Things That Book Bloggers Shouldn’t Feel Bad For (aka why I’m a bookish hypocrite)

I’ve always had so many thoughts on how the book community is an always-growing community, and how that stresses me out… a lot.

There are always new posts every day, and then I always need to be writing new posts all day, and I need to be reading and writing reviews for all the books I need to read, but I also have to stay on top of my schoolwork and just doing things that I want to spend time doing?

But, the thing is, I’m always a preacher of “don’t worry about posting!!! ❤ <3” and “if you’re too anxious to reply to comments, don’t!” but then I beat myself up for not doing those exact same things. So… this is a post summarizing all the things that I always scold myself for doing, even though it should be completely fine.

(In other words, if you do these things, seriously do not worry omg.)

Also: Um, wow, I’ve not posted for a while and I am so sorry you guys! I’ve just been really tired recently from the lacrosse season but I’m adjusting to writing more posts and hopefully I’ll be back for good.


not reading that many books

If you’ve read my 2018 recap posts you know this, but I was really mad at myself because I only read 37 books in 2018.

(This as compared to reading over 100 books in 2016 & 2017.)

And, honestly? Yeah, I read around 70% less than my “normal” amount of reading books, but also: 37 books is a perfectly good and reasonable number.

I think a large factor of my disappointment in myself is that I hate my own lack of time to just read nowadays, because I need to concentrate on studies and spend more time being productive.

To conclude: you are completely valid whether you read two books in a year or you read 300, and I need to start being okay with myself for not reading as much as I wish I could.


not reading the most recently released (and hyped) books

I said this before and I’ll say it again: the book community is always moving. There’s new books almost every week coming out, and it can be so hard to keep up with all of the releases that you’re interested in!! I’m already stressed with review copies and then reading backlist books and then there are always MORE BOOKS COMING OUT? Wild?? I am not okay??

Anyways, I feel like inexplicable pressure to read all of the new releases that are being hyped up because wow!! yes this is new! Clearly I need to read it!! But there’s never enough time to read both all of the frontlist books + the backlist books I want to read.

Also, there’s always the hyped books where everyone (myself included) says “OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS” or “HOW HAVE YOU NOT READ THIS” and then it’s hard to figure out actually obtaining a copy of the book and actually being in the mood to read it and then also reviewing it?

I, personally, am really privileged to have a local library that stocks up on some recently released YA novels (like whaaat?) because some people just don’t have access or the means to access recently released young adult novels!!


not posting as often

I mean, this shouldn’t even need to be said, but bloggers often don’t have enough time to blog and it can be really hard to post two or three times a week! For three posts per week, that’s over an hour or two per post (or even more depending on the blogger) which is like three to six hours per week.

While that doesn’t seem like a lot of time per week, thinking of blog posts can also take up a lot of time, especially if you’re trying to write discussion/more creative blog posts?? Like, y’all, this post was really hard to write (maybe it’s because I was watching a k-drama while writing the first section) but I felt like I had nothing to type up even though I earlier had SO MUCH inspiration to write this.

But yes, I had so many struggles with posting often/on time (for example, in the introduction I was literally apologizing for not posting in ten days). But life was kind of hard and stressful and I was (and still am) dealing with… a lot?

I just felt/feel really guilty for posting those blog tours in such close proximity and like the actual content of those posts wasn’t… good… enough?? Although I did try really hard to make them more creative/original.

Anyways, I need to stop being so hard on myself for not posting up to my “standards,” but seeing the decline in my own stats makes me feel like I’m not… enough?

(I feel so rambly and messed up in this section, I’m so sorry.)


not reviewing every single book

Aaaah I know a lot of people make it a policy to review every single book they read, but… sometimes this is really hard for me?? Sometimes I just can’t express my feelings about the book articulately no matter how hard I try, and it sucks.

(Seriously, how are certain people so amazing at writing reviews for every single book they read? How are they so lyrical and eloquent?? Yes, I’m subtweeting a bunch of my friends.)

I do try to review most of the books that I read, but sometimes they just end up being a “review to come” and I’ll never touch them again. (I have like three books on my “review-to-come” shelf that I read in 2018!!! Do I remember the plots of those books? No.)


not always blog hopping or responding to comments

I decided to combine both “not replying to comments” & “not always blog hopping” because they’re both kind of similar in that they’re both based off of blog interaction.

Anyways, I’ve definitely neglected both responding to comments & blog hopping and it sucks!! But also, I’ve just been really busy and these two things can be really hard, especially if you follow a lot of blogs?

