Books That My Mind Pairs Together For Some Vague Reason (reason is literally just because of covers & release dates)

Do you ever pair books together because of some strange, strange unknown reason?

(let’s ignore that the strange reason they’re connected is because of covers, release dates, or titles)

If you said yes to this, then me too!


I’m so glad I’m providing relatable content that people can relate to.

Anyways, I’m going to list some novels that I paired together just because of their titles or  their covers or maybe because they were both really hyped??


{all covers are linked to their respective goodreads pages or reviews}


The Hazel Wood & The Cruel Prince

34275232  26032825

These aren’t even that related to each other but these were like, the top two most hyped books of winter/spring 2018 and I just… associated them with each other, automatically, for some reason?

(I think that these were really searched for on booksfortrade, which I used to use a lot!)

Also, both have woody/tree stuff on them. so.


Eliza and Her Monsters & When Dimple Met Rishi

31931941  28458598

Both of these were some of the books that I was literally so excited for (Eliza and Her Monsters had one of my actual favorite tropes, which was the whole fake-identity-online-talking trope) and then When Dimple Met Rishi sounded so so cute!!

They both were being published on the same day soo yeah. I associate them with each other. I don’t know, man.


The Storm Crow & Crown of Feathers

38330596  35715518

They both have birds.


Echo North & Beware the Night

40046030  33949775

Echo North and Beware the Night both have fairy tales in them. I think. Also, both of the covers are gorgeous and lowkey remind me of each other?? Kind of??


Air Awakens & Alchemists of Loom

21414439  12954620  31549513

Okay, maybe all of my other points were really strange, but seriously. Don’t these all look like they belong together?? Like??? I don’t know what it is, but these just look like they are the same cover, when I know that they aren’t.

I just figured out what it is. I think it’s because they all have these white cloak/hood things on. I feel validated.


Again, But Better & What if It’s Us

41147279  36341204

I’m putting this here 100% because I want to point out that the cover art looks so similar to me?? I don’t know what it is but like. Both of their cityscapes kind of look similar?? ish?? And also the lettering looks super similar.



The Quiet at the End of the World & The Fever King

32716442  39897058

Is it just me or does the cover for The Quiet at the End of the World lowkey look like it has lungs with veiny parts? Did everyone already realize this and am I just dumb?

These both are blue (blurple) and yellow and have those stickey strickey things that make them look really similar? Tbh I mistaked The Fever King for The Quiet at the End of the World.

Also, I’m halfway into this post and I’m 100% questioning my decision to write this post.


Navigating the Stars & Once and Future

42756706  36233085

I don’t know what it is about space books and this neon pink hue in covers but I’m Loving It™.

(Also side note: I’m so excited for Once & Future oh my god!!!!)


When I Am Through With You & Keep This To Yourself

32957193  38526970

Yes, I did think that these were the exact same book but um… the red font makes them seem similar? I don’t know why? These both have titles that are kind of talking to the reader directly?

Also, apparently Keep This to Yourself is gay so it’s already 10x better than When I Am Through With You, just saying.


The Enchanted Sonata & Romanov

42279745  40590407

I saw these books next to each other on Netgalley and I highkey thought that these were the same exact book for somee reason?? And then when I got two separate emails for each of these books from Netgalley I was CONFUSED because I thought these were the same.

Also, The Enchanted Sonata is self-published which I didn’t realize when I saw it!! Doesn’t that cover look so amazing?


Castle of Lies & Thick As Thieves

29229432  8306741

I haven’t even read The Thief (the first book in the Queen’s Thief series) but when I saw the cover of Castle of Lies I immediately got vibes like the covers for the Queen’s Thief series?? Like, the paper cutout-type designs of a castle, I guess? I DON’T KNOW.


Wicked Saints & The Devouring Gray

36118682  42190061

Does anyone else think that the UK cover of The Devouring Gray is so much prettier than the US cover?? Like?? What is this:

this doesn’t match up to the uk cover 😦

Seriously : ( where is the pink that we love and deserve : (

Anyways, I don’t wholly know why I associate these with each other but I just? Do? I think it’s because they’re both two of the more hyped books of 2019???


Olivia Twist & Duels and Deception

34817232  29569260

These both have such similar fonts and they BOTH HAVE THAT CURL CURVE THING in their titles??

I’ve noticed that so many old England-y books have really similar covers/fonts?? Which I guess makes sense in terms of marketing them.


Of Fire and Stars & The Seafarer’s Kiss

25164304  32890474

These both have those cutout person figures on them which I love and also, these covers are absolutely gorgeous!! I was so excited for Of Fire and Stars but then I saw a ton of negative/mediocre reviews so I never really picked it up?? HOWEVER, I STILL JUST MIGHT BECAUSE IT’S F/F AND I KNOW THERE WERE SOME PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY ENJOYED IT.

I also was really hyped for The Seafarer’s Kiss, which is ALSO F/F!! but I never really got the means to read it. Sooo I’m going to try and acquire it from the library if I can this year?


Give the Dark My Love & A Curse So Dark and Lonely

37789836  43204703

Don’t both of these titles just give you the same feel?? Like that five-word fantasy-title feel?? I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Also, I highkey mistaked A Curse so Dark and Lonely for Give the Dark my Love and I don’t know why. I saw A Curse So Dark and Lonely and read the synopsis and I was just like, “That does NOT sound like the antiheroine book that Elise loved and recommended” and let me tell you, it was NOT.


