Inventions That Every Bookworm Would Love

Patent pending.

Obviously, that means that all these ideas belong to me?? And I definitely, definitely, definitely haven’t taken these from people on the internet.

(I mean, if you want to make these into real things then you can, just give me 20% of the income. I’d actually love to see them happen?)

Anyways, these inventions basically solve all of the bookworm problems– such as:

  • having warped pages and crying because they’re so difficult to straighten out
  • when it’s dark and you want to read but it’s dark so you can’t obviously
  • when you lose your page number and then accidentally spoil yourself and then cry
  • having some sticker mark on the top of your book cover and having to just stare at it and feel it and feeling the horrible weight of shame
  • not having a book and crying
  • crying. did I mention crying yet?? I don’t think I have.


10 times during life to read

second grass graphic

glow-in-the-dark inked pages

Hey, hey, hey.

Have you ever wanted to read a book… but you procrastinate but it’s dark out and you don’t want to have glasses?

That problem is solved with…

glow in the dark inked pages!

Honestly, glow-in-the-dark inked pages would be a) SO FREAKING COOL, b) hahaha YOU CAN READ IN THE DARK??? and c) it’s not as annoying as having a freaking flashlight and trying to hold it in a way that your hand doesn’t get tired but it hits the pages exactly right*.

*I’m pretty sure finding the perfect position for a flashlight is 100% impossible.

second grass graphic

waterproof pages


Image result for reading in the shower gif
imagine this is you… but with a book that DOESN’T GET WET, wouldn’t that be fantastic

Sometimes I try to read while showering but then you’re holding the book with your hands and you can’t shampoo yourself or anything and so you’re just standing in your shower on the far end for thirty minutes, not doing anything.

Obviously, I can take very long showers.

And even if you don’t take showers at all, waterproof pages would be 87% useful because hello? You’ll be crying over the book.

So basically, Six of Crows is a fantastic book to have waterproof pages on. (me @ all the publishers)

But I mean, you can also do other things if your book is completely waterproof!


  • fishing, because fishing is basically 99% waiting and the other 1% is hiding because the fish is so gross
  • swimming, swimming + reading a book = 10/10 afterschool activity. I mean, you might flail because your arms are occupied but whatever I flail on land too.
  • drinking stuff, obviously if you drink something you might spill it onto your book? OH WAIT IT’S WATERPROOF HAHAHA
  • washing the dishes, while your hands are in the water you can be holding a book + the dishes at the same time obviously
  • having a water gun/balloon fight, reading a book while everyone is throwing stuff at you will be a FUN and COOL activity because you’ll be practicing your salmon skin roll unagi.

DID I JUST THROW A FRIENDS REFERENCE IN THERE?? *points to myself* What a genius I am.

second grass graphic

bookmarks that you don’t lose

Okay, let’s be real here, who even regularly uses bookmarks?

Why don’t you be a cool and edgy reader like me, and try to memorize your page number and risk spoiling yourself!!!1!

Seriously, where do all of my bookmarks even go? Because hahaha I DON’T KNOW. Does the book eat them or something. Do they disappear in the laundry machine? Did the fairies whisk them away?


Obviously, we need some sort of remote controlled bookmark that flies to your hand whenever you press a button that says Accio.


second grass graphic

pages that never warp

I mean, sure, you could also classify this under “waterproof pages” but I need more bullet points in specific, they don’t necessarily have to be waterproof.

They just have to be stiff enough, yet bendy, that they never warp and cause me to shove them under 14 books in an attempt to get them straight again.
second grass graphic

scented pages

Ever heard of scented candles?

Of course you have.

Now take scented bookish candles + pages and then take out the actual CANDLE part and you just get… smells + pages.

Obviously this is a real life necessity, because if a food scene is described during a book I need to be even more hungry than I already am.

But imagine, the book is describing being in a room filled with incense, and then you take a breath, and you actually… smell it. Wouldn’t that be so freaking fantastic. (Yes, it would.)

second grass graphic

magical book that immediately turns into a book you want to read


Shhhhh, yes it can. Just in the far, far future. So what I’m basically doing is plotting out the inventions of 3126.

I mean, yes I said magical, but who knows?? MAYBE WE’LL HAVE INVENTED MAGIC IN THE 3000s.

Anyways, this book would just be a normal, stereotypical book. But when you touch it, the pages inside immediately transform into a book you want to read.

So it’s like an ebook, but physical. Or as I’d like to say, a physical digital book.

second grass graphic


Honestly, if publishers actually made scented books or waterproof books or glow-in-the-dark books, I would 11/10 buy that because that sounds so cool.

second grass graphic

Tell me your thoughts! (please)

Do YOU want any of these inventions? Will you invent any of these inventions for me? Please do. What other inventions would you want? Do you constantly cry over books? Do you read in the shower?


  1. Waterproof books for doing dishes and reading = happy, happy, reader. I mean, every time I have to do the dishes, I have to STOP Reading. And that’s awful.