But y’all!! If you don’t respond to comments on time, it’s completely okay! Responding to comments can take a lot of time and energy especially if you want to make genuine responses to everyone!! (Like, I marvel at the people who get 50+ comments and are able to respond to them all.)


Anyways, these are just some of the “duties” that a book blogger often has, but it’s completely okay to neglect some of these because in the end… book blogging is a hobby (for me, at least) and it’s perfectly okay if you’re too tired or need to rest.

Also, I feel like this post was really rambly and not as clear as I wish it was!! (I feel like I’ve just been in a small post-writing funk recently aaaah.)

tell me your thoughts 2

Is it ever hard for you to do any of these things? Do you ever feel bad/embarrassed for not doing some of these things? Do you review every single book you read?


  1. You totally nailed a lot of my anxieties and insecurities re: book blogging, and I’ve only started this year! I feel an immense amount of guilt re: posting often, having a regular posting schedule, trying to keep up with new releases, and more. The new releases thing is what really gets me, because I keep obtaining them and not reading them, because I have other books I’d rather be reading. Older books, more niche books, but I always worry that no one is going to want to read those reviews.

    And reviews are hard! Especially when you consider just how much goes into them. I don’t blame you at all for not reviewing everything you read. I certainly don’t know how I’m supposed to, and I’m trying my best.

    I think a lot of the hypocrisy is very relatable. You always try to help others, but you hold yourself to higher standards. So yes, I understand that embarrassment well and I feel it.

    I think I want to try and write reviews for all the books I read, though. It might take a while. I might have to take more notes while I read. But I really enjoy reviewing books, and it helps me look back and remember what I loved and hated about them. And if I can convince someone to read a book I liked and discuss it with me, well. All the better!

    Thank you for sharing this. I think it’s super important and I totally get you. I hope the stress becomes manageable in the near future and that your anxieties take a breather. ❤

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    1. Yess!! If I read a book, I often only review them if they were published fairly recently, because I’m always so afraid that I’ll put too much effort and no one will actually want to read it or like the review. :/ I know mainly reviewing hyped books can contribute to overhyping/not talking about smaller books, but I feel as if no one wants to read the reviews for other books. And yes, I’ve always had so much guilt about not posting often!

      I kept on holding myself up to these high standards and it was just upsetting when I couldn’t reach it.

      Yes! I really like reviewing books sometimes, and I often see other reviewers who say that they review books immediately after they read them, and I’m just like “whoaaa. HOW.” Because so many times I don’t know how to phrase my thoughts in a way that’s articulate and also compelling? How do I write reviews that people enjoy reading?

      Thank you so much for commenting on this post, and I really liked reading that you could relate to this post, aaah! <33 I'm also sorry for replying so late!


  2. This post is definitely very important, it’s not at all unclear!! I struggle with reviewing, reading hyped books, / just reading less than I’d like to in general, and this made me feel way better about those three things. Recently I’ve been trying to review every book I read, even though they’re usually only a few paragraphs I am pretty proud of the reviews I have for some reason even though they pretty much speak cringe lmao

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    1. Ahh, thank you Faith! I think that so many people try to read the hyped books but it’s so unfortunate because so many people often don’t have means or access to read those books. Reviewing every book you read is definitely a hard feat and I’m proud of you for doing that! ❤ I always am insecure about my own reviews, but hey, reviewing more books will improve your reviews! And even if it's only a few paragraphs, that's better than nothing <33


  3. I agree with everything on the list! I am taking a short break from my blog at the minute due to having surgery and moving house, but feel so much guilt about it! Still, I love hearing when somebody has picked up a book because of my recommendation or when an author says thank you 🙂

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    1. Yesss! It’s so important to take time for yourself and mental heath, but I’ve often still felt so much guilt about taking time for myself when I know I shouldn’t.

