July 2019 Recap [part two, blogging/life] did you know that I’m a mess and also, lazy?

Honestly, all I want to talk about is one (1) thing this month. 

And that is the fact that I started watching this particular anime… Boku no Hero Academia.

I feel like approximately 2 people will have even heard of what this anime is, but guys… if you like anime… this one is so good wowowowowowowow.

Anyways, in terms of my blogging this month? I didn’t do so hot, especially considering that most of my posts were reviews or… a recap or things that were just Extremely Late.

I didn’t even write any discussion posts?? SO I WANT TO GET AT LEAST ONE DISCUSSION OR LIST OUT THIS MONTH except I genuinely have no inspiration of idea of what I could write. 😎😎

Side note: you should all check your spam comments… because for some reason, a lot of my comments went to spam so I figured that EVERYONE should just check their spam comments because you never know what absolute icons’ comments are in there.

Also!! I was nominated for the 2019 Book Blogger Awards hosted by May (the voting form has closed, we haven’t seen the results) and I’m just like ??? ????? who said I deserved this. I LOVE YOU ALL. ❤

May also put a ton of time and effort into hosting it and trying to make everyone feel supported, so: make sure to go check out their post when it releases.

related: July 2019 Reading Recap

Edit: can you believe I wanted this post to upload on the 20th of August and it’s published the 22nd. Like… I already wrote the post and EVERYTHING I was just too lazy to publish it!


blogging stuff 2

things i changed

Wow, I really really want to change my current blog theme because while I do like certain aspects, like: how you can see that an image is linked; the format of blockquotes; and how the header image looks very good…

WHY IS THE TEXT SO THIN. I’m in pain 5ever and I really don’t know what theme I could transition to that doesn’t have a sidebar AHH.

Anyways, I didn’t change that but: I stopped making my links open in a new tab automatically because I don’t even like it when other websites do that???

If I want it to be in a separate tab, I will always, always just select it to open in a new tab myself and I just figured that other people are going to do the same??

Also, the reason that I started making my links open in a new tab was because May told me that she did it so that people wouldn’t have to leave their site which is genius but it’s too much WORK FOR ME. Clicking an extra box when I insert links?? How about NO.

I really need to create proper images for my pages though because they… don’t even fully show when you open them up. (Don’t look, you will be in pain.)


favorite post

Listen. I posted four posts: my two recap posts, my anticipated releases post, and a review… so I just have to say: my anticipated releases post. Although!! I was pretty proud of my reading recap!

Anticipated Releases of the Second Half of 2019This was such a late post, and yeah. I don’t know what else to say about it except that I’m actually kind of satisfied with this post because for once (1ce), I didn’t just repeat “the cover is cute and I’m excited” 10x over.

I expended a lot of my braincells when trying to think of creative things to say… please appreciate this. It’s hard. Life is hard.


most popular post

May_June Bookish RecapI would be pretty surprised that a recap post was my most popular during this month but like… there was NOT a lot to choose from!!! Something I really want to rectify!!! I don’t know how though when I lose motivation after posting 2 posts!!! It’s even summer so I don’t have an excuse.

What am I doing.

Anyways, this also marked me splitting my recaps in half and I’m not sure if it was a good idea because I’ve been posting my part twos… so late.


book blogger award nominations

I figured I needed to take some time to shout out everyone who nominated me for the 2019 Book Blogger Awards!!!

I love you all and thank you so much. ❤ If you voted for me via the form, I still love you. (I voted through the form anyways lmao.)

Xandra  /  May  /  Shealea  /  Ilsa  /  Tiffany  /  Rhi  /  Caro  /  Kat

Taasia  /  Lili  /  Fadwa  /  Kelly  /  Olivia

I’m pretty sure this is everyone that gave me a pingback/tagged me, so thank you!


posts i loved

Caitlin wrote about why you should never compare your blogging statistics with others.

Olivia discusses the real things that bloggers do and this is INSIGHTFUL.

There are no words for how much I love Jade City, and how much I love this series of interviews with Shealea and Fonda Lee.

Elise talks about liking or enjoying media made by problematic creators and it’s just… good. Very high quality. Like, I will always hate the fact that Harry Potter is talked about so much in the book community considering the creator but it would be unfair to fault anyone for loving Harry Potter!! Because I, too, loved Harry Potter.

May wrote a post about feeling guilty as a book blogger and… it’s correct.

I usually do 198304 features in this section but like??? I’M TIRED I’M SORRY I STILL LOVE YOU GUYS.


bookish news

Kelly Yang’s publishing a Young Adult book in May 2020 about East Asian (Chinese?) immigrants being dropped off in the US while their parents remain on the mainland. It’s called PARACHUTES!

