Mid-Year Bookish Stats // Because I Never Got To Post My End-Year Bookish Stats (ft. pie charts!!)

I’ve always wanted to post a bookish stats post.

They look so fun, and also, I’ve actually been keeping track of my books in Excel and being organized about them? WHO IS SHE.

(I was originally planning to do a mid-year book freakout tag but then I decided not to because if I posted both my bookish stats they’re basically the same content.)

{and as always, all book covers link to their goodreads pages}



books read: 21*

books read (including SOME** webcomics): 36

pages read: 8406

average rating: 4.14 stars

The chart above is the one given by Goodreads for the amount of books that I read that were sorted into my gr shelves.

*And my reading goal for this year is 100 rip me staying on track.

**I also didn’t even log all of my webcomics into Goodreads because there are way too many.


favs of 2018 (so far)

34433755  21396155

The best books are probably Girls of Paper and Fire & The Forbidden Wish??

Girls of Paper and Fire was SOOOO beautiful and so was The Forbidden Wish and here’s my blog review for Girls of Paper and Fire!

Also. What a surprise that both of these are Asian-inspired fantasies!!! Hahahaa it’s almost like I didn’t make a post on asian-inspired fantasies that are coming out late 2018 and early 2019.

Image result for what a surprise gif
^^ this is you guys

(I also loved Warcross and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before but those were rereads they don’t count.)


least favs of 2018 (so far)

33918883  35163118

Before I Let Go was such a disappointment and honestly there could have been so much more done with this plot and this idea but. no.

And No Filter seemed like it was going to be such a cute summer contemporary but it just got annoying and honestly was kind of insta-lovey and just no thanks?


prettiest covers

34433755  36010223  22524101

I love the covers for Girls of Paper and Fire & Smoke in the Sun & My So-Called Bollywood Life because look at those beautiful, stunning, amazing, spectacular, beautiful, amazing poc models on the cover!!! I love them so much.


best sequel/s

27904311  36329818

The Hammer of Thor was actually really good and funny and diverse RICK RIORDAN IS SUCH A GOOD ALLY I LOVE HIM.

Legendary was amazing and so magical and just. NOT a disappointment compared to the first book!! Tella is my favorite narrator ever and Dante is amazing I love them both!!!


best plot twist/s

26032825  36329818

The Cruel Prince was amazing and I loved it and the fairy world was done so beautifully and makes me want to read more of Holly Black’s books?

Also, Legendary was an unforgettable book and Stephanie’s writing is so beautiful and magical and enticing and the entire world is sooo amazing. (Dante tho.) (Dante.)


forgettable books

35134061  35888372

Both of these were interesting, but if I didn’t log them in my Goodreads/spreadsheet I probably would’ve forgotten that I read them? Down and Across kind of lacked content in general, while Along the Indigo was really slow.


books i read in one sitting

36329818  15749186

I’ve already mentioned Legendary too many times but still. it was amazing and I actually snuck away from a party I was in so that I could read this in the car. (So, technically not in one sitting but I wanted to mention that party story.)

Because of the teaser trailer releasing of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, I was hit with a sudden inspiration to REREAD the series and now I’m 10x more excited to watch the movie and also I’m actually in love with Peter.


fav pairs

26032825  36010223  34433755

Jude/Cardan (The Cruel Prince) was SUCH A COUPLE and even though there wasn’t as much romance as I expected it to (look everyone’s reviews made me think that it was MAINLY romance but no) I still loved it and their relationship is honestly kind of twisted but hopefully it’ll be better in the sequel!!

Mariko/Okami (Smoke in the Sun) is the hottest couple of 2017, they love each other so much and so well matched? Okami is this powerful clever magic boy and Mariko is this cunning girl who’s always underestimated and they love each other and I just??

Lei/____ (Girls of Paper and Fire) are The Sapphic Couple that own my heart. I blocked out the other name in case you guys consider it a spoiler but this is truly a happy gay couple and I love them so much.


fav friendships

37822534  15749186

Caledonia/literally the entire ship (Seafire) is like. my favorite because the entire ship basically adores Caledonia and they always care for her and everyone just loves each other and how dare there not be more sapphic couples.

