Chrysalis by Brendan Reichs [blog tour] all the plot twists, what the heck

Hello, friends! As it turns out…

I didn’t return to blogging as normally as I expected I did, and here I am again, bringing you a blog tour post after only one of discussion/list post. Seriously, I’m so sorry, but I do believe that I won’t be posting any blog tours for at least half a month (I will be posting reviews, though)!!

Anyways, hi, I’m here to announce that Chrysalis by Brendan Reichs kind of… um… left on a cliffhanger and I am not okay. I was looking on some Goodreads reviews?? and apparently? this might not be the final end????????????????? w h a t

Excuse me, the synopsis of the book says “finale” so??? Is this… fake news…

So yeah, this is part III of a blog tour promoting the Project Nemesis series by Brendan Reichs!

  • Things I Noticed in my Reread of Nemesis
  • Favorite Aspects of the Project Nemesis Series
  • Review of Chrysalis

There won’t be any spoilers for the first two books in this book, which might make this review kind of… ambiguous, but I also don’t think many people within my audience have actually read this book, so.

Also, I said this already but I LOVE THIS COVER OF CHRYSALIS and it’s so much prettier compared to the other covers… I’m not sorry. My least favorite cover is probably Genesis, and my second favorite is Nemesis.

I’m afraid I’m going to repeat myself too many times throughout this entire blog tour series so these are the things that I would have mentioned in the review, but I’ve already stated them… a lot…

  • Brendan Reichs gives you so many plot twists, omg. There are so many turns that I seriously did not expect and like??/ what
  • They’re really easy to read!! Although in the second and third book I started noticing the fragment sentences a lot more and they were kind of frustrating, but they didn’t really hinder my reading.
  • I really like the development that the characters go through, it’s so interesting to see them being thrown in different situations and learning more about all of them!!

Also, some of the links provided are affiliate links meaning that if you purchased from them I would get a small, but helpful (!) sum of money.

synopsis 2

goodreads / book depository / indiebound

40594591 The stunning finale of the Project Nemesis trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Brendan Reichs.

The 64 members of Fire Lake’s sophomore class have managed to survive the first two phases of the Program–and each other. Now, they alone have emerged into the dawn of a new era on Earth, into a Fire Lake valley that’s full of otherworldly dangers and challenges. Although staying alive in this broken world should force Min, Noah, Tack, and the others to form new alliances, old feuds die hard, and the brutality of the earlier Program phases cannot be forgotten. But being a team isn’t easy for the sophomores, and when they discover that they may not be alone on the planet after all, they’ll have to decide if they’re going to work together . . . or die together.

review 2


In this, we have a dynamic (?) trio, consisting of three people:

  • Noah, the neglected rich kid whose dad is rich, needs to learn to compartmentalize, and who doesn’t really have any real friends.
  • Min, the “weird” kid who no one ever talks to, except for Tack; she’s always overlooked by the people in her school.
  • Tack, the sassy kid who is friends with Min and will follow her anywhere, and doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut. Also, he’s my favorite!!

Technically, Tack isn’t a main character because his perspective doesn’t show up in the trilogy, but… I consider him a main character because of his sassiness. His comebacks overrule literally everything.

Also, I don’t know why I called all three of the characters “kids” when they’re not kids, but listen: that’s a choice I decided to make.

The investigation starts when Min, who’s been being killed by the Man in Black for a while, finally sees some actual proof that he exists: his footprint in the mud. When she goes to her necessary therapist, he tells her, as always, that the Man in Black is NOT real. However, Min tricks her therapist into subtly showing that the therapist knows the Man in Black exists and is lying to her.

Min and Tack both start investigating further into everything; they look in files of the principal, they observe military vehicles coming into the town, they sneak into buildings. (What happens next will shock you. Not clickbait.)

Even with all of the information, it’s near impossible for the viewer to guess the actual cause and secret behind everything…. listen, I had NO IDEA what was happening until it was explained to me in detail.

Listen, the world is messed up and I am scared of how modern dystopia (?) science-fiction this is. I don’t know if this is dystopia, but I do know that I would be so AFRAID if anything happened to me, or if I lived in this high school. Like, what on earth.


The third book in the trilogy extends everything so much further than we were previously led to believe, and it was so shocking and I just? Am not okay?

I think the covers kind of describe my feelings about these books. Nemesis surprised me in different ways; Genesis made short little cunning stabs; and Nemesis just exploded and imploded everything. (This is kind of incoherent but also… I have no idea how to review a sequel, so. TEACH ME?)

Brendan’s worldbuilding was just really, really cool here in this book and I loved it a lot?? I think that this book really just magnified the world that he built in the first book, and it was just good. Yeah. *finger guns*

(This is a terrible review, but I also don’t know what else to sayyyyy without giving away spoilers.)

tell me your thoughts 2

If you’ve read this book (or any of the books in the series), what did you think of it? What do you think of the covers? How does one review sequels???



  1. Ohh I didn’t know about these books but I loved the Virals series a few years ago (they were the first books I read in English???)

    And yours is NOT a terrible review shut up! 💕 It made me curious about the book and the series!


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