      Omg, yes, I love it when people say they picked up something because of me because it makes me feel like I have actual influence (?) and like my opinions actually matter to people. ❤ I know someone who got a copy of The Epic Crush of Genie Lo because of me and it made me feel SO. HAPPY.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh, I really want to read The Epic Crush of Genie Lo! There are so many I want to read, but I feel like the UK gets less of the releases from Asian/ Asian-American authors. I do often just order through the internet, but you don’t see them in bookshops and libraries as much. I found myself wanting to get back into blogging again, after having a few weeks off, whereas it has, at first, felt a bit like an obligation when I was recovering from the surgery and feeling stressed about not having scheduled enough posts…


  4. I agree with every single part of this post! Like, I get major anxiety over things, and reviewing is so hard! I am the worst at interaction, and I always feel so guilty over being the worst at it so I’m relieved I’m not the only one who feels this way? Great post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss anxiety is the actual worst 😦 and reviewing is terrible when you have so much doubt in yourself and think that everyone freaking hates your reviews (which is how I feel sdjfdfj). Interaction is so hard!! Especially because there are posts being published all the time! I’m so glad that you related to thise post and that it brought you some relief <33 thank you so much for commenting, Taasia!

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  5. I feel this post so much! 😦 Sometimes I get upset at myself for not posting as much as I used to, but I know it’s mostly because other parts of my life are more important. And I also don’t like that I tend to read slower than many other bloggers, so I end up reading between 1-4 books per month! I often feel “behind” with the popular books, and before I know it, all of the new books I wanted to read have been out for a year already. Oops.

    Things like this can sometimes be difficult, but I suppose the most important thing is to remember that everyone’s blogging journey is different, and that’s okay!

    I review almost every book I read, but that’s only because I read such a small amount in the first place! 😂 Hopefully during the summer we can both find more time to read!

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    1. Yeah, I think it’s super important to keep in mind that blogging is a hobby and /not/ a source of income or education, really. And it’s not our job! ❤ ❤ It's so hard for me to remember that I should prioritize school over blogging, especially because I love blogging so much. Also, aaah you're super valid for not reading as fast as other people! I totally get feeling "behind" other people and not reading your hyped books, and I feel like the whole rush-of-the-community might make us feel like /there's no time to do anything/, especially because books are being published almost every week.

      There are so many books that I anticipated that I still haven't read, and I'm just trying to remember that I will eventually get to them. And if I don't, then that's okay too.

      Haha, when I read less books I definitely had more time to review them all, but it's still impressive to review all the books you read ❤ ❤ I hope you can find more time to read.


  6. ahh thank you for this! it’s so nice to know that so many people feel the same way. i wish we could read and blog because we enjoy it, not because of the pressure we put on ourselves. i hope you’re feeling a little less overwhelmed soon 🙂 x

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    1. Yeah! Sometimes it feels less like a passion and hobby and instead more like it’s our job and that we /need/ to keep up our blog in order to gain more followers/views. I’m glad you could relate to this, and thank you for your comment ❤


  7. It’s so interesting how so many of us feel the same pressures…but we let other people off the hook for things that we turn around and beat ourselves up over!

    I definitely don’t “review” every single book. I try to at least type a couple sentences for Goodreads, even if I can’t/don’t feel like writing a full review, but that’s mostly just for future me to remember what I liked about the book or why I rated it a certain way.

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    1. I actually once saw this post about how people are often too hard on themselves and hold themselves up to such high standards vs. other people. Like, I saw this post that was like “If someone else talked to you the way you talked to yourself how would you feel?” Basically, we need to stop constantly trying to achieve perfection and being disappointed. ❤

      Oh yes, reviews are definitely really helpful to remember why you rated a book the way it is or what even happened in the book! Even typing a few sentences for every book is still a good effort! I probably wouldn't be able to do the same?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes!!! That is so true! We’re so hard on ourselves but we would never say these types of things to other people! I try to treat myself the way I would treat a close friend…but it’s a work in progress. Even my self-talk is imperfect!!


  8. I love this post SO MUCH and so many of these are just SO RELATABLE.
    I know I read a whole lot already, I read more than I ever did, yet I still feel like I’m not reading enough somehow and sometimes, it’s stressing me out? Yet, I also know that I possibly can’t read more, or… I don’t want to read more, either, because I want to do other things, too, haha.
    I can’t review everything I read either and I’ve given up on trying, I’m only focusing on books I have to review and books I really want to talk about on the blog, too, but…. there’s only so much time and we can’t do it all and that’s something I’m always having a hard time accepting haha.
    And thank you for the reminder about comments, and not getting to them on time and everything. Need to remember that more often haha 🙂
    Fantastic post!! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AAAH Marie coming from you, that makes me feel so validateddd ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Especially from the Literal Blogging Queen??

      Yes, me too! Even when I'm in my "good" month where I read over 10 books, I'm still like "Why can't I read 20 books?" Because I know other people who can read over 20 books in a month and I just have to compare myself to them. And yeah, there are so many things that I wish I could do but just don't have the time omg.