I LOVEEE the relationship between Lara Jean and her sisters and family (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before) because she’s just so devoted to them and it’s so refreshing to see a contemporary that doesn’t bash loving their family? Also I love the friendship between Lara Jean and Chris because they stick together through everything and even though they’re so different they’re still friends and I love it.


most anticipated for 2018

30977886  39508596  38469737

The Forest Queen is apparently a prequel to a series?? But the actual series doesn’t seem that good sooo I’m just pretending this is a standalone. LOOK AT THAT COVER THOUGH.


Ignite the Stars features future Asians and it looks really beautiful? I love the poc model on the cover and the publisher sent me an arc of this and I actually can’t wait to read it!!

29422091  29749098  37569318

I heard These Rebel Waves has a sapphic relationship and so I need it. Right now. Apparently it’s about a team of all-girl pirates and that cover is glorious sooooo?

Honestly, I’ve enjoyed SJM’s books in the past but I haven’t read any of her books recently?? So I’m not sure if I still like her, but, I still need this book because I’m collecting the DC Icons series.



tbr for 2018

36952596  36260157  37506437

23197837  39714124  34213319

THESE ARE ALL COPIES THAT I HAVE THAT I REALLY WANT TO READ AND HOPEFULLY I WILL?? Empire of Sand looks soooo good and so does Four Dead Queens?? I’M SO EXCITED.


pie charts

Shoutout to May for telling me how to make pie charts as aesthetic as the ones that she made.



I started keeping track of how many books I read that were diverse and of whether the main character is diverse vs. if the cast was diverse.

Also, only 67% of my books have diverse main characters? How dare @ myself. I think for the rest of 2017 I’m going to try to have at least 80% of my read books have diverse main characters.


I put “general genre” as in if it’s a make-believe world or based off of the real world without any make-believe elements.

Anyways, I’m surprised that I read more contemporary/historical than fantasy/sci-fi??? I usually like fantasy/sci-fi more.


A bunch of novels have mixed representation types so they might overlap, but I’m honestly not surprised that racial is 50% of the representation because I always talk about that.

Alsooooooo I actually enjoyed a lot of the novels that I read this month?? And I didn’t actually rate anything 2 stars?? This has been pretty enjoyable in terms of reading!

tell me your thoughts 2

Have you guys ever snuck away from a party to read a book? What were some of your favorite books for the past half year? Which genre did you read the most of this past half year?



  1. You put so much time and energy in those charts wow I’m impressed
    I used to keep track of all of diversity as well and then I just… gave up oops


  2. I love everything about this post! BUT THOSE THREE FAV COVERS TOGETHER? I fell out of my chair! Also – any of those books on your “must read before the end of the year” let me know if you wanna buddy read any and all with me! Also, I’m so excited to read Girls of Paper and Fire! Ahhhh! I think I’m already scared for it to be over, that’s why I’m waiting! Hahaha! I hope the last half of the year treats you kindly, and happy reading, love! 💜xx


  3. Ok I love all the stats and pie charts, they’re giving me LIFE. I have a copy of Legendary that I haven’t gotten around to yet, and your glowing review might have just convinced me to finally pick it up! I read The Belles early in the year (my full review is on my blog) and I was pretty nonplused after reading it; I found the characters to be super lackluster even though the premise and the imagery were so colorful and flowery. Hopefully your reading experience goes better than mine. I’ve been trying to read more diverse books this year and will definitely look at what you’ve read for inspo!