Emma Mill’s 2020 novel, LUCKY CALLER, had its cover released and it literally does not match her other covers at all but I’M A FAN. (I started it and I am LOVING it.)

Sandhya Menon’s Beauty and the Beast retelling set in a magical boarding school had its cover released and once again, it does not match her other covers but I LOVE IT STILL.


other cool things on the internet

The new live-action Mulan trailer was released but… you have all probably seen it, lmao. I’ll probably be watching it??? I’m not sure though.

There needs to be more nonbinary characters in media who aren’t aliens, robots, or monsters —  an article by Electric Literature.

There’s a report about why Nixon started the war on drugs (so that the black and hippie communities could be criminalized by being associated with heroin and marijuana respectively). It’s really long so I don’t expect anyone to read it all.

The NY Times published an article about busing, white communities’ opposition to it, and how it’s all about racism.


past blogging goals

  • post 5 or 6 times this month!!!! (please) X X  ⁠— Yeah. I did not do that.
  • write 3 goodreads reviews X X — I guess that when you set goals for yourself, you FAIL THEM.
  • blog hop enough ✓ — I actually started using Feedly and for the first time in forever, I blog hopped kind of intensely… it stopped when my comments turned to spam though… my feed is overflowing…


future blogging goals

  • post at least ONE discussion post — the real question here is what would I EVEN POST because I have no creative energy right now
  • post two reviews — I’ve READ my overdue books I just haven’t POSTED OR WRITTEN MY REVIEWS FOR THEM


life stuff 3

literary media consumed

Not to flex, but if I counted all of the webcomics I read as well as all of the manga volumes I read on Goodreads/in my monthly recaps… I would probably have read at least 80 more “books” by now in 2019. BUT I DON’T COUNT THEM and I don’t know why.

Obviously, they still have the same literary value but like… it just feels so convoluted and one manga volume just does not feel like it should count like a book in Goodreads!!! Because I would then be Way Too Powerful and the world would just not be okay. Also, the time it takes me to read a manga volume is like 20 minutes. IDK.

Anyways, I read two new webtoons:

  • My Deepest Secret / This is about this girl whose boyfriend is… hiding a ~secret~ which is very violent and kind of bad and it’s just wild. I don’t know enough about the other lead to truly root for him… but he seems smart??? HE JUST DOESN’T SEEM LIKE HE HAS FLAWS and I’m just like okay cool.
  • Random Chat / The main character gives me very similar vibes to this guy I know in real life and I don’t know how I feel about it. Anyways, this is very, really interesting and there’s something about the art style that makes him give off so many Gross vibes. But like, I’m rooting for this loser.

I’m TOO LAZY to link these so I’m sorry but you can just look up the titles along with the keyword “webtoon” and you’ll be sure to find them!

I also watched the anime Boku no Hero Academia and because I was so intensely obsessed with it, of course I started the manga too. Which amounts to twenty-four volumes!!! Wild, yeah?

This manga is so amazing and it’s way too hard for me not to fall down into a hole on Instagram where I just look through fan comics!!!! I can’t stop and I won’t stop! There are just too many for me to look away?


media consumed

Well, I started the Boku no Hero Academia anime and literally finished it in like… a week??? My younger brother peer pressured me to watch it and we watched it together and I would have finished it sooner if he wasn’t so incredibly slow and insistent on me waiting for him, lmao.

I was so uninterested in watching it for the first two episodes, and then it got mildly interesting but I hated the main lead, and now I love the main lead a LOT (except for how kindly he treats his childhood bully??? and how his childhood bully is still his idol??? Like, punch this childhood bully in the face more often it’s okay he can take it.)

I don’t know if gaming counts as media… but I kind of got into Clash Royale and Minecraft again… they’re just kind of addicting and while I’m shameless about Minecraft, IDK why I started Clash Royale again!! But I’m in a clan and two people in there were being racist and I called them out and then hopefully they won’t be racist again in that chat!!! I have high hopes.



I went to this science-centered camp during July and it was held very close to my home state of New Jersey and it was just, altogether, NOT FUN AT ALL AND I HATED IT A LOT.

First of all, my cousin had originally stayed over with my family for the first couple of days… he was an okay person during the beginning. But then we went over to a church friend’s house for a party and he (in the same grade as me) exchanged numbers with a friend in my grade and it just made me and my sister so incredibly uncomfortable? 

And after that, I stayed at his house for roughly a week so that I could participate in the camp that was near his home.

Let’s just say that I learned absolutely nothing in that camp because I ALREADY KNEW EVERYTHING. Okay, I feel like this section of my post is the most immature and childish rant ever but I’m just so incredibly frustrated with how worthless that camp experience was. 