      Same! I just try to review books that I /need/ to review or ones that I really, really love! I've tried to review EVERY SINGLE BOOK ever and it's so hard, omg. Sometimes you just can't form real thoughts about a book. Like I sat down for ten minutes to try and write a review for An Affair of Poisons but I couldn't think of what I could actually say?

      Not getting to comments on time is one of the things that I fail at the most, aaah! After all, I'm replying to you 20 days late… You're definitely valid in my book, Marie! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not 😭❤️ you’re too sweet!! ❤️
        There are so many things I wish I could do, but there’s only so much time in the day and I’m not a superhuman unfortunately and ugh it gets so frustrating at times, but… well, we need sleep, too, haha.

        I KNOW RIGHT? Same struggle with reviewing books, sometimes… the words just don’t come. I take it as a sign it’s not a book I’m meant to review somehow? haha.


  9. I review almost every book I read as a way to hone my writing skills, and I LOVE it. If you don’t enjoy doing it for every book, then don’t! No guilt. I don’t worry about responding to comments right away. I usually spend time on Sundays perusing the blogs I follow and leave comments, but that doesn’t happen every week. This week it’s happening today – Monday LOL Just go with the flow man! 🙂

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    1. Aaah I wish I could review all/most of the books I read! I feel like reviewing them all would actually really help my reviewing skills but then I feel like I repeat msyelf over and over again and I get really anxious about posting reviews? Hahaaaa, that’s a nice routine ❤


      1. I feel ya. The anxiety of pressing “publish” is stressful LOL Especially when you LOVE a book. I mean, how could I ever write anything about a book that blows me away? I just posted my review for When The Moon Was Ours, which is now my new FAV book ever, it took me hours, and hours, and hours, to try and make it somewhat good enough to post, Even now I feel like this amazing book deserves a much better review.


  10. Responding to comments is my biggest insecurity, which is honestly dumb. I don’t know exactly how to react when people compliment me and I always struggle to give a meaningful reply to everyone, because I really am genuinely thankful they took some time out of their day to read & comment on my post. Then I end up procrastinating and only replying like three days later, and I beat myself up for it, because I left that person hanging for too long. It’s not that deep, but it’s definitely something I need to be better at. Not only replying to comments on time, but also realizing that it is okay if I don’t have the time or the energy to interact that day and don’t feel bad about it. Easier said than done, that’s true, but that’s why posts like that are so important: because they remind me that is okay to not be the best of the bloggers 24/7 because no one really is! 😊

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    1. OMG Yess it’s also MY biggest insecurity, too! (I’m literally replying to you almost twenty days late aaAH.) Also, yeah, I almost always use the same reply when I’m complimented?? I’m just like “AAAAH THANK YOU” or do some variant of keyboard smash– every compliment means SO MUCH to me and I love everyone, but also I don’t know how to respond in a good and unique way ksjfkdj. I also don’t want to respond immediately sometimes because I don’t want to seem like I’m needy, which is so weird and dumb of me to think! Yessss you’re definitely an amazing blogger. ❤ ❤ And you're extremely valid.

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  11. I really love this post I can’t believe an idiot like you wrote it :(( but anyways you know I relate to a lot of these (strangely not the reading related ones????) and it makes me both reassured but sad that other bloggers and you can relate too. also you better be counting webcomics as read books you slug

    Liked by 1 person

        1. okay but i was specifically thinking about that time someone told you “be better at replying to comments” which was like,,, rude. also, okay but WHEN do I mark it as finished??? when the webtoon is finished??/ when I’m all caught up with the webtoon?? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE

          Liked by 1 person

          1. oof sorry for reminding you of a bad memory but like :// i’m still salty about that and will fight em. ALSO FOR THE WEBTOON: what the FRICK tho bc technically i finish it when the webtoon is finished. 😦


  12. Ahh, this is really such a great post! I relate so much. I do a lot of these things and then I feel bad about it but also simultaneously say that it’s okay but still feel bad?? I just confused myself, but yes, I definitely relate.😂I love what you said at the end about how it’s good to remember that book blogging is a hobby and it’s okay to rest because yes!! I needed that reminder. Thank you! Also, I could never review every book (though I admire those who do!! and those who don’t like me!) I read?? I have trouble articulating my thoughts on a single book for a long enough time to be a whole post so I end up doing mini reviews, and I still can’t do all the books…but it’s okay ahaha. Anyway, wonderful post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TYSM Olivia ❤ ❤ Yeah!! We usually hold ourselves up to perfect standards and omg we need to STOP. ❤ ❤ ❤ I don't know why, but I often think of blogging as if it's… a job… and it really isn't. I'm not getting monetary compensation for any of this, lol. Just validation through likes and comments, which are STILL meaningful but not the same. LMAO.