  4. YAY PIE CHARTS. Me lovesss. I seriously should track these things but I don’t have the energy or the extra time, haha. XD

    I’ve read 65 books so far, and my goal is 120 by the end of the year. I had a huge binge-reading phase, but now things are slowing down and I’m panicking. XD My favorite books were Scythe, Children of Blood and Bone, and Legendary (the twist was killer!!). I loved TATBILB and read it in a span of like, 5 hours. It was so fluffy and cute!! I can’t wait for the movie (PETER). xD Overall, I think I’ve had a successful bookish 2018 so far!! 🙂

    Thanks for this awesome post, Julianna! 🙂


  5. YESS PIE CHARTS!!! The math geek in me is loving it ❤ Congrats on getting through so many amazing books this year 🙂 I've never heard of Girls of Paper and Fire or Smoke in the Sun, but you're reallyyyy selling those books for me. I'm definitely going to look more into them and add them to my TBR. I've also really been wanting to read The Cruel Prince, so you're really tempting me.

    Amazing post, and I loved seeing how this year has been going! ❤


  6. Yes for all the PoC rep and Asians I love it! This was super fun to read and I have so many of these books on my most anticipated list too along with What If It’s Us and Girls Made of Paper and Fire my little Asian heart is bursting with happiness I can’t even


  7. WordPress keeps deleting my comments but ahhh this post is so gorgeous and I love your pie charts!! ❤️

    I’m super happy for you that you’ve been reading so many good books, and wow your average rating is so high sjdufjsnjf #goals. And congrats on reading so many diverse books! :’)

    Amazing post, Ju! ❤️


  8. THE FORBIDDEN WISH YES YES YES that book was INCREDIBLE RIGHT. I am so happy you lovedit so much ❤ Love your choices of covers there are we, they're incredible, especially Girls of Paper and Fire! A
    AND YES to Lara Jean and her family, they're adorable and one of the best relationships in young adult books ever, I love them. ❤
    I also can't waaaaaaaaaaait to read Wildcard I NEED IT YESTERDAY.
    And Pie charts you're the queen of pie charts these look amazing 😛


  9. I love those book covers! I love the color schemes and the fact that they are displaying POC on the covers is even better! And I cannot wait for Empress of all Season!! I’m dying to get my hands on it because it sounds so good!!


  10. Omg I feel so bad bc I haven’t read a lot of these asdfghjkl D: In so much need for Girls of Paper and Fire rn omg my Southeast Asian self is screaming!!!! Also you’re making me excited for Seafire which I just got an eARC of *happy dances*

    AND I FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT JUDE/CARDAN! I mean I don’t know if you’re supposed to love them bc they’re not fantastic people but I dooooo


  11. okay I LOVE that you sneaked away from a party to read.😂Absolutely SO RELATABLE haha. And ohhh wasn’t Legendary just incredible!? And the Cruel Prince. 😍😍I’m freaking OUT about how good that was! Definitely up there with my favourites of the year! I also love those pretty covers you nominated, ahhhh. I want to read Girls Of Paper And Fire so so badly.


  12. Wow, this is such an elaborate and wonderfully organized post Julianna! JFC I WISH I HAD YOUR ORGANIZATION SKILLS AND ABILITY TO KEEP TRACKING OF EVERYTHING.

    Yaas to your faves of the year ❤ First of all, those purple colors = umph. Also, I adore The Forbidden Wish and can't wait for Girls of Paper and Fire so. SO.

    You're literally the only person so far who I've seen love Legendary. A lot of people have said it's a disappointment? I really disliked Caraval soooo we'll see how that goes. Lol.

    Yay for the awesome stats of diverse books read! ❤


  13. I’m always in awe of stat posts! Like, I don’t know how they even happen? I’m overwhelmed just figuring out how many pages I read, haha! But you do aspire me to try one day to make one of these kind of posts.
    And you’ve read so much! Honestly, I can’t wait to read Girls of Paper and Fire, it looks so freaking incredible! And I was afraid Seafire sounded like a copycat book, but apparently it’s good?
    My blogaversry was apparently today and I didn’t even realize. Like, I knew it was in the summer but I didn’t know it was so soon! Now I have to figure out something, ha!


  14. I LOVED Legendary omg I am literally so obsessed with that series it was so. freaking. good. And also I am just waiting for Jude and Carden to…idek what, maybe just NOT want to kill each other?? lol I loved The Cruel Prince so much too.


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