Some Tired & Overused Discussion Topics

It can be hard to think of ideas to write posts about.

First, depending on your inspiration, you have to make sure that you’re not just… plagiarizing from other bloggers. (I made a post about similar ideas v.s plagiarizing if you want to see that!!)

You also have to make it a topic that you can write enough about- this might not apply to everyone, but I personally try to reach at least 800 words on each blog post, and the optimal post length for me is around 1000.*

But something that I’ve noticed in this community is that… we reuse the same discussion topics a lot. Which can be annoying, because usually it’s just rehashing the same ideas and conclusion over and over again. Obviously, it’s not necessarily bad, if you’re bringing new ideas, but usually for many posts it’s just talking about the same discussed points.

So, this post is a list of many overused discussion topics and my thoughts about them. This is definitely not meant to call anyone out of course!!! It’s just something I’ve noticed. And if you’ve used these topics, it doesn’t mean that your post was bad!



A note: If it’s your first discussion post or something, it’s completely okay to use one of these discussion topics! After all, if you’re nervous about posting one of them it’s okay to bring back an already used. Depending on your situation, it’s actually completely fine to be talking about one of these topics. I just want to list some of them because I’ve noticed a lot of these posts in the blogging community lately.

Also, all of my topics are going to come from the book blogging community, because… I’m a book blog.*

*As well as a self-help blog and a lifestyle blog and a food blog and a screaming blog.


are audiobooks really reading?

This has been brought up often in many different blog posts and it’s perfectly acceptable to use this topic if you’re struggling to think of a discussion post idea.

the answer? yes.

You have to consider the point of view of disabled people. Some people are blind and can’t read, or others might have dyslexia but are good with audiobooks. For some, audiobooks are the only way that they can access a book, and to invalidate that as not truly reading is just wrong.

There truly isn’t much of a difference besides the fact that it’s in a different medium and the audiobook might say “This is an audiobook” in the beginning. The content is the same, so why would you judge the difference?

The only problem would be if you say that listening to audiobooks doesn’t truly count as reading.


worst/best tropes in fiction?

I’m actually perfectly fine with reading this discussion topic, because it’s always entertaining to read people’s thoughts on the tropes and to hear them rant about the worst ones.

worst tropes? special snowflake & insta love. best tropes? rude but secretly smol & enemies to lovers.

Obviously, the above tropes are complete and absolute fact my personal opinions but they’re also pretty common opinions.

I’m not original.

Image result for the og gif
^^ not me, because I’m not original

But pls who actually enjoys insta-love? Besides Shakespeare. (throwback to romeo and juliet!!! and their insta-love!!!) (i’m not salty)


are ebooks or physical books better?

This topic is pretty similar to the question of whether listening to audiobooks counts as reading, but it’s also different in the way that it’s a different platform (device vs. paper*), but the same medium (reading).

the answer? physical books are nice to hold, but ebooks can be more convenient.

This is a common answer through a lot of discussion posts! However, some also enjoy ebooks better and you’re completely valid if you like to read ebooks more than a physical copy.

*Or possibly stone tablet if you’re into that. I don’t judge.

If you like reading stone tablets, this gif is probably you:

Image result for archaeologist gif


is it okay to judge a book based off of its cover?

Actually, I don’t know if there have been many posts solely focused on this discussion topic, but I have definitely seen posts listing books with pretty covers and talking about this. (Keep doing those I like making my eyes pleased.)

However, I’m still listing this as a section because I don’t really have any other topics that come to mind,* but I have seen it talked about.

the answer? of course! all bookworms who judge books based off of their covers are completely valid for that.

Especially if a bookworm is purchasing a book, then they should be allowed to choose their books based off of whatever factors they want. (Unless they are discriminatory of anyone’s identities.)

I feel like nowadays so many people judge others for judging a book by its cover but it’s human nature to gravitate towards aesthetically pleasing things and as long as you’re not judging people based off of appearances, then it’s okay.


tell me your thoughts 2

Are there any other discussion topics that are used a lot? How do you feel about these discussion topics? Are you an archaeologist? Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks?


