My Favorite Feelings/Moments From Book Blogging (and why I still blog)

Blogging is… a lot of things.

It can be really frustrating at times, but it can be really amazing sometimes.

I feel like this is my mantra and I’ve repeated this 100x over, but blogging takes a lot of emotional and physical energy.

However, I’m still here for very specific reasons: Free books.

I’m kidding.

I’m here mainly because of the amazing blogging friends I’ve made. 💖 Not only that, but I love that I have an actual space to talk about my feelings and people who ?? actually ?? listen ??

It’s wild.

But, I mean, having access to more books is definitely a benefit. (And I’m not shaming anyone if they actually are blogging directly for books, as long as they put in actual efforts to review the books.)

Anyways, here’s all of my favorite feelings from blogging. If you’re reading this, I love you. (And if you’re not hate-reading this. Lol.)



Honestly, it will never fail to astonish me that people actually read my blog and read my posts. My astonishment is kind of sad, I know. But like… what?? You’re here?? Reading this?? Right now?? Why would you  do that to yourself.

Sometimes I post something wild like Spoofing Titles of My Favorite Books or Books I Associate With Each Other and then people… actually kind of mildly semi-enjoy those posts I guess?

Readers of my blog are giving me too much confidence and it needs to stop.



This happened with my post Things Bloggers Shouldn’t Feel Guilty For (is this post just for me to self-promo? I guess this is a thing now.) People said that they related to a lot of the things I mentioned and/or mentioned other things that they struggled with and I just felt like hugging everyone.

Like, what? My struggles are also your struggles? I’m not the only one??

Related image
I don’t know what Jim Carrey is doing to his face, but this gif is supposed to show shock. I also didn’t know what Jim Carrey looked like before this post? #BloggingIsEducational

I mean, I was aware that other people also struggled with those things but I guess it was never fully realized.

Anyways, to the main point of the post: it’s great to know that other people can relate to my posts and can feel seen and that, well, I’m not the only one.


WHEN SOMEONE SAYS THAT YOU’RE FUNNY (or that you made them laugh)

This is one of the most validating compliments, ever.

I don’t know how I got the sense of humor that I currently have (I’m assuming it’s a mix of being Gen Z + the Internet +  watching Chandler on Friends + having low self esteem) but it’s so cool when your sense of humor actually appeals to other people.

Wait… I think being funny is currently my only value as an book blog?

I definitely do not deliver on insightful and intelligent content, or consistently introduce new and fresh titles (I talk about the same five books all the time), or have helpful and educational posts.



I think one of the books I’ve had most impact for is The Epic Crush of Genie Lo, mainly because it’s a smaller release and I’ve talked about it every other post? Yes?

I feel so happy whenever someone says that they’re really excited to read a book after I’ve talked about it / recommended it, but also scared that the book is going to be really disappointing and I’ve been wrong all along.

Whenever someone says that they won’t read a book because of me, I want to gently place them onto a leaf (like they’re Thumbelina*) and say “no my opinions literally do not matter, why would you base your reading choices off of them.”

There are a few occasions where I feel like my negative opinions are actually valid, and they mainly consist of when the book is just… terrible, terrible quality. (ex. The Foxhole Court, Everless)

But besides those, I mainly feel like my negative opinions are just cases of mismatched tastes and I want to softly scream “noooooooooooooooo”

Anyways, this whole section was really negative and I just want to say: thank you to everyone whose reading decisions are ever impacted by my opinions! It’s so cool to actually have affected other people in some way. (is this my legacy?????)

*Autocorrect suggested “Thumbnail” instead of Thumbelina. Thank you for your input autocorrect we appreciate you



I’ve gotta say, this does not happen that often, but I always feel a rush of adrenaline and joy whenever I get a package from a publisher or when I receive an approval email from Netgalley/Edelweiss.

Also, one time I was sent a book by Disney Publishing (Far From Agrabah) and I was so shocked because another time I’d requested from them, I was denied? I completely forgot that my stats actually did this weird thing called grow since a year ago.

Anyways, it makes me doubly happy whenever I receive diverse (or Asian / East Asian) books because it’s evidence that the publishers are making at least a slight effort to send books to reviewers of color!!



Whoa… what… people… remember my post… and actually want to spread it?

I LOVE EVERYONE WHO DOES THIS AND APPRECIATE THEM SO MUCH!!! I always try to read and comment on the posts that mention me in them, and if I missed any of them I am so sorry.

But I just appreciate the people who actually take the time to remember my post and feature it. It’s ultra validating.

tell me your thoughts 2

Wow, was this post “my favorite feelings while book blogging” or was it “I’m a really insecure person”? Did you guys relate to any of these feelings? Has Chandler from Friends ever impacted your sense of humor? What are some of your other favorite feelings from blogging?


  1. I loved this post, Ju! These feelings are really the best, and they make me so happy even though I’m a smol lil blog on the Internet ahahah

    Also I STAN Chandler so much, literally my favourite character. I wish I could be as funny as Chandler, but I’m trying to get there. One day.

    (You are as funny as Chandler and I love your sense of humour omg because it’s super similar to mine, albeit mine is a lil darker lmao)

    A really great feeling I’ve personally gotten from blogging is when people validate you and your posts, especially when you feel terrible about them. Okay now I feel lowkey self-centred so I’m gonna skrt out, have an amazing day and happiest of reading ofc ❤


  2. lol, I’m pretty sure I started blogging for the free books, but now I stay for all of the ranting and discussions I get to do! I don’t even care about free books anymore! I just like to chat.

