My Goals for 2019 (ft. the books I need to read this year)

Will I accomplish these goals?

Probably not.

I was going to make this post analyzing my goals for 2018 and then setting my goals for 2019, but then I realized that I didn’t actually make any goals for 2018 so that’s coooooool. (clearly, I’m so good at blogging)

These goals are going to be a mix of blogging, bookish, and just some random life goals because I don’t think I have enough blogging/bookish goals by themselves.


stop requesting arcs when I still have arcs to read


And I always talk about this problem on my blog but it’s too real and I’m so sorry to all of you actually organized bloggers for putting up with this. You’re probably screaming at me to stop and I’m screaming too


actually figure out my Instagram theme

Instagram is such a cool and amazing platform that I really want to utilize, but I just… am not very good at it. FOR SO MANY REASONS. (actually I’ve decided I’m going to write a post on why I’m bad at it)

(capitalize off of your flaws like me!)

Anyways, I… don’t really like my Instagram theme (I keep changing it ugh) and I still want to keep the white background! I’m just not a fan of how I used props in the past. Also, I don’t want to keep it 100% flatlay anymore because it can be hard to show some props. Like I recently got a fake crown and a crown?? from the top?? ISN’T AESTHETIC.


get a job

I just want money because I’m broke and I also don’t usually get money for the holidays like people my age (in the USA) usually do. My friends will be like “oh I got $100-200 for Christmas” and I’ll just sit there like cool relatable me too haha yea  !

(I actually got $25 this Christmas and a $25 gift card for the amc theaters so I shouldn’t complain that much anymore lmaoo)

Anyways, I think I might do some freelancing jobs from this one article online that I found?

Also, I provide sensitivity reading services so uhhh if you need sensitivity readers you should check that out I need money thanks


read over 80 books

I only read 37 books in 2018 and honestly I’m kind of shocked because I read around 100 in 2017 and I thought that was low (for me) sooooo

that’s cool

I severely underestimated the time that schoolwork would take this year?? I’m going to try and manage my time better in 2019 so that I can read books more often!


read certain books

This is basically just me taking an opportunity to put a “books I need to read in 2019” post into another post because I feel like I wouldn’t have enough content for simply just “books I need to read in 2019”


A Thousand Beginning and Endings / edited by Elsie Chapman & Ellen Oh

  • Okay so Jackie gifted me this for Christmas and sdfjksdfj I love her so much and I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK. IT’S AN ANTHOLOGY ABOUT ASIAN FOLKLORE/MYTHOLOGY and some of my favorite authors took part in it!

American Panda / Gloria Chao

  • This is about the pressure to have a good job and it just sounds like such a cute and adorable contemporary and the cover is adorable and I just !!!! want to collapse

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo / Taylor Jenkins Reid

  • OKAY SO EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT THIS BOOK. LIKE ALL THE TIME. and it sounds amazing and I just need it in my life

Girl Made of Stars / Ashley Herring Blake


Emergency Contact / Mary H.K. Choi

  • I actually met Mary H.K. Choi at BookCon last year and she was so adorable and also her makeup is AMAZING so clearly, that’s the most important thing to consider (this sounds adorable and the cover is so pretty)

The Abyss Surrounds Us / Emily Strutskie

  • Elise talks about this book so often that whenever I think of this I think of her and also this is about a Chinese (!!!!) gay girl in space so

The Way You Make Me Feel / Maurene Goo

  • Maurene Goo wrote I Believe in a Thing Called Love which was so cute and also ridiculous at the same time; I’m expecting this to give me the same feelings of angst and exasperation.

Sadie / Courtney Summers

  • Elise talks about this book too and I’m pretty sure that the main character is queer and she narrates a podcast to find a serial killer!!! podcasts are cool so this book is cool

Rosemarked / Livia Blackburne

  • OKAY THIS FEATURES A DISEASE and omg so many of these books feature diseases? why do I like pain and death so much. ANYWAYS THIS IS ASIAN SO obviously

Want / Cindy Pon

  • Again, this is asian and also the cover is breathtaking

Saints and Misfits / S.K. Ali

  • I want to live in the cover (that sounds weird but moving on) and also this sounds like such an important book aah

Labyrinth Lost / Zoraida Córdova

  • not gonna lie, the hardcover wasn’t my favorite but the PAPERBACK IS SO BEAUTIFUL AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh

This Mortal Coil / Emily Suvada

  • This is a dystopian (I think???) novel about genes and science and while I’m terrible at science, I still love it!

The Poppy War / R.F. Kuang

  • I received a copy of this for bookishwish (thank you so much Ashleigh! you probably won’t see this) and I can’t believe I haven’t read it but I’m just trying to mentally prepare myself for something as heartbreaking as this?