      Yess I totally envy those who can review every book because how does one. articulate all of their thoughts for the books they read?? I pull up Goodreads and then I immediately BLANK on everything I remember about the book! We still love mini reviewsss ❤ ❤

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  13. Yes to everything above! I really want to start blog hopping though because I don’t often do it enough. And I mostly don’t respond to comments on time because I sometimes overthink what I want to say. 🙈 And sometimes it’s like I’ll tell myself to respond later in the day then I realize the next day that I had forgotten to respond to a comment. 🙃 Anyways, great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg yeahh it can so hard to take time to blog hop and respond to comments. Also, sometimes I conjure up a response in my head but also don’t have the energy to actually type it up? It’s wild. I’ve put off responding to comments because I didn’t want to seem weird and needy for comments? Thank you so much! ❤

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    1. Thank you, Kay! ❤ ❤ ❤ hahaaa yeah I definitely choose whichever books to review on a really… wild basis. i just do it based off of my mood, and if I need to review a digital review copy I usually just write a small paragraph on Netgalley/EW but not goodreads?


  14. I think the ones I’m most guilty of are the feeling like I don’t read enough books and the not blogging hopping. I’m still quite bad at the other ones. I don’t review every book I read, and I don’t read every hyped book, but I’ve made my peace with those.

    On the other hand I was very upset last year when I read less than 70 books, when in previous years I’ve read a minimum of 120. And whenever I don’t blog hop I feel like a failure, because I want to read all the posts and tell everyone how much I enjoyed a post, but honestly I just don’t have time!

    And I’m just like you, since I totally get it when other people are struggling, but for some reason hold myself to impossible standards!

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    1. Not blog hopping always makes me feel so guilty, especially when I’m good friends with all of the bloggers and want to express my love and support for their posts! But sometimes we just don’t have time :/ and that’s totally okay. You’re very valid for not blogging hopping all the time.

      Yesss isn’t it so strange that our standards can change so much? I was disappointed in myself for not reading 125 books one year and then the next year I could only read 20 books! I feel like I’m obligated to comment on a post every time I read one, but then that makes me /not want to read posts/ which just sucks. ❤ ❤

      We're all human and it sucks when we hold ourselves up to perfectionist standards but then don't meet them! We're ultimately setting ourselves up to fail :/


  15. I can relate to virtually all of your points here! It can be so hard to fit in blogging and reading along with everything else, and I do think we all need to stop beating ourselves up about it.
    For me, the main ones I struggle with (and then beat myself up about!) is finding the time to write posts and respond to comments. Especially recently because I started a new job and it’s been kind of stressful, and my blog has had to take a back seat, which makes me feel bad.
    And I definitely don’t review every book I read, mostly because if I leave it too long I forget everything that happened in the book!
    Great post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, I’m glad you can relate <33 Omg yess, it can be so hard to manage your time, especially when you have other important parts of your life that you need to attend to. It's important to stay mindful that blogging is only a hobby and we shouldn't feel guilty for taking time away ❤ Hahaa yess there are so many books that I've marked "review-to-come" but then… it's been six months and there is no review. It will never come.


  16. i love that you can write serious posts and silly ones and they’re always good no matter what type of post they are!! also yes the book blogging community can be SO tiring there’s a new hyped book every second. and then by the time i’ve read the hyped book everyones moved on! and honestly if you think about it putting the pressure to read 100 books per year and stuff is INSANE. i know people have time to read or just can read very fast but like,,, with school and exams and LIFE how do people even read that much? how did past me read that much? IDK.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ilsa this comment made me smile so much oh my god,,, go back to roasting me please?? happiness is futile. anyways YEAH the book community is so fast-paced. can it please just pause for like a week so i can crawl into a cave and read books and come out /ready/ for everything?? like there’s always new blog posts, always new books being announced and being released oh my god.

      YES i know right??! like, I read less than 40 books in 2018 and then i read 100 books in 2017 and i’m so shocked at myself. how did i do that?? how did i put pressure on myself to read over 125 books and be disappointed that i didn’t reach it?? who was i?? wild.

      Liked by 1 person

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