  1. *your code is showing* just fyi~

    haha i love how you have a discussion topic on discussion topics that are over-used!! i’ve actually written a few of these topics but hopefully that was before they became over-used. i really enjoyed reading this post 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I admit, no matter how many times people write about it, I love trope discussions! Even though some answers sometimes get a little repetitive, it doesn’t bother me too much because there’s still usually some good content included. Overused? Yes. Boring? Not in the slightest!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh this is such a fun post! I feel like the e-books vs. physical copies have been used a whole lot -I’m also guilty of talkin about that on my blog, well I did about three years ago, maybe,but still. I guess after a while, we’re kind of bound to see all of the same discussion posts happening over and over again. LAtely I’ve been seeing a lot of “book blogging struggles” kind of posts, too. I’m not complaining though, I find that everyone has their own writing voice and style and uniqueness to bring to every topic, so that’s pretty cool 😀 And the tropes discussion post never gets boring, I just love reading a good rant about tropes hahhahaha.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. THANK YOU MARIE ❤ I was lowkey scared that everyone was going to hate me for making this post lmaoo
      I mean, it was three years ago, so I don't know how common they were back then lol. Yeah, same! I've seen a lot of book blogging struggles posts too! As long as each post is unique in some way with personality, I think I'll always enjoy them ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love trope discussions so much! And yes to all the tropes you said! Insta love is boring, enemies to friends is so much more exciting

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’ve been seeing a lot of the ebooks vs physical books, and the debate around audiobooks lately! It does tend to get repetitive and sometimes I skip out on reading them >.< Another popular one is the romantic tropes people like and dislike. That one is a fun read!

    PS. your codes are showing 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha thank you for telling me about my codes! I ALWAYS FORGET TO MAKE THEM UNSHOW. It’s a bad habit.

      But yeah, the audiobooks debate can become repetitive after a while! I love reading about romantic tropes!


  6. Oh I feel this! I totally get why this happens, because new blogs are started … every day? I don’t know? New blogs pop up now and then haha, and they probably don’t know that these topics have been discussed a lot, while when you’ve been in this community a while you’ll definitely notice. I do still enjoy reading about these topics, especially tropes, because there are so many tropes out there that people are bound to mention at least a few new ones. Though I do sometimes skip posts, especially if I’m busy.
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, that’s true! I feel like a lot of people stay within these topics because they’re safe and they like to know that their opinions are agreed with? I’m not sure, though!

      I love reading about tropes and seeing if there are any new tropes that I miss while reading. They’re so fun to notice while reading.

      Thank you sooo much, Michelle! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. i am secretly a magical archaeologist how did you know

    hmm i personally never tire of reading trope-related discussion posts too!! it’s always fun to hear what people have to think ❤ i haven't done a discussion post yet because i feel like it takes more creativity and brain power than i currently have buut maybe someday!!

    (also how trippy, you're writing a discussion post about discussion posts!!!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNEW IT!!! I always suspected

      Yeah! I always love looking at trope-related posts because even though there are so many, usually there are a few unique ones that I haven’t read or seen before! Ooh you should definitely write discussion posts (not that I’m biased or anything??)




  8. Hi Juliana this is my first time visiting your blog and this post just caught my attention 😛 if you’ve been reading my blog I’m sure you can tell that I love discussion posts, but suuuure coming up with ideas could be such a challenge hahaha at first I admit I used some of these generic topics 😛 and yes I’ll be honest it’s a little tiring to see these same topics being discussed all over again hahaha but I also think it’s a good practice for first timers, like you said above. Writing these kind of posts helped me develop my own ideas 😀 oh also I still love reading posts about tropes hahaha great post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Puput!! Ahahaa yeah that’s definitely true. When I first started out, I actually thought about writing a lot of these discussion posts. Yes, same! Looking at these posts helped me branch out and look at other posts ❤ THANK YOU SO MUCHHH

      Liked by 1 person

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