General Update & Recap // Finally Ending My Unannounced Hiatus!!! (lacrosse + marvel + food)

I’m sure everyone on this earth has been wondering where I have been and why they’ve been missing my horrible brilliant posts.

But fear not! Because I am back, and I am extremely ready to start posting regularly. Of course, my reading slump is still thriving as always– but I’ve been reading so many webcomics lately and… it’s gotten to the point where it’s been really hard for me to find new ones. I have read a couple of books though!! (Like, two.)

This recap is mostly going to talk about my life!! Which I talk about a lot!! So you should be ready about me complaining (probably) and screeching (most definitely) and just generally… talking.



Ah, yes, the unofficial hiatus WHERE I DIDN’T ANNOUNCE IT.

To start from the beginning of my hiatus, I was planning to post my review for A Taxonomy of Love. Which published… in January. (I’m really on top of my reviews right now!!!) (Sarcasm.)

But, as I tried to write it… the words just didn’t come?? And so I put my computer away. Later on, more and more books published that I received copies of from publishers, and I hadn’t even read most of them. So I… just hid away from my blog because of my reading slump that’s preventing me from reading so regularly.

Anyways, I just felt all of this piling stress on top of me as these books kept publishing and so… I just stopped posting.

But!! I’ve decided that I’m now allowed to request any more books until I finish reading all of my physical ARCs with publication dates until May. Hopefully, I’ll get all of it sorted out and then I’ll be able to request more later.

I’m not really worried about my Netgalley though, because I have a ratio of 82% and 80% is recommended… so I think I’m doing good??*

*What even is the standard of “good” for Netgalley ratios, tbh.


LACROSSE (exercise, am I right)

As some people know, I’ve started playing lacrosse! This is basically my first team sport (ping-pong does not count) and… I’m not very good at it.

But I have improved a lot, and I’m really happy to be on a team sport generally! I remember when I didn’t know how to throw, and now?? I still don’t know how to throw but I am slightly better at it.

This counts as progress!!

Lacrosse has made me really busy though, because I have practice almost every day (all except Sunday) so I don’t have as much free time as I used to but I still WORK WITH IT.


MITSUWA (asian food is the best and I will stand by my opinion) (what is american food anyways)

My older sister visited, and she visits pretty frequently already. But this time was important because me and my family went to Mitsuwa and if you didn’t know, Mitsuwa is basically a food court/grocery store where you can buy asian products and also sit down and buy from different stalls/restaurants and eat!!


Here are a picture of only some of the food!! (that I stole from my older sister):

2018-04-21.png (749×527)

There were also a bunch of other dishes and ahhhhhhh I honestly get hungry just from thinking of it.

(The salmon dish in this photo [the center, bottom] was actually MY FAVORITE THING EVER. Although I usually don’t eat raw fish this was so?? good?? I’m pretty sure there was some kind of seasoning inside the rice.)



I got to see an early screening with one of my friends at the time, and… Love, Simon is officially one of my favorite movies ever.

(The early screening was early by like… a week so it really wasn’t that early but it was still cool that I got to see it early!!)

The soundtrack was 10/10 and the actors were 10/10 and just the general movie was 11/10. I loved it. I would completely recommend this movie to anyone and I’m actually planning to rewatch it soon!



  • I watched Coco and it’s actually fantastic
    • The music is MY FAVORITE PART and I keep on having the song “Remember Me” going around in my hEAD.
    • but I love the song so it’s not a problem
  • I also started watching Kipper the Dog which I used to watch a ton when I was a smol chold child
    • It’s a british children’s show and the music is so mesmerizing
  • I succumbed to the general populous intrigue and started playing Fortnite
    • WHICH IS ACTUALLY KIND OF FUN (does anyone else play??)
    • I just die a lot, and I don’t like playing fighter games alone so I always try and find other people to play with haha
  • I also found out that they made big adjustments to the live-action Mulan straying from the original Disney Mulan story
    • The adjustments are that Mulan, instead of having you know– SKILL– she has this ~mystical~ power that allows her to rise in the ranks
    • Also!! Our ICONIC Li Shang is gone, and replaced by someone else who basically hates Mulan until he finds out that he’s a woman
    • I’m annoyed because of these changes because it also shows how Disney will literally just change our one Chinese movie instead of I DON’T KNOW, creating a new movie featuring a Chinese cast with powers and a rivalry-turned-romantic-relationship???
    • This expresses certain feelings that I’m not sure of how to articulate out loud of how it’s racism but I feel like it is, alright??



So, during the course of the first week of May I basically marathoned ALL OF THE MARVEL MOVIES. Except for the Incredible Hulk because… a) no Mark Ruffalo & b) No Mark Ruffalo. WHO EVEN IS EDWARD NORTON??

