May/June 2019 Recap [part two, blogging/life] || aka my hiatus recap. because I was on a hiatus

In case you didn’t know, me splitting my recap into two parts was also because of the fact that I forgot EVERYTHING from May and June. 

Also, I can’t even do my favorite post / most popular post of May or June because did I post?? I guess not! That’s really interesting that I didn’t post anything how did that happen lmao

I’m literally frantically looking through my camera roll and all I have is like, ONE life-related update I can tell you.

edit: I’m updating this post because apparently the AESTHETIC and BEAUTIFUL pictures I thought I uploaded did not work 😦

{recap part one: reading}

blogging stuff 2

things i changed

  • My recap formatting………. I split it into two parts……….


posts i loved


other things


bookish news

The cover for Harley in the Sky was revealed and I’m pretty sure most people have seen it, but if you haven’t!!!!! GO LOOK AT IT.

Eric Smith’s Don’t Read the Comments had its cover revealed and it’s cute!!! Also I love Eric Smith.


blogging goals

(Oh my god this post is only like, 385 words so far abort abort abort this entire recap-splitting thing)

  • post 5 or 6 times this month!!!! (please)
  • write 3 goodreads reviews
  • blog hop enough


life stuff 3

media consumed

Image result for princess weiyoung  Related image

I don’t know if any of you all watch Chinese dramas/care about them, but.. 3/5 of these medias listed are Chinese dramas, so I’m SORRY if you just skip over this.

The Princess Weiyoung— Y’all, this is over fifty episodes long and I LITERALLY consumed all of the first twenty-thirty episodes in like… four days. (It was a four-day weekend.) And each episode is about an hour, so???? This is just a really addicting drama and the acting was a little better than mediocre !!!! which is lowkey hard to find in Chinese dramas (yes I’ll roast my own country) so I was elated !!!! (Also, the ending was lowkey unnecessary but like… whatever.)

It also makes me sad how Mandarin Chinese dramas are always dubbed in the Beijing dialect because??? I feel like it’s hard for me to interpret emotion from their voices? And it would be pretty cool if there was ever a drama with the same rural dialect as me :’)

Strong Girl Bong-Soon— Technically, I didn’t even finish this but this was like, my third rewatch and I already know what happens so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  (but if anyone has any recommendations for Korean dramas similar to this or Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo……… slide into my emails. My dms. My mailbox. Bless me with this information, I beg of you. Also, I’m exaggerating about the mailbox.

Image result for the round planet movie poster    Image result for accidentally in love chinese drama

Just a warning: I didn’t even fully watch all three of these. I watched like… one or two episodes but I have enough opinions to talk about it.

Round Planet— This is supposed to be a documentary, but hilarious. And… it’s really not. I mean, I guess it could be funny for someone who isn’t a millennial/Gen-Z person, but so many of the jokes were way too predictable for me? I only watched the first episode (about Antarctica) and the opening joke was “Welcome to this place where there is… ice… ice… and more ice.”

This statement might at first, seem hilarious to you, but I promise you that it’s only because of my NATURAL HILARITY and if you heard the British narrator say it, you would not laugh.

Well-Intended Love— Wow, the acting was just not good.

I am always struggling! to find! a good modern contemporary Chinese drama! I have literally not found one. (Help me?????)

Accidentally in Love— The acting was also not good again, and I was just lowkey in pain the entire time I watched the first episode… GOODBYE.


thoughts on summer

Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about summer because I always end up being excessively lazy, without doing any sort of proper work and it makes me upset that I’m not being productive. However, I’m extremely weak at forcing myself to take courses/study to prepare for the incoming school year.

Like, I have SO MUCH TIME, it’s just that without any semblance of routine, my life falls to shambles. And I’m bad at forcing myself to be orderly, especially when I wake up at such late times. (If I wake up before 12:00 pm, I’m proud of myself. Once… I woke up at 2 pm. The feeling that you’ve wasted the day away is terrible.)

Basically, my ideal day would probably actually be having school but no homework. I’m so excited for graduating college/university and then going off to work to have job where I don’t need to do homework for my job!!! And then I can just do whatever and pursue my passions outside of work!!!! And I’ll actually be able to pursue those passions because I’ll have a routine!!!


this life hack I learned

If you are drinking a really, really sugary beverage… I recommend diluting it a little bit (not too much) with water. Even though it might not be as strong as before, it still tastes good (as long as you’re careful about the amount of water you’re adding)!!! And it’s also probably healthier???