The City of Brass / S.A. Chakraborty

  • I was gifted this by May and it turns out she actually hated it so. thanks (jk!!) but anyways, this sounds so good and I’m reading it despite the hate

write at least 5k words for a wip

Remember when I actually regularly wrote for like. three weeks or something two years ago and made posts about my writing?

Haha anyways

I really want to start writing regularly this year because I’ve always loved writing but I just. don’t have the time for it anymore which is so sad.

why? @ public school education

Anyways, 5k isn’t super high so I think that this is a pretty realistic goal

(if I fail it, I’ll be very disappointed in myself)


read more non-fiction books

I’ve been reading so much young adult, but I also want to expand the genres I read because I used to read so much nonfiction when I was a kid :’)

I used to read books like “1001 questions and answers” and “sea animals” and now… I don’t.

One of the books I want to pick up is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the recent Twitter controversy* has made me want to read it more because seriously. why are people throwing a fit over some advice? IT’S JUST ADVICE AND ALSO, IT’S LITERALLY “throw them away if they don’t spark joy” like how is that supposed to be an attack on book-hoarders or lovers. You’re clearly hoarding these books because they spark joy.

*In case any of you don’t know what happened, basically Marie Kondo advised people to throw away their books if they don’t spark joy, and one Twitter user reacted by saying she’s very “misguided” and that “every human needs a v extensive library” sounds classist but ok


take care of myself

Specifically, I need to fix:

  • nutrition
  • sleeping

I need to properly consume calcium and magnesium and zinc* and other vitamins ok. Apparently??? eating ramen??? every day isn’t healthy??????????

It would also be pretty cool if I could fix my sleeping pattern. It’s usually pretty normal on weekdays but on weekends? I start waking up at 3pm (15:00) which is wild. MY WHOLE MORNING IS GONE? I EAT BREAKFAST AT FOUR? I HAVE LIKE. EIGHT HOURS BEFORE I SHOULD GO BACK TO SLEEP?

Honestly I feel like if I had the time I would totally be able to sleep for over 12 hours which apparently um. increases your mortality risk.


Image result for sunglasses on face gif
me after learning i’m going to die in 2 years

*WHENEVER I STAND UP TOO FAST I GET REALLY DIZZY (which recently hasn’t been happening often but it used to happen like every day)


reach 1,000 followers

I don’t know if you guys know, but I don’t really care about stats for my blog that much anymore? I just. throw all of my thoughts into a post and hope that people like it.


But it would be pretty nice to reach 1000 followers in 2019! I mean, I currently have ~600 or ~700 (I actually don’t even know how many followers I have tbh) so I think that this is a pretty achievable goal if I post regularly this year????????/////???????????????????


post regularly for at least six months

I want to have six perfect months where I post at least 6 posts for each month. You see, this would normally be a very achievable and low-reaching goal, but I have a particular quirky trait where I can’t commit.


*side story: one time two years ago I had the WordPress app on my phone. And I scheduled a post for 9 am when I was in school, and I didn’t turn my ringer off so my pHONE JUST WENT OFF LIKE 123 TIMES AND EVERYONE WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE SOURCE AND JUST. NO ONE THOUGHT IT WAS FROM ME FOR A SOLID TWO MINUTES BUT THEY JUST KEPT GOING OFF AND AFTER THEY IDENTIFIED THE CULPRIT (me) IT WAS SO AWKWARD BECAUSE I NEVER SAID ANYTHING


have at least 80% of the books I read be diverse

This title was worded really awkwardly.

Anyways, I want to focus on picking up more diverse books (which will probably happen naturally tbh) because there’s no reason not to and there are already so many diverse 2019 releases that I’m so excited for!

do want to read some classics (which are primarily white lmao) soooo I’m leaving some space for that too in my percentage.

tell me your thoughts 2

What are your goals for 2019? Did you accomplish any of your goals for 2018? What are some of your most embarrassing moments? What are some books you need to read in 2019?