Oh, and my cousin told me and my sister that he deleted and unadded the friend from my grade… and then we asked her if he did… and she said that he didn’t…

Anyways, due to that and a couple of Other Reasons (him being dumb), I officially never want to meet him again because every time, he ends up being really arrogant and rude and I’m just like BYE. His mother is precious though but like ?????? no thank you!!!


past life goals

  • Start seriously studying for future coursework X — well, kind of?? No, that’s a lie, definitely not besides some minor standardized testing I did. Everyone in my youth group is just talking about how they’re all taking SAT prep courses and I’m just here… not doing anything.
  • Start practicing languages on Duolingo + other platforms X — Hahahahaaaa no!!!
  • Don’t sleep myself to death? X — I woke up on time a couple of times… but there was no small number to how many times I woke up at 12pm or later.
  • Practice my artwork!!! X — Every single time I start drawing, I get really stressed out because it literally looks like trash. BYE
  • Stay healthy and be good about nutrition. X — Oh no the times I’ve had Burger King… is shameful. Also, the crispy chicken sandwiches are literally so good omg.


future life goals

  • Finish schoolbooks on time… at this point it’s not a goal I’m trying to achieve, I literally have to do this! It’s required!! For SCHOOL! I have three to go as of right now.
  • Finish summer homework… I have this THICK packet for history that I need to finish ahahaha.

That’s literally it. I have 10 days of August left and this is all I want to do.


tell me your thoughts 2


      1. agh you’ve listened to it?? look i knew there was a high chance but i had to check 😉 IM SURE YOU DO WISH. forget you, I WOULD be scared for your life 100/10… but like you could actually live in a murder mystery novel or any funky novel like that it would be cool ❤


  1. I’m so glad that you liked my post and decided to feature it 😭💙💙

    OMG, MY HERO ACADEMIA. WE HAVE TO DISCUSS BECAUSE I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS. I love how it subverts the chosen one trope. I love how Deku actually has to fight tooth and nail to be where he is now, and even though he’s working hard and has worked hard, he’s by no means the best hero in his class–which is very relatable because not all of us are prodigies or Todorokis. At first, I was expecting Deku to be the typical hero who comes from nothing but then magically gets this power and then BAM succeeds in life, but I was proved wrong time and time again. Like, if mha were a typical anime, Todoroki would probably be the hero, but he’s not. Instead we’re kind of following a side character??? and somehow the story still works despite that–it’s so clever!!

    That being said, I agree that Deku’s relationship with Bakugo was not handled well. i also feel like more of the women need to be focused on in the series because they’re all so bad-ass, but the men are the ones getting most of the development and screen time ughhh

    okay same. I recently went through a blog redesign and I’m still not happy with how my blog looks. I feel like I’ll never find the perfect theme for me 😭😭 good luck if you decide to revamp your blog design!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay I actually changed my sitting position so I could PROPERLY!!!! WRITE A REPLY TO THIS COMMENT!!!! BECAUSE DISCUSSIONS DISCUSSIONS!!

      Ooooh yes I totally agree about the chosen one trope, and I’m really happy for Deku & for the fact that [spoiler for season one] he didn’t win the sports festival!!! I’M JUST OUT HERE AND I WANT TO SEE HIM FREAKING THRIVING and honestly if he was the number one hero… that would be so cool to see, especially because he’s just such a hardworking person!! also when he gets to 100%… I’M HYPED. also, yeah, Todoroki would probably be the hero, and I’m glad he’s not but Todoroki’s personality is just so HILARIOUS AGHGH i love his obliviousness. have you seen the memes on instagram?? there’s so much good fanart where he just disses his dad and I am here for it!

      IT MAKES ME SO UPSET THAT BAKUGO GETS TO PUSH DEKU AROUND and then deku just takes it and is like “omg bakugo… you misunderstand don’t be hurt… i idolize you” like okay you DUMB CHILD why not just go into a nice~ rivalry??? I just want Deku to be more angry at Bakugo sometimes!!! I would love to see that!!! Like. I think that I would feel so much better about the entire fanbase loving Bakugo so much if Deku wasn’t so weird and pushover-y about him. ALSO YES I want to focus so much more on Ochaco, because she is a PERSONAL FAV and a cutie and I just love her so much!! I wish there were more girl characters and I really love Momo!! ❤

      YES I am so unsatisfied with my theme and I'm very sad about it… I don't want to pay the $$ to get good themes excUSE ME.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. same, I WAS EXPECTING HIM TO WIN. and when he didn’t, I was shocked and sad, but then I realized that