I don’t even use this hack anymore except for beverages that are WAY too sweet (like pomegranate flavored aloe).


this groundhog story

Okay, so my land (property???) used to have a lot of groundhogs who would just dig up our plants (tbh, I don’t know why this was a problem because we hardly have a garden) and so we caught a bunch of them and re-released them a street away, at someplace that may or may not be a local high school. (Is that illegal??????) (not saying I *did* it but like… asking 4 a friend)

That was just some ~context~ that’s not even necessary for the story, but I just wanted to share it.

Anyways, we were walking back from the high school (since my family lives super close to this high school, we just take walks on its track some evenings) and we see a freaking GROUNDHOG on top of the tree in our yard.

Like. We did not know that groundhogs could even climb trees??? And my younger sister wanted to call the fire department?? (And I, naturally, was smart and said NO because obviously, do we care that much? we should just let this groundhog be.)

Also, I’m pretty sure you only have 2 strikes when calling the fire department for non-emergency related reasons, and I did not want them to yell at us.


my trip to Maryland !!!

IMG_9686This was underwhelming. In all seriousness, I forgot how terrible road trips were.

They are boring, especially when the car you’re in literally doesn’t have any backseat vents (??????? what is up with that ????) and it’s way! too hot!

I’m usually able to just sleep the entire car ride away but unfortunately, somehow I wasn’t able to fall asleep for the first four hours and it gets cramped.

(Also look! I’m actually using photos for once.) Look at this gorgeous, gorgeous photo on the left of some unique and outstanding bridge beams. They’re blue! But they’re not actually that shade, because I used a filter. 😎IMG_9700.jpg

However, one of the highlights of the trip was getting to go to a mall!!!

Apparently, Auntie Anne’s DID NOT DIE, and apparently if a business isn’t open near me, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s completely shut down? Wow, truly interesting.

We didn’t get Auntie Anne’s ( 😡 ) but we just walked around.

Also, I drank coconut water, which is pretty cool.


sims 4

Have you heard of this underhyped game called Sims 4? It’s so so so fun and just, really addicting?

I created Sims based off of my older sister and her significant other and my younger brother, who are all just living together (which I think is hilarious, but probably isn’t) and I think I’ve spent at least twenty hours total on that game.

Surprisingly, I haven’t played as much as I thought I would, but the first couple of days after I downloaded that game? Sims 4 All Day 24/7.

Also, my older sister is making 321 SimCoins per hour (she’s a Wardrobe Wiz) and her S.O. is making like, 151 SimCoins (he’s a Pro Gamer).

The house is really, really ugly (the roof is just completely flat) but I didn’t want to spend that much money on fixing it, so… it’s just gonna stay that way. Oh well.


life goals

  • Start seriously studying for future coursework (because I’ll probably need it)
  • Start practicing languages on Duolingo + other platforms
  • Don’t sleep myself to death?
  • Practice my artwork!!! Why is my skill level just terrible!
  • Stay healthy and be good about nutrition. Also, I need to try not to stress eat.


tell me your thoughts 2

Do you have any recommendations for Chinese or Korean dramas? If you’re a student, how do you feel about summer / how are you spending it? Do you hate road trips? Have you played Sims & what did you do with your Sims? Do you like warm pretzels? What did you watch in May/June and what do you recommend?


  1. i procrastinate allll summer and it’s pretty terrible!! honestly i would love a school day where you couldn’t leave school without doing all your homework because the lure of netflix is too much for me to handle,, and YES i love sims 4 but i spend more time making my sim and their house than actually playing the game. oops. awesome post!!

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    1. same!! I feel like… just having the general presence of a routine would help me so much in accomplishing things during summer?? maybe?? also, YES the lure of just spending time consuming all of the media is way too intense for me, and that plus homework always sucks out ALL of the time for me in the day which is terribleeee. LMAO when I started playing the sims I literally spent like, an hour designing the perfect Sims before actually getting to play the game. (my house is SO ugly but it’s so much fun buying stuff? even though I run out of money way too quickly)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. JU OMG HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU WATCHED STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON??? That’s literally like my FAVORITE kdrama to date. uhh i dont know if these are considered simialr recs but i really liked sassy gogo (aka cheer up) and pinocchio! WAIT OKAY and a good chinese drama i really liked was Love O2O and a old taiwanese drama was autumn’s concerto!!

