June 2018 Recap // #BookCon2018, posting regularly (!!) and so many trailers!!

June was an interesting month?

I started posting more regularly (I posted over 7 times!!!), I went to BookCon, and I ACTUALLY REMEMBER A LOT OF THINGS THAT HAPPENED so I’ll have good sections for my “life stuff” section? This is great.

Also, a lot of people talk about how they don’t enjoy reading monthly recaps but my stats for my monthly recaps are fine and actually better than my reviews, so who even knows tbh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

reading stuff

books i read

34433755  36010223  35163118

Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan // ★★★★★

  • I loved this and I love Lei and I love the world and the beautiful sapphic-ness of this entire story!!!

Smoke in the Sun by Renée Ahdieh // ★★★★☆

  • I definitely enjoyed this book, but I enjoyed Renée’s other books in the Wrath and the Dawn duology so much more.

No Filter by Orlagh Collins // ★☆☆☆☆

  • Uhhh this was cringy and it was pretty insta-lovey and so much girl-on-girl hate and white saviorism so no thanks!!!

29385546  37822534  36329818

Warcross by Marie Lu // ★★★★★


Seafire by Natalie C. Parker // ★★★★★

  • This was disappointing in the lack of gayness* but in all other aspects I loved it!! The setting was so beautiful and I really enjoyed the character development?? (Also I wrote a goodreads review for this for once pls shower it with love.)

Legendary by Stephanie Garber // ★★★★★

  • THIS WAS AMAZING AND SUCH A GOOD SEQUEL TO CARAVAL and Tella is amazing and Dante is amazing and this entire book is amazing I’m sorry but I’m such trash for this series.

15749186  20698530  35247769

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han // ★★★★★

  • This was so cute and LARA JEAN IS MY FAVORITE CONTEMPORARY CHARACTER and I think this is definitely my favorite contemporary book ever!! PETER THO.

P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han // ★★★★★


Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han // ★★★★★

  • Like I said before, PETER THO.

*Okay but let’s be real here: an all-female crew of over fifty girls and only ONE sapphic couple?

I also read Along the Indigo by Elsie Chapman (I forgot I did lol) but my formatting is really nice and I don’t want to mess it up.


book haul

This pic shows most of my book haul from BookCon (my entire haul is listed in my BookCon recap post) and I also received Mammoth from Turner Publishing & Ignite the Stars from Albert Whitman & Company!


overall reading analysis

  • I read a lot more books than I typically do and I’M REALLY HAPPY ABOUT IT.
  • My favorite book this month was definitely Warcross!!!! Although it was a reread it still counts!!! My other favorite book was also To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before because both of them are excellent and amazing and worthy of being shouted out.
  • I haven’t been keeping up with any webtoons except for Super Secret because I can’t use my phone (I don’t like reading webtoons on the computer), so I’m really hyped when I can use it again because of all of the updates to catch up on!!
  • My least favorite book was No Filter because of all the reasons stated above (cringiness, girl-on-girl hate, and white saviourism). The cover looks so pretty how dare it lie to me.
  • But almost all of these are five stars (one’s four stars, one’s one star) and I’m so happy with the overall enjoyment of these books! My READING SLUMP HAS DISAPPEARED.

blogging stuff 2

things i’ve changed

I don’t know if this counts as a change but I finally uploaded some of my links like my Ko-Fi and things like that to support me because I’m actually broke. I also have a Patreon with perks like writing and extra posts so if you’re rich then what’s up.

I also posted a page with my books for sale since I’m unhauling but also we can negotiate because I don’t know how to price things!! I’m also unhauling a lot of arcs, you can see my tweet here & you can basically just pay shipping for a lot of the arcs (not Escaping From Houdini or City of Ghosts or Seafire) since I’m not too into trading right now. (Unless you have Wildcard or Evelyn Hugo then I’d be willing to trade!!!)

Also, I’m starting a new Instagram theme that has a more white bed-sheet background type instead of using my legs as the background because it’s summer and I’m wearing shorts 24/7 sooooooo yeah!! (I took like two hours last week taking pictures pls appreciate them.) (Also my handle is @paperblots pls love my page.)

