Writing Updates [3] 10 Things About My New WIP

*everyone celebrates because it’s been literally been a year since my last writing update*

It’s weird, though, right? I haven’t worked on my WIP for a while, but!!! I suddenly felt motivated to start writing again literally because Ilsa said that she really enjoyed reading my snippets.

And I need approval/validation, so I decided to write more so that I could feel validated?

#psychology #IDefinitelyKnowWhatI’mTalkingAbout

Anyways, I was 100% unsure what to actually write about in my new writing update (I still haven’t actually PHYSICALLY written a lot. I feel motivated and hopefully this update will motivate me more?) because normally I would post about Camp Nano or something but. I didn’t actually do anything during Camp Nano?

So I found Cait‘s post, which was about 13 things you “shouldn’t” know about her newest project and I was just like… hello. post idea.


1. the main character is Chinese

This is #ownvoices!! I’m planning to put so much Chinese culture into this and what else do I add to this section? I do not know.div1.1

2. extremely anti-colonialism

This is lowkey pretty central to the plot (I’ll reveal more about it when I actually flesh it out more and write at least around 5k words.) but one of the things that I actually hate a lot is colonialism and imperialism!!!

They’re actually the causes of some of the worst problems in the world (like omg look at what Europe did to Africa) and I just. hate how this is hardly discussed.

Besides on Twitter, we need to discuss colonialism and how so many places have been impacted because of this and are still impacted because of this.*

(I’m so happy that I have a more liberal school where my history teacher also hates colonialism.)

*Okay random but in case you guys want any resources on colonialism look at how Nigeria asked for its artifacts back from Britain and how there are still “conversations” about it like NO JUST GIVE BACK WHAT YOU STOLe.


3. i literally only have the plot so far

I came up with this plot the same day that I started writing this post.

Honestly, I originally was planning to write this post earlier and then just write my facts from my old WIP (TNOSS) but then I had an idea baby and it formed!!!

(I did have my pitch for the story already in my mind earlier?? I just forgot about it.)

Also shoutout to my sister for giving me some of the most useful and also useless ideas for my story.


4. the main character is sent away

This is kind of a “traveling” book.

I mean, there’s traveling in it but it probably takes up 10% of the book and there are only two main settings of this book.

It’s definitely not centered around the journey, but the journey is pretty pivotal to the story??


5. both the main character and the love interest are extremely stubborn


I’m actually so excited for all of this banter pls. Both the mc and the li are stubborn towards each other but they’re actually total cinnamon rolls for each other on the inside.

Is it self-obsessed when you want to read your own wip?? Because if it was already written, I’d want to read it.

Unfortunately, I have to actually write it* but also I’m so excited!!!!

Did I mention how excited I was!!!

I know. Top invention would be a computer that automatically writes my books.


6. i’m going to include so much Chinese food

It’s already a known law that (authentic) Chinese food is better than all other food.

Is Americanized Chinese food your favorite thing? No, because authentic Chinese food is.

Do you want some examples of authentic Chinese food because they’re fantastic? (yes)

{i’m linking all of these foods to some articles i found online that seem similar}

  • Ma-Po tofu is basically this really soft tofu in this spicy sauce and I love it!! I had this like, yesterday actually. 11/10
  • Soup dumplings (xiao long bao) are basically these dumplings with soup inside of them and you’re supposed to bite it and drink the soup and then eat it and it’s just so good I love them so much!!! 11/10
  • Hot pot is basically when you’re eating it while it’s cooking at the same time, aka the pot is still hot!! And there’s noodles and peanut sauce and I just. have so much love for it. 11/10
  • Spicy rice cakes are these little rice cakes in a spicy sauce and that’s not very descriptive but they’re delicious and addictive!!! 11/10

It’s official, I’m a food blog.


7. there are drugs everywhere

Look. This is actually really important and central to the plot and important to the plot, so there are drugs everywhere for a reason. Not related to the mafia (unless I change something).

But who isn’t excited for drugs in their plot? (It’s in the plot of Six of Crows so obviously yes.)


8. i’m actually so freaking excited

I think I’ve said this 10x in my post already but I am. SO EXCITED. Maybe even more excited than I was with my old wip??

My sister is also excited and also salty because I didn’t take her idea that my main character should be able to turn into a dragon. Imo she should just write her own novel??


9. my current title is “opium wip”

Like I said, drugs are pretty important to the plot & when am I going to get as beautiful of a title as “Night of Shattered Stars”? (never)

I’m probably not going to actually use opium in my actual story, but a fantasy alternative in some way?? Who knows??


10. it uses the “prince/princess” trope

In my opinion, tropes are never to be done with, especially when there are princes/princesses that are marginalized because while some tropes might be tired and boring, many marginalizationed marginalized people haven’t had a chance to see themselves in these actual tropes.

I think when we’re considering diversity, it’s really important to consider the facts that many tropes haven’t been utilized for poc/disabled/queer people!!

