometimes it’s super easy to automatically feel guilty for taking a break from blogging, but in all reality, it really serves as a wonderful refresher for creativity. (And also, as you said, a MAJOR stress reliever.)

    I’m actually planning on taking a ‘sort of’ hiatus through NaNoWriMo, but I’m still going to be active on the blogosphere, I think… (at least, I HOPE I will be??? XD) If not, though, at least I’ll be using all of my writerly inspiration towards my novel, right??? XD

    Thank you so much for this post!!! I really needed this reminder that it’s okay to take a break… Seriously. Thank you.


  8. i have never gone on a hiatus; but i can definitely see why a blogger would want to. things get stressful and blogging shouldn’t be stressful! i swear i spend more time reading other people posts and liking and/or commenting on them then i do on my own blog some weeks. and if i skip a day then i suddenly have sooooo many emails to go through and catch up on. (this may or may not be what i am currently doing…)


  9. this is so good.
    so good.
    i think it’s so helpful for people who are thinking about taking a hiatus and really helpful too! 😀


  10. Yes, hiatuses are a really great way to get inspiration and de-stress from everything! I know that going on a mini break before coming back in September really re-charged me and I came back with so much more enthusiasm and a lot of great ideas! Also, yes to having time for other things! That’s always nice! ❤️


  11. Haaa okay this hits me hard.😂 YES I NEED TO GO ON A HIATUS AT SOME POINT SOON. I’m pretty tired! I haven’t had a proper hiatus all year so that’s like intense?!? But by this point I think I’ll stick it out and then have a break over christmas. I LOVE blogging but it is exhausting. And you’re so right when you say taking a hiatus often helps you come up with more ideas anyway. It’s also nice to just switch off completely and go play to rob the moon or something. That why you come back so refreshed! So A+ to this post and I need to listen to it.😂


  12. I’ve been meaning to comment on this post since you first posted it like I literally read through it all but then my fingers were like… nah, I’m too tired. ANYWAYS HERE I AM NOW.

    I’d totally recommend going on an official hiatus if you feel like you need to??? Mine lasted A LOT longer than expected but it felt SO GOOD. I was a lot less stressed and I wasn’t freaking out every single day about not blog hopping or commenting or having a post going up…. AND I GOT SO MUCH INSPIRATION WHILE ON MY HIATUS LIKE I LITERALLY WROTE TWO WHOLE PAGES IN MY BLOG JOURNAL ABOUT FUTURE POST IDEAS. It was great!

    So yes people, going on a hiatus is actually so freeing and cool and chill and FABULOUS. And you will care a lot less about your stats, your schedule and whether you have a post going up when it’s supposed to, not being able to reply to your comments for a whole week AND not blog hopping. Although I do still feel guilty at times it has gotten a lot better ❤


  13. my dude go on a hiatus if you need to, you’ll feel SO much better (as long as you get back into the blogging rhythm again right away, bc i’m still struggling, esp with nano)

    also i love that horizontal running gif and soz for this crappy comment i’m drained from nano (my excuse for everything now)


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