I’ve also watched Avengers: Infinity War and I actually have so many theories about that wow. (IF YOU’VE WATCHED IT PLEASE DISCUSS WITH ME. WITH SPOILER MARKINGS OFC.)

  • My favorite movie is probably Thor: Ragnarok because IT’S HILARIOUS AND I LOVE IT. SO MUCH.
  • Also Loki???? My FAV character.
  • And also Iron Man I love him too my smol son. (Except for the actor, he is against feminism so no.)
  • ALSO! ANT-MAN IS PAUL RUDD?? I didn’t even KNOW. I love Paul Rudd, especially in Friends.

Image result for mike friends gif   Image result for mike friends gif

^^ actually the most iconic scene in all of Friends.


Just a note!! I want to shout out Kav, one of my friends who runs a Youtube channel!! Their channel honestly needs more attention because it’s really hard to run a smaller Youtube channel when the audience only ever flocks to the bigger Youtubers.

Here’s one of their recent videos!!


Also… I accidentally posted the Writing Tag twice when I DIDN’T MEAN TO. I just scheduled it so I knew that I finished the post but then I FORGOT TO MOVE THE DATE BACK.

I know, I’m really great at this blogging thing.

tell me your thoughts 2

So how was your time while I was gone? Did anything exciting happen?? How do you feel about the Mulan changes? Have you been to Mitsuwa and do you like eating raw fish?

31 thoughts on “General Update & Recap // Finally Ending My Unannounced Hiatus!!! (lacrosse + marvel + food)

  1. I MISSED YOU, but I’m so happy you’re back! ASIAN FOOD WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST FOOD, but this post made me so hungry! And…. I played Lacrosse for three years of high school, and then went on to play in college, so my heart is so full! I love Fortnite! If you want to play – let me knowww! And don’t get me started on Mulan… Lord, help me! But ilsym and welcome back, love! 💖xx

    Liked by 1 person


      Asian food is FANTASTIC okay??? I LOVE ALL CUISINES but Asian will always have a special place in my heart ❤ OOH REALLY?? THAT'S SO COOL THAT YOU PLAYED LACROSSE

      YES we should play Fortnite together that is a fact. (I suck at it?? But I still enjoy playing it?) ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’VE SEEN INFINITY WAR! *spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen it* GAAHHHH I saw it like 2 weeks ago and I am still not okay. *crazed laughter* I died at 2 parts: when Wanda had to kill Vision (my ship! 😭) and then when Spider-Man Peter was like ‘I don’t want to go’ and hugging Iron Man and like hahaha who needs sanity when Peter Parker/Tom Holland is involved?? I desperately need Part 2. And so I’ll probably be watching Ant-Man and Wasp as soon as it’s in theaters. *waves goodbye to sanity*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES. YES. YES. YES TO ALL OF THAT? WANDA AND VISION IS SO CUTE although when Vision appeared in his human form I was SHAKEN because I didn’t know he had a human form lmaooo. ALSO PETER. THAT SCENE HAD ME ALMOST IN TEARS.

      Also I need Ant-Man and the Wasp right now. I just need it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I was really shocked at that and I was like… you look better the other way. 😂 The day after I watched it, I thought about the part with Peter, and then I literally started crying. (Sister: Why are you crying? Me: I just thought about the part with Peter… Sister: … oh my gosh that so sad. I think I’m crying.)

        We should just go watch Part 2 together and sob over everything 😂


  3. You’ve gotta be kidding me.
    White actors for Mulan was enough. Now they’re discrediting the ability of women and getting rid of (fanon) bi rep? So recist, misogynistic, and heteronormative… come on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW RIGHT? Tbh the enemies-to-lovers trope (if it was a Chinese cast movie) was something I probably would’ve watched anyways?? (Not the part where the girl doesn’t have any ability of her own). WHY DIDN’T THEY JUST MAKE ANOTHER MOVIE WITH THE SAME TROPES (not with the Mulan’s power trope) INSTEAD OF CHANGING MULAN?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Okay, all the changes to Mulan had me so angry when I saw them! I’m not even sure I want to watch the movie when it comes out now, I may just hide in my room and rewatch the regular, wonderful Mulan over and over. Also, Kipper the dog was my sister’s favorite show as a kid, and I don’t remember much about it, but I think I hated it? The episode where they find a whole in the wall that takes them to a space roller coaster or whatever freaked me out

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW. I might watch the movie anyways?? I really want to see how a Hollywood-produced Chinese-based movie turns out but I’m so upset about the changes. THE ORIGINAL MULAN WAS PERFECT, OKAY? Ahaaaa Kipper the Dog was such a cute show but OML THAT EPISODE WITH THE HOLE IN THE WALL FREAKED ME OUT TOO but I rewatched it recently and I’m not as freaked out about it?

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Welcome back, Juliana! I’m so happy to have you back! ❤ And don't worry or feel bad about taking a break – if you need one, you need one! And I'm sure you'll get through your physical ARCs soon but don't stress yourself too much because that just makes reading a million times less fun, right?