Is this a post about my wip or a rant about diversity, who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Anyways, I actually feel really inspired and excited to write and this is a weird feeling!!! I love it!! Being inspired is a feeling I would recommend.

The plotting for my novel is only 150 words right now, so I definitely have to outline (maybe) and actually write it but who’s ready for some snippets the next time that I update!!!

I love snippets.

Since my blog’s changed, I have to reclaim my blog and place a link in my post!!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin (but follow my blog anyways) (it’s a food and book blog in one) (multipurpose) (very useful)

tell me your thoughts 2

Do you have any WIPs you’re working on? How do you feel about tropes in diversity? Do you use Bloglovin? What are some of your favorite book titles? Eat Chinese food it’s great.


  1. Omg omg omg
    I don’t have words for how exciting this is. I do like what you said there may be some tropes that POC/marginalized writers never got to use. here’s only so many to go around.

    I’m absolutely intrigued by the concepts and themes of your story. Good luck!!!


  2. I love this post I need to do one like it!
    *clears throat*
    Ahem anyway. Your book sounds really cool! And also will be 1000x more popular because all bookworms love food in their books. (haha)
    I actually got excited when I realized that history classes came into use (for once) and I knew what opium was haha! But now I’m also curious as to how that fits into your story. 😉


  3. Stubborn characters are both my favorites and the worst ones because you just want to shake some sense into them, but you can’t help loving them at the same time. I AM ALL FOR THESE CHARACTERS ALREADY.
    And all of the Chinese food included, are you trying to make me hungry, because damn you just succeeded, you should be a food blogger, in another life, someday, haha, you would be GREAT.


  4. Your WIP sounds amazing!! Hearing descriptions of Chinese food literally always makes my mouth water because everything sounds. so. GOOD.😂So, thank you for making my mouth water. Good luck, good luck, good luck with all your writing!



    I love Xiao Long Bao so much omg, don’t even @ me. And dim sum in general. *cries into the heavens*

    YES FOR ANTI-COLONIALISM AS WELL. There are wayyyy too many colonial books in YA and I am n o t for that. It’s always told through the victors’ side of history and doesn’t say enough. Especially since it’s usually white authors writing thos – OOPS I didn’t say anything. 😛

    I can’t wait for THE OPIUM WIP!!!

    (btw, agree with you on drugs. Yo, I started college last year and suddenly everyone and their mother was exposed to that stuff. And yet YA kind of glosses over it?? so odd)


  6. This sounds sooooo good!
    Stubborn characters, food, those things are pretty much guaranteed to make a good book, right?

    Okay, but seriously, this sounds amazing.


  7. Omg this sounds absolutely amazing!! 😍💕 I’m so excited that you’re putting in a lot of Chinese culture into this (I also love xiao long bao, btw 😋) and that’s great that it’s extremely anti-colonialism.

    Good luck and have fun writing it!! 🙂


  8. this sounds amazingggg i can’t wait hahah!! yay for chinese food, and i love soup dumplings too akjsbsjk!!!


  9. Ahhh I love reading how excited you are for this!! *flails* IT SOUNDS AMAZING. And pfft of course you should want to read your own book. 😂That’s why we write, yes?! (Although lowkey would love to read some of my ideas…without me…having…to write them.😂Ahem.) And hey tropes are everywhere! I don’t think a book can even exist without them right?! But definitely agree marginalised authors (and characters!) need to have their chance to shine with the ol’ favourite tropes too. ALSO YES FOR CINNAMON STUBBORN CHARACTERS. 😍😍GO WRITE. AHHH!!


  10. I’m planning to write a Short Story about the horrors of Colonialism. I’m Indian and although I didn’t study in India, I’ve learnt about the horrors that Colonialism has wrought on the Country – effects that we’re still reeling from, and we definitely need more stories about it ❤

    And uhhhh more food is always a good thing heh heh. Soup Dumplingsssss aack I've watched so many videos about it and I really want to try it.

    Best of luck with your 'Opium WIP'. It looks and sounds amazing.


  11. AHHHH THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! I can’t wait to read some snippets, but take your time obviously 😛 I feel you so much on tropes. Like nope tropes are NOT overdone just because we keep seeing them with white straight cis abled people!! Just because that demographic is done with them doesn’t mean those tropes shouldn’t be used anymore. Like people complain about ‘the chosen one’ trope but like,, how many chosen ones are there that are not white straight cis and able-bodied
    I’m so happy that you’re so excited about this!! Good luck 😀


  12. This sounds so interesting! And so good!! No WIP of mine ever starts out with any plot. It’s usually a central idea, a cool main character and then I make up the rest as I go along lol. And you’re so right about the tropes! The reason they seem overused is because it’s always the same type of character. I would love to see more diversity in them! great post! And good luck with you WIP!


  13. Wouldn’t it be awesome if our WIP’s were already written and we could just read them?! Haha. It’s great to hear about your WIP! I wish you the best as you start writing it! It sounds really awesome! 🙂


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