    SADNESS on not being able to get auntie anne’s! T_T their almond pretzels are my fave bc it’s not too sweet like cinnamon and it doesnt get sugar dust on your fingers too~~ and it’s okay juuuu enjoy your summer! hang out with friends. ENJOY YOUR YOUTH (i say as if i’m like old and wise but really im just like 4/5 years older mwhahaha). i think this is a great summer for you to pick up a fun hobby or just volunteer and whatevs. maybe do something fun for college apps.

    i also use the lifehack that you have ironically for kombucha. i find that normal kombucha is just too strong so that’s why a diluted version is basically perf. ANYWAY i had been waiting for this recap and i feel super proud to be well-educated on ju’s july to-do’s and I CANT WAIT FOR MORE aka our buddy reads and stuffs


    Liked by 1 person

    1. holy god, I LITERALLY REPLIED TO THIS COMMENT and now I’m forever mad that WordPress did not send it through. Anyways, YES STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON IS SO GOOD and I’m literally obsessed with the li (Hyungsik) and sjdfksdjfkslfka. Also, oooh okay I will keep your recs of Sassy Go Go & Pinocchio in mind!! I’ll probably watch Pinocchio first!! MY SISTER WATCHED LOVE O2O AND SHE WAS OBSESSED WITH IT.

      I haven’t actually had the almond pretzels?? I’ve only had the normal salty type and the sugar type!! WILD. Ahhh I really don’t know what hobby to pick up!! Except like. blogging lmao.

      I tried a sample of kombucha once at Costco and it tasted like Vinegar so I was just like: goodbye!! However… is it a lot better diluted?? Also, we need to organize more buddy reads. PLEASE.

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  3. OHMYGOD I GOT ADDICTED TO SIMS LAST MONTH AS WELL! TWO WEEKS BEFORE MY MIDYEAR EXAMS 😢 Definitely not my proudest moment but hey, it’s great for my mental health?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LMAO!! Sims 4 is just… way too addicting. Making people live their little lives?? IT’S SO FUN and I love getting to control everything. Yes. Thankfully, I was able to control myself and didn’t play that much during my exams lolol.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I LOVE SIMS4 IT’S SO GOOD. I downloaded it at the beginning of July and I’ve been missing out for so long??
    I would love a school day without homework to be honest. The amount I get + revision for exams it’s literally just 8 hours of school in a day no thank you. And then I have 0 time or motivation for anything else.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sims is just too high quality of a game, I CANNOT. I’ve heard of it so many times and I’ve known others were obsessed with it but when I got into it, that was my Enlightenment(TM).

      Oh my god, yeah!! I feel like a normal school day… okay okay, that’s fine (although tiring), but the homework is just a Wild Problem on top of it all. I just want time to do other things and rest or explore other topics! I hate feeling like I Have To Do Everything but not actually doing anything.


  5. You just reminded me of everything I (still) have to do this summer! Don’t worry, I am also lazy during these school breaks. I mean, school is hard, and this is a break, right? So I should be able to relax. I also know that I will have a lot of schoolwork when I go back to college next month, and taking care of my mental health and exercising this summer is enough for me! Maybe it’s not lazy after all, if I just like doing it? 😅

    But that groundhog story is hilarious! Similarly, (although not really funny, tbh) my house was recently infested with baby black widow spiders. It was not good, and we had to evacuate for a few days. Scary times. But it’s fine, now!

    I actually love road trips (because I get to read in the car!), and I also love warm pretzels. Good luck with the rest of your summer, Ju! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhhh, summer breaks scare me so much because I just feel like I have to do everything, but you’re right– we should be RELAXING, lmao. Which is what I’ve been doing. I know it’ll be easier for me if I study my courses beforehand, but like… also I don’t want to. (I’ll probably end up doing it.)

      Oh my god, BABY BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS?? That’s… intense and also scary and deadly!!! I’m glad you’re okay! (We’re… twinning in the infestation of animals. Lmao.)

      Warm pretzels are everything, and I forgot how much I love them. Also, I totally see your point about road trips! How do you not get a headache when reading? I used to be able to Push Through the Pain but now I’m old, weak, and frail and I cannot.


  6. AHH I LOVE THIS POST. Anddd I’m really happy you’re back!💘Thank you for mentioning my post in your wrap-up section, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. *virtual hug*

    Omg that’s so sad that the Auntie Anne’s near you closed?? My family has always weirdly loved that place because my mom’s name is Anne and she’s an aunt to my cousins so she always is like “hey, it’s my store!” which I guess it true for every Anne in the entire world, but ya know, it’s just one of those odd family quirks lol.