I started formatting the titles of books like this now, and I also link them when I format them like that because I miss my old link formatting & also how thick the text was but I don’t miss my gross header!!


Technically, my one-year-blogaversary was supposed to be in May, but I didn’t actually start posting regularly in May so I decided to “celebrate” it during August, which is also my birthday month so that’s 10/10.

Anyways, I have no idea what to do for celebration, so I decided to post a q&a instead.

Here’s the link to submit questions for me and I’ll also embed it at the end of this post!


most popular post

asian inspired books

I actually love that this is my most popular post because # asian # love. And I spent a lot of time trying to look for asian-inspired fantasies!!


favorite post

settings in books that just butter my eggroll (1)

Okay, if I’m being honest my actual favorite was probably my asian-inspired fantasy post, but I don’t want to repeat it so this is my second favorite post!!


posts i loved


bookish news

life stuff 3


I went to BookCon this year with my sisters and it was fantastic and I got to meet people (!!) and I got basically all of the books that I was hoping for and I just had a fantastic event in total??

Some of the books that I got from this event were What if It’s Us, Blanca y Roja, Escaping from Houdini, and City of Ghosts!! Those are some of my most anticipated books for this year?



School ended this month!!! You know what that means!!!! It’s SUMMER!!! I generally hate summer because of the heat and… because of the heat, but I do like the fact that I have a break to study, blog, and read! (You can see from the fact that I read over 7 books this month.)

(Also if any mosquito comes near me I learned martial arts from the show Ninjago so they’ll definitely be sorry!!!)


a program

I applied to this program (I won’t be naming it because it’s pretty region specific and I’m not a fan of being stalked (if you are I won’t judge)) and I got in!!

It’s basically this STEM-focused program that’s ran by this university and it’s not a summer program, it’s a program during my school year and I’m really excited to go!!!


book unhaul

I already mentioned this in my “things I changed” portion of my blogging section, but I’m unhauling a lot of books and pls buy them from me or pay shipping for some of my arcs. I have no space for any of them.

I did get these really cute globe bookends from my parents because they were on sale and they’re REALLY CUTE (but easily breakable I broke one of them the first day) and now I have a rainbow “shelf” on top of my dresser I LOVE.


small iconic moments

  • Right after I reread the Lara Jean series I begged my sister to start reading it so we started listening to the audiobook of the first book sooooo third reread?? Yes.
  • Also it’s actually great because my sister never gets actually invested in books that I shove at her (she liked the Epic Crush of Genie Lo but once I stopped reading it out loud she didn’t continue).
  • I encountered a bug in the bathroom (it was a daddy long legs) and it started climbing towards the ceiling and I couldn’t reach it to kill it, so my little brother brought over this water gun and we started shooting it with the water gun.
  • My brother is weak fyi so I grabbed the water gun from him and started shooting it more aggressively and IT WORKED. THE BUG was overcome with the force and started sliding down the wall.
  • Since my mother works at a sushi place, I went there to visit and I started learning how to make sushi and I literally just made California rolls over and over again.
  • My first couple of rolls were a mess but at least I got to eat them so free sushi!

past goals


  •  read at least 3 arcs  I ACTUALLY DID THIS LOOK WHO’S PROUD. ME.
  • read at least 4 books  look at my past self talking about a reading slump and having no confidence in this goal!!!
  • write at least one (1) review on goodreads  I did this one too!! Wow I’m really accomplished this month aren’t I.



  • post at least six times  I posted over six times this month??? Guess I’m an overachiever (even though I forgot that this was one of my goals)

  • write at least two posts that aren’t published in preparation for July  I actually wrote all of my posts published this month in advance (except maybe my recap) by either a week or a couple of days.

  • write at least two required reviews  I DID THIS. # i # am # accomplished

  • finally upload my sensitivity reads doc as well as my Ko-Fi/Patreon/Amazon wish-list  I also accomplished this goal please donate to me.



  • run more regularly (at least 4 times a week)  Ok I lost my streak of accomplishing everything but you know what!!! it’s ok!!