    And where do those bookmarks go? I’m about in tears cause i can’t seem to find a couple of my favorites. Which book did I leave them in? Or maybe they’re lost forever, not in my books. I’m desperate. And so sad 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. GAH! JULIANNA!!! I ADORE this post!!! 😉 I so NEED a magical book that can turn into ANY book that I want that minute!! Please start working on this invention ASAP!! I think you just created the thing EVERY bookworm wants MOST in the world…

    I DO admit that in the meantime I will continue to read ebooks as the pages DO glow in the dark (my main reading time is before bed) and they are mainly water-resistant (at least) this way… I can cry and even do dishes and STILL READ!! Plus there is NO losing you place as when you close the book it opens in the same exact spot…. Hahahahaha. ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. DANI I ADORE YOU ❤ also so many apologies for replying so late aha!

      I WANT THE MAGICAL BOOK TO don't worry 😉 i'm working on it!!

      Lmaooooo that is true, ebook pages *do* glow in the dark 🙂 but when you're trying to read in the shower or smth like,,, water droplets get on the screen smh and it makes you skip forward a couple pages like NU


  3. Whoa these are some clever ideas! I definitely want the glow in the dark pages, waterproof pages, and pages that don’t warp. Also: how do you read in the shower without getting your book wet?! And definitely, there is NO way of holding a flashlight correctly and having it shine on properly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I NEED LIKE A MAGIC FLASHLIGHT THAT TURNS INTO A LAMP because it’s literally so hard to read by flashlight,, i need both hands on my pages pls???

      I like, lean out of my shower or kind of block the book with my body and i waste tons of water 10/10 recommend, it’s also vv good for environment btw

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahah I LOVE THIS POST so much and I am LIVING for the Friends reference here, please make them more often ?? This makes me love you even mooooooore hahaha. 😛
    I think waterproof books would be pretty amazing, but I can’t imagine reading while swimming, I’d drown for sure, but in the bath or like, in a dark under the water cave or something yes , why not, wouldn’t that be fun?! Also, can we learn not to have to breathe underwater so we can avoid the world as well and read our books?! that would be awesome haha.
    Magical books NEED TO BE A THING. How many times have we looked at our own TBR and wished we had more, or just this ONE PARTICULAR BOOK we want to read but somehow don’t have at that moment?! That would resolve everyrthinnnnnng.
    GREAT post! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. i love all of these ideas! i do listen to audio books while doing the dishes since that’s hands free. lol also, i’m surprised glow in the dark ink isn’t a thing already.


  6. I don’t read in the shower, but I definitely would if I could do it without fear of damaging my books. So, yeah, I really want waterproof books!

    I don’t think I want glow in the dark books though… I’ve figured out how to hold a flashlight so that it shines on the book without tiring my hand, so glow in the dark pages would just be annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. LOVE the glow in the dark page idea! I totally have the problem like every single day of my life and need this invention to become a reality. Also i’m kind of intrigued by the idea of scented pages (image the scent going with the theme of the book. That would be SO cool!) Great post luv all of your ideas 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. *insert shut up and take my money meme* I NEED ALL OF THIS?? Let’s start a campaign to find an inventor to make all this stuff for us. You’re going to be rich (and a happy bookworm!)

    I actually have a book (somewhere) that has two scented pages! It’s a Geronimo Stilton book and at some point there’s a room with a lot of chocolate or something? I don’t remember it that well, but when you rub the pages it smells like chocolate!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. THAT’S OKAY ❤ I’ve been super late with replying to comments and stuff myself (and even if I wasn’t it’s always okay to reply late life gets busy rip)



  9. GLOW IN THE DARK INKED PAGES IS WHAT I NEED IN MY LIFE. I mean it’s pretty much like a Kindle BUT IN PHYSICAL BOOK FORM. SOMEONE BETTER INVENT THAT BECAUSE IT WOULD MAKE MY LIFE A THOUSAND TIMES EASIER. I usually read when it’s already dark outside and I like being cuddled up in bed with just a little bedside lamp or some fairy lights on—BUT THEY DON’T GIVE ME ENOUGH LIGHT TO READ. So I have to switch on the BIG lights that light up my entire room and…… that just kills the entire cozy atmosphere. SO YES PLS GIVE ME GLOW IN THE DARK PAGES.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. These inventions sound so cool like omg. The only one I am skeptical about are the glow in the dark pages. With current technology you wouls have to charge them with a blacklight/UV light/sun but that takes all the fun out of it. I hope they do invent magic because I want basically all of these.

    (But I never lose my bookmarks LOL)
    Great post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. AHH glow in the dark inked pages would be SO COOL. And very useful. Also waterproof pages??! MAKE THIS PLEASE. I take such long showers too haha and also tears?? The pages need protection.
    Hahaha I have 10 million bookmarks everywhere, at this point I use whatever is closest to me because I don’t know where to find an actual one. Oops. SOMEONE PLEASE CREATE THESE.

    This was such a fun post!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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