  1. These are all GREAT goals and I 200% believe you can make it JU YOU CAN DO THIS I’ll be cheering you on for sure!! ❤ I love your list of books to read, I LOVED American Panda, I adore Emergency Contact with all of my heart and This Mortal Coil was so, so so very cool, can't wait for you to read them!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF YOU CAN DO ANYTHING…you can BE anything #barbiereferences…I am a qualified cool kid now? OKAY WELL WRITE SOME STUFF and then you’ll have snippets. And I’m so glad i don’t have the wp app on my phone and also..we’re not allowed our phones in school (but I still have mine on me lol)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love these resolutions! I’m also trying to be better with my ARCs but there are so many amazing titles out there I really really really want to read??? If you figure out how to resist requesting new ARCs, please let us all know — you’ll probably be the first! Best of luck finding work! I started looking in December 2017 and eventually landed something with pretty shitty pay (on Upwork, to build experience). While the platform has some bad sides, it’s a great place to start out, especially if you want to do writing (as I did). Now, a year later, I’m actually pretty happy with what I got. If I, someone outside the US, landed great writing gigs, so can you!! I believe in you 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe thank you!! ALSO, RIGHT?? there are just so many titles that I want to request bc I probably wouldn’t be able to get a copy of it otherwise. Also, I uhhh already failed my goal of requesting ARCs bc I just requested one the other day!! lol
      Thanks for your insight on Upwork!!! ❤️ I’ll try that!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. These are amazing goals!! And I’m loving all the books on your TBR too ❤ I love The Poppy War, and I also need to read City of Brass. ALSO I FEEL YOU SO HARD ON THE TAKING CARE OF SELF!! I need to eat an actual healthy diet of balanced meals (And exercise??) rather than being the potato that I am.

    I also think it's totally achievable for you to read 1,000 followers. 🙂 It's also one of my goals, so I'm rooting for us both ❤ I'm also making it a personal mission to read more diversely so WE GOT THIS!!! ROOTING FOR YOU WHOOOOO~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you!! Okay I’m glad you loved The Poppy War bc everyone else asian has been Screaming About it and I cant believe I haven’t read it yet??? I just need to like. prepare myself or something. TIFFANY LETS BOTH START TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES AND BE HEALTHY WE CAN DO IT 🙌🏼🙌🏼

      Eeeek yes let’s both reach 1K this year I BELIEVE IN YOU and myself too I guess. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  4. i relate to these goals so much?????? the eating more nutrients is a big one, because I also eat ramen noodles as a staple dietary choice, and I comfort myself by saying “well you’re a poor college student so it’s probably fine” but in reality, i can probably afford things like…vegetables and apples. *cringes dramatically*

    + i love your goal w arcs, my ARC history is really v bad. i just get so hyped about premises & request 1 million books and assume i’ll only get approved for 1? and two days later i’ve created my very own ARC grave site. it’s something i’m working on 2019 and i’m glad i’m not the only one w arc struggles c: c: c: c:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yea!!! ramen is such a staple in my life that it’s Very Bad. but you should try eating more nutrients!!! cook foods!!! cooking is so fun and satisfying to do!!!

      awwww yea same my arc history is bad and Im just drowning and I don’t expect to get approved?? And I also overestimate my blogging frequency lmao. yes it’s so nice to know others have arc struggles because mine are just. terrible!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oh gosh yesterday I cooked boxed mac and cheese and it was such an ////accomplishment////// and i was like, look at you using a pan + the stove?????? being mature! look at this feast! XD

        Liked by 1 person

  5. the ‘stop requesting arcs when you have arcs to finish’ goal is a personal attack why are you calling me out like this? im crying for your eating habits, this is not acceptable you need to eaT A BALANCED DIET (jk i just finished a bowl of very buttery popcorn all by myself……for breakfast….oops) but YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!

    i cant wait for you to read American Panda bc i absolutely adored and loved it and i want to hear your thoughts on it. also its so cute and fun and also really deep gahh
    lol may gave you her copy of city of brass, thats beautiful. honestly……it’s kind of a trainwreck soooooooo enjoy 🙂

    and omg the ‘controversy’ with marie kondo is so ridiculous, like,,,,,,she was just giving advice from her personal thoughts and experience, she’s not FORCING you to do anything, why is everyone so dramatic??

    but GOOD LUCK with your goals, youre going to do amazing on themmm ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. listen I am also calling myself out too sooooo I meaaannnnn. also yeah my balanced diet is nonexistent *laughs awkwardly* i’m probably going to perish soon from being so unhealthy


      u know what I WILL enjoy city of brass I actually am still excited for it and the cover is pretty

      also yeaaaaa why are so many people attacking marie mondo like. she’s such a sweet pure woman and doesn’t deserve this


  6. okay i need to be kept honest about this whole arc requesting thing bc i made that a goal too?? i’m trying to keep my arcs down to uhhhhhhh 10 i’m a couple above that right now but um?? WE’RE GOING TO START TELLING EACH OTHER TO NOT REQUEST ARCS NEW PLAN


    Liked by 1 person

  7. “I have a particular quirky trait where I can’t commit” ur so dumb

    and I’m actually PRETTY PROUD OF MYSELF when it comes to ARC stuff. I mean the only thing I beat myself up for about ARCs is that I am having so much trouble reading eARCs but………now I avoid requesting them lmao (which SUCKS because I could definitely get eARCs to books I can’t get physical ARCs to)

    also pls !!!! bounce ideas with me about wip stuff I miss that and I support ur writing always

    Liked by 1 person

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