    You’re one of my favorite bloggers because you’re both relatable and you care about your followers! Like, some bloggers can be funny, or relatable, or caring, but only one of those? And you’re pretty much all three. It’s also super weird to see bloggers who I look up to worry about being relatable, when I’m like “no no no, you’re such a good blogger”… but then I’ve recently been this blogger for some of my own followers? I guess this is like a neverending chain of self-doubt. But just know that every feeling you just listed made me just *chef kiss*

    (also, omg I can’t even imagine a time when I didn’t know what Jim Carrey looked like 🤣)


  3. Honestly, I blog partly for the free books too, even though I never get them… AND oh yesss, chandler from friends is the best! I think I share the same amount of self-esteem with him, and it’s definitely not good for a lot of things but it is good for jokes at my expense ;))!! I also did not know what Jim Carrey looked like until reading this post! I live under a rock though so I’m not surprised! #bloggingiseducational

    But for real, as a relatively new blogger, I’ve yet to experience most of the things mentioned in this post, but this makes me really excited for the future. You are really funny, believe me! And it’s partly because of you that The Epic Crush is Genie Lo is on my TBR, and I know nothing about it except that it’s a monkey king retelling, which isn’t saying much because I’m not very familiar with the monkey king. I really see the effort you’ve put into your blog, and honestly, this is cheesy , but I’m so happy that your blog brings you the same joy that it does to me ❤️❤️


  4. I relate to this post so much! I started blogging at the beginning of the year and honestly, some posts I wrote I was worried wouldn’t be well-received and yet they were? People related? I was taken aback. And everyone’s been so lovely I’m so glad I decided to finally start blogging ♥


  5. These are all great things about blogging! As you said, blogging can be tiresome and daunting, and sometimes very difficult to stay on top of; but it’s also very very rewarding.

    For most of the bloggers this is a second job that doesn’t pay a cent, but we still spend so much time preparing post, writing reviews, taking photos, reading books, because it’s the best thing ever!

    I love the community, the people I get to speak to. But also the feeling that I have this tiny space on the web, and it’s mine to do or talk about whatever I want. The hard work that goes into every post, and the feeling of accomplishment when they are published. ❤


  6. I kind of want to do a spin off of this post called “worst moments of blogging” is this okay. Honestly yeah like with the devouring gray I gave it a one star review and now all the comments are saying they’re going to not read the book and I’m like…my opinion is invalid and stupid. Read the book okay. STRUGGLES of book reviewers. Anyways Ur really funny 🥰🥰🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DO IT BINCH. I’M HYPED FOR THAT POST. Lmaooo yess when I was commenting on your review I saw other people’s comments and how everyone said they wouldn’t pick it up and I was like “omg if I was Ilsa I would combust.” YES, the struggles of reviewers who have #clout 😔. Ilsa why are you so nice to me? I LOVE YOU? By the way I do not know what that emoji is


  7. OH MY GOSH JULES YOU’RE SO FUNNY AHAHHAHA I RELATE YOU SO MUCHHHHH ❤ ❤ ❤ (okay this was me teasing a little bit but i do love and appreciate you)

    I really really enjoyed your Things Bloggers Shouldn't Feel Bad About post but also this post so much because as much as blogging can be stressful and easy to get worried over, there are also so many wonderful things that make the experience so great. It honestly relate so much to the monthly-wrap up one because it's like "YOU LIKE IT ENOUGH TO SHARE IT??? AHHHH"

    and those little internal wins of getting approved for your most highly anticipated books is like YAAAS (omg i'm so inherent but you get what i mean) it just makes me feel so proud and validated?? i'm also so ashamed that i haven't watched Friends but it's been too long now to even watch it so OH WELL but yes i really loved this post and youuuuu~


  8. I love this post! As someone who’s newer to book blogging, I really love seeing you gush about your feelings associated with blogging, and I’m excited to (hopefully) experience them! ❤ Also, your writing style is so personal and lovely, feels like I’m talking to you face-to-face, and I just really wanted to tell you that I love your writing voice!


  9. This post is amazing and I related so much?! A lot of these moments are my favorites, too. Another amazing blogging feeling I love is opening up my notifications and seeing comments waiting! (That sounds simple but IT’S JUST SO WONDEFUL.)

    Chandler from Friends is EVERYTHING, I could only wish to have his sense of humor.😭❤️He’s my favorite friend (except maybe Phoebe, I can’t decide between them) and has been known to make me laugh out loud in about every Friends episode ever?


  10. YES YES YES!!! To all of this! I will never get over getting that lil notification that says someone actually loved my post enough to mention it to their followers. That and a post I wasn’t sure about doing better than I expected (my zodiac recs for example). OH and making people laugh! I got that one a lot on my guessing plots from covers post and it made my day!
    this is a wonderful post ❤


  11. I love this post so, so, SO much and YES TO EVERYTHING ❤ I always feel so happy to see that someone read a book because of my recommendation, it makes me the happiest ever. And whenever a post works out better than I thought, or when people can relate to my struggles, this just makes me so happy and ahh. ❤ This is a great post ❤


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