    I can truthfully say I have never seen a groundhog! I hope they leave your house alone, though, haha. I relate to your thoughts on summer. I also really hate the feeling of waking up late and realizing a lot of the day is gone, so I’ve been setting alarms throughout the summer so I avoid that feeling. BUT don’t feel bad for just chilling and relaxing because you deserve the downtime and summer is only so long!! ❤

    I hope the rest of your July is amazing and that your August is too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YEAH there used to be a ton of Auntie Anne’s stalls in my local mall and they’re all gone and are now Wetzel’s Pretzels… rude. That’s such a cute family quirk!! We do that all the time with my younger brother when we see Michael’s, lmao.

      YOU HAVEN’T SEEN A GROUNDHOG. WOW. Yeah, I used to think that they only existed in like, the plains, but now I’ve experienced viewing an ~exotic~ animal. Lmao. It looks similar to a squirrel but really big and also very close to how a beaver would look?? I’m praying they leave me and my house alone too. YES, I hate waking up late SO MUCH. Because I feel like I’m just more productive in the mornings? And I love the feeling of mornings?? They make me so happy and are just so peaceful.

      Have fun in August!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. WEIGHTLIFTING FAIRY KIM BOK JOOOOO. I love that drama so much, and it’s just so fluffy and happy I LOVE IT. sadly, I don’t have any other recommendations because it’s like I stopped watching kdrama after watching that. also, the only chinese drama I know of is meteor garden but my friends say it’s good so..? omg so my school is weird and our summer starts in March and ends in June. but in this summer, I spent two months of it in china studying mandarin, and idk it was fun, but I couldn’t really use the summer to blog and read! anyways, I wish you all the luck with your blog and life goals. I am a hundred percent sure that you can do it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YESSS I love it!! Even though the crime plotline makes me a little stressed out because the villain is so intelligent and I’m just like JHDSHFJSLSKFDj. Omg Meteor Garden!!! Okay so I started it.. . and I was really disappointed by the acting lmao because I loved the original drama version and so much of this is filler lolll. BUT I feel like it can definitely be addicting and I was pretty into it in the first couple of episodes.

      OOOH that’s so cool that you were able to study in China!! DID YOU HAVE FUN AND TAKE PICTURES?? Also my summer ends at the end of August lmaoo. ❤ Thank you!! I find it funny that I'm making my goals when there are five days of summer left lmaoo.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. the chinese dubbing annoys me too lol. i watch the cdrama meteor garden and although i like it and would recommend it, it does get boring and the characters do get annoying haha

    Liked by 1 person

  9. OHMYGOD I LOVE STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON!! (and weightlifting fairy kim bok joo too!!) it’s so AGHFKSLDK 💓
    also, have you watched WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING? i loved that one. ALSO, you really have to watch SCARLET HEART: RYEO if you haven’t because it’s probably my favorite korean drama ever. (i just finished it last week.)
    my summer is pretty busy honestly. i have a lot of things to do and a lot of deadlines and *sighs* i just want a day where i just lay in bed and do nothing.
    AMAZING POST! (as usual 💓)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Strong Woman & Weightlifting Fairy are in my top 3 of dramas and they make my heart so HAPPY AND FILLED. Omg I haven’t watched While You Were Sleeping but my sister keeps telling me to… and I might actually start watching it now lmaooo! Also, I REALLY WANT TO WATCH SCARLET HEART: RYEO! I want to watch so many more historical k-dramas yesssss.

      Ahhh, I hope you can find a day where you get to just relax ❤ I feel extremely restless but also, if I do anything, I feel overly tired? Life is Wild. (THANK YOU!!)

      Liked by 1 person

  10. ok so this is not the right thread of comments for this but a) lovely post as always
    NOW FOR THE REAL TEA (oh god whyyy am i so cringy)
    I started Tell Me How You Really Feel…. couldn’t finish because, um, I was reading it in a bookshop?? Without buying it cause it’s a freaking hardcover and eXpEnSiVe??? But I got to like page 67 and HAHA THE DEDICATION OMG WHAT ON EARTH. PRICELESS. And oh poor Sana and just ughhh the trope is being done too well HELPPPP except Rachel is so so mean like why. How. (this entire comment was me fangirling IM NOT SORRY)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG OKAY you know what, I was actually really enjoying Tell Me How You Really Feel in the first section because I was like OMG MY CUTIES!!! Sooooo I’m hyped to see how you fare in the rest, lmao. How do you feel about the writing??? ALSO YES THE DEDICATION HAHAAA. And yeah!!! Rachel was so so mean and it made me just sad because I loved Sana so much.


  11. Good luck with all your goals! 💕 I loooved the Groundhog story omg 😂 What happened to it? Did it eventually leave? If not, looks like you’ve got a strange new pet now 😄 I’m currently spending my summer trying to get back to writing so we’ll see how it goes ☀

    Liked by 1 person

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