  • go to sleep at 11 regularly & wake up at 7 regularly  Oof I forgot about this goal but I did start going to sleep more regularly!! I’m just not accomplished at waking up.

  • earn enough money to buy wireless earbuds/headphones  yeah, no, I’m broke

  • also earn enough money to buy myself a bookshelf  ahahaaa I didn’t accomplish any of my goals in this section!! Pls give me money!!

future goals


  • read the four review copies (these are Ace of Shades, The Belles, Fire Song, and The Radical Element) I’m finally out of a reading slump so hopefully it won’t be too hard!!

  • receive a couple of arcs (since I am no longer in a reading slump I requested a couple of arcs)

  • write at least two (2) reviews on Goodreads (this is literally just one more than this month.)

  • sell at least four books (I know I don’t have much impact on whether people want to buy but I just want to sell them please.)



  • write at least four posts in advance (can I do it? who knows because my mind is confusion!)

  • blog hop at least every week (I’ve been blogging hopping for the last week pretty regularly and I’m pretty proud of myself?)

  • reply to comments earlier (I take like a month to reply to comments I’m SORRY GUYS.)



  • finish all of my studying before 5pm (I have a lot of assignments that I’m planning on doing during the summer, soooo hopefully I’ll finish all of them before 5pm)

  • finish the math course on khan academy (I’ve already reached 20% so if I just finish 10% each day I’ll be finished in 8 days?? This is easier than I thought??)

  • wake up before 11am each day (I wake up naturally around 10am but sometimes I’ve overslept a lot.)


ask me questions here!

tell me your thoughts 2

What are your goals for this month? Did you go to BookCon this year? How many books did you read and are you proud of the amount that you read? How easily do you get out of reading slumps?



  1. Awh, thank you for the shout out, my love! Also… I need to read Warcross… yesterday! Holy moly! But yay for summer, and blogaversaries and all things that are good! Forever thankful for your friendship and the fact that you bless my life every dang day! Happy July, Ju! 💖xx


  2. No idea why other people don’t like reading monthly recaps bc they’re like my favorite ones to read?? And TBRS ahhhh. ♥ Total blog post porn, if there’s such a thing. Anyway, so glad you got your blogging mojo back! And so jealous that you got to go to BookCon! *sulks… internationally* Also, have an awesome summer break. ♥

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always


  3. aaaaaah, thank you for the shoutout! I love this post, I’m so happy you got more reading done this month I’m proud of you!! and I hope the Ko-Fi stuff goes well ❤


  4. I’m still so very happy you got to go to Bookcon and got so many amazing books, it’s incredible, really 🙂 Also happy you had a good reading month overall, I waaaaaant to read Girls of Paper and Fire and… you make me want to re-read Warcross a whole lot now, thank you very much haha 🙂
    I hope you’ll have a FANTASTIC JULY ❤ ❤


  5. Ahh, I love reading monthly wrap-ups! It’s so fun to see what everyone has been reading and doing and…maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy them. 😉

    Yay, I’m so happy you read more books! AND YES, PETER THO.


  6. Hi Julianna! I’m new but super excited to be here. 🙂 Your blog is absolutely amazing!!

    June was a wonderful month for me, but definitely really busy. I had a dance recital, a dance intensive, plus a lot of rehearsals/classes and vacation. But I managed to read 11 books, which I’m super happy about, and finish my novel! I’m excited for the rest of the summer. 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome post! I’m glad you enjoyed June, and I hope July is even better for you. I’m also excited to read more of your posts. 🙂


  7. I love monthly wrap-ups! I appreciate being able to read the other posts a blogger has written in that month that I might have missed, books read, and things happening outside the world of book blogging. To me at least, I think it makes blogging more personal and interesting.

    But anyways. Yay for Asians in literature! I’m Asian-American and always searching for a good read with representation. I’ve started reading the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series and Crazy Rich Asians, and I can’t wait to see the film adaptations!

    claire @ clairefy


  8. What an amazing month you’ve had! I can’t wait to read the To All the Boy I’ve Loved Before series! It’s up on my list of must read soons so I can watch the movie! I hope July turns out to be an even better month for you! 🙂


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