    That food picture though. I'm getting hungry just looking at it!

    Marathoning Marvel movies sounds like the best way to spend your time! I watched all three Cap movies the days leading up to Infinity War (and I watched them in reverse order for some reason) and it was SO GOOD. Also, DAMN THAT INFINITY WAR ENDING. Especially after reading through some theories and stuff I DO NOT WANT MOST OF THE POSSIBILITIES because they involve one my faves possibly not making it (like, ignoring what happened at the end).

    I don't think I've ever had raw fish? I don't trust anything other than veggies to be raw when I eat it. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhhhh thank you Swetlana!! ❤ Haha I'm taking so many breaks from blogging but hopefully I'll be able to stick for a while? Also you're completely right– I'll try not to stress myself too much; thank you for the adviceeee ❤


      Ahahaa I literally watched so much Marvel it probably was unhealthy?? THAT IW ENDING MADE ME UPSET but I'm 100% sure it's there for shock value because time stone?? And also Spiderman #2 and Black Panther #2??

      (iw spoiler alert: I NEED LOKI TO BE ALIVE.)

      Lmaooo that's understandable I was SO NERVOUS about eating raw salmon the first time. Now, I just don't really care haha

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m so happy that you’re back!!! I totally understand your ARC-fueled hiatus. Sometimes I get too stressed out with the amount of books coming out and reviews I have to write. It gets a little too much and takes the fun away from blogging. But thankfully you’re back! I’m excited to read what you have in store for us 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ahhhh yayyyy you’re back (for now, at least) Lacrosse looks like such a fun sport but also very hard – happy you’re having fun with it 🙂 I haven’t heard of Mitsuwa before but omg it looks SO GOOD – and yass asian food is so much more delicious than american food. Coco was added to Netflix, right? I need to watch it!!! Everyone is always raving about it and it looks soo good! I’m so mad about Li Shang being removed ;/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dsklflskdjf thank you so much Savannah ❤ LACROSSE IS SOO FUN?? It's not as hard as you expect? MITSUWA IS FANTASTIC OML.

      Ahhhh I didn't know Coco was added to Netflix but YES GO WATCH IT.

      Also I'm so annoyed about Li Shang I loved him sooo much 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  8. JU I MISSED YOUR POSTS SO MUCH PLS DONT LEAVE US LIKE THIS AGAIN!! (well i mean u can,,, but d o n ‘t ❤ ) THE FOOD LOOKS SO GOOD OMG IM SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT (and yes aisan food is literally so nice SO UNDERRATED TBH) kav is a literal icon oh my gosh i LOVE her channel!! its AMAZING wow.oh and ofc, your blog is cool as well. AND OMG KIPPER, i actually used to read the books to that and sometimes watch the show omg i was obsessseddd.

    Liked by 1 person

    I hope you'll be able to get through all of your books – but most importantly, that you'll enjoy what you read because that's what matters the most 🙂
    I love Paul Rudd as well and that Friends scene is iconic, I love it hahahha.
    Take care of yourself, I hope to read more of your blog posts soon but obviously take care of yourself first and BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Sending you tons of love xx


  10. First of all, welcome back! We are all glad to hear that you are not dead, and that you’ve been eating well. I don’t like eating raw fish, but that food looks pretty good anyway.
    Um, I fail to see why giving Mulan mystical powers instead of skill is a good thing? I mean, I’m all for mystical powers, but just not in that story… So yeah, why don’t they just make a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MOVIE if they want to change things like that? Sheesh. Why is Disney just remaking Every Animated Movie? It seems like overkill to me.
    I love the Antman movie and Paul Rudd is hilarious.


  11. Um, yes, I pretty much hate the Mulan changes. WHY???
    Also, Infinity War blew me AWAY. I was so shocked and felt literally dead. It was just evil.
    And I just can’t do raw fish? I visited Shanghai for a month last summer and some of my Chinese friends got me to try sea sponge, and just, no that didn’t work. The texture just killed me 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  12. hi I love u and I’m very happy that you’re back bc I missed u and your posts please don’t leave us again

    also I know we already talked about the Mulan thing but I’m still very pissed. and Asian food is most definitely the best food it’s not an opinion it’s a Fact and also good job shouting out Kav it’s what they deserve

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hi i love you too and i’m happy that i’m back (also i have two more posts scheduled altho one is a review and the other is the one… i already posted but made into a draft again…. oops)



  13. I recently watched Coco too and I loved it. I t was so touching and i actually didnt see that plot twist towards the end. Thor Ragnarok is my favourite Thor movie cause I feel he had a lot of character development in it and it had really funny scenes. Seeing Thor in Infinity War made him my favourite avenger to be honest,*spoiler* he had the coolest entry scene during the fight at the end. Have a great week.


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