(Apparently A Curse So Dark and Lonely actually… has a contemporary setting?? What??)

tell me your thoughts 2

Do you ever just associate books with each other? (and which ones?) Did you find any of these relatable? How do you feel about these covers? Did you hate this post? (don’t tell me tho because I’m fragile)


  1. this post was the most random but the most unique because i don’t think anyone has ever done this before. i don’t agree with any of these pairings if im honest apart from what if it’s us and again but better THEY HAVE THE SAME VIBE. and the fever king and that other one are very similar.

    “Do you ever pair books together because of some strange, strange unknown reason?
    ” no. i don’t think…i do?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. omg the cruel prince and the hazel wood – legit kept getting those confused for the LONGEST time!! honestly, a LOT of covers look alike nowadays hahaha it’s refreshing when there’s a cover that looks DIFFERENT!

    and are you seriously telling me that When I Am Through With You & Keep This To Yourself aren’t even by the same AUTHOR?????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SAVANNAH I’M SO GLAD I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE. Why do we associate them with each otherrrrr??? I really like good unique covers and tbh, recently I’ve been a HUGE FAN of ones that have illustrated ppl of color on the cover!!! They’re pretty unique, because uh, there are so few of them. (tea)

      I KNOW RIGHT?? they both have mist and red lettering and they look so similarrr.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This post was so fun and so relatable. I am constantly confused when it comes to fantasy, honestly. All the books just merge together in my head, and most covers look exactly the same, with shades of blue or red and I’m so lost???
    The Hazel Wood & The Cruel Prince were exactly the same book for me until a couple months ago, honestly. I was also shocked to find out that Ever the Hunted and Everless were actually two separate novels. The same goes for Furyborn and Sky In the Deep. I don’t even think they were released close to one another, and I have no idea why my mind puts them together, but I. AM. CONFUSION.
    Thanks for making me feel less weird about it through this post, hahah.


  4. I definitely have this problem! For the longest time, I thought that Four Dead Queens was another installment in the Three Dark Crowns series, until I finally looked at a book jacket and saw the author’s name. Now I can’t unpair them in my brain!


  5. Me being the ignorant person who doesn’t know anything about YA books, all this time I thought Truthwitch and Fallen Kingdoms are the same book! Oh well, I’m probably never gonna pick either of them up anyways :”)


  6. AHHH what a fun post and also so relatable in ways, too?! I keep on associating The Cruel Prince and The Hazel Wood as well, I’m not sure why? And The Storm Crow & Crown of Feathers… I just keep on mistaking one book for the other and I’m not even sure why, maybe it’s just because of the birds or something hahaha.


  7. The UK cover of Devouring Gray is SO MUCH BETTER and I’m so sad about the US cover not being as cool. Also The Storm Crow and Crown of Feathers keep confusing me because I don’t know much about either and there are just a lot of birds. This post was so fun!


  8. Oh this is such a fun post!! 😍 I can totally understand your associations though, I mean the covers of Echo North & Beware the Night look SO similar! And I’m glad that I’m not the only one who confuses Wicked Saints & The Devouring Gray, because for some reason they are one in my mind 😄


  9. I got The Hazel Wood and The Wicker King confused for THE longest time; same with There Will Be Lies and The Way We Fall!! They’re both yellow with black text and I am VERY easily confused.


  10. yes yes I do this too all the time! Like sometimes it’s because the covers look similar or that they go well together too. I take so many book photos that I kind of end up constantly grouping books that look nice together. Chainbreaker and The Smoke Thieves look really nice together. 😍 And I do associate The Devouring Grey and Wicked Saints together….I think I see the authors interact on twitter? Maybe that’s why lmao. Also YES To Enchanted Sonata and Romanov!!! They’re gorgeous.😍


  11. omg this is so funny, I totally understand this. The Fever King and The Quiet at the End of the World are two of my most anticipated releases and they have SUCH SIMILAR COVERS.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. OMG JUST WHEN I THOUGHT YOU COULDN’T POSSIBLY BE A COOLER, MORE PERFECT HUMAN BEING, you go and make the most unique but logical post ever. i’m just in awe

    i agree sm that The Hazel Wood and The Cruel Prince look similar i never even noticed, but look how whimsical they both are???????????? Also Truthwitch, Falling Kingdoms, and the alchemists of loom look like the exact same series,,,,they all have the cloak things,,,are u kidding me there is obviously a secret group of book cover designers who love cloaks and they’re in cahoots

    And I am so excited to read Of Fire and Stars!!!! i’ve had a copy on hold at the library for approximately ten million years and it’s so sad, i’ve been a v nice person & THIS is the thanks i get, waiting eternally for the f/f romance i neeed

    +i hope you love Once & Future, i was so disappointed because my obsession with Merlin is v important and strong. The plot was so confusing + the characters never made sense, i nearly cried ((((but then again my brain is constantly exhausted and wanting to sleep so maybe i wasn’t a good judge slkdjf)))))))))


  13. ‘They both have birds.’ 😂😂

    Omg I loved this post so much! I’ve definitely not seen anything like this but I love it! Books I pair together for some reason are The Gilded Wolves and The Gilded King (they sound so similar!!) also The seven husbands of evelyn hugo and The seven deaths of evelyn hardcastle. I literally though they were the same book for a while but it turns out they’re by completely different authors? I get confused too easily 😂💛


  14. Okay this is also such an awesome post too. I feel that there are a lot of book covers I feel are similar and remind me of other books. This is such a great creative post and I honestly might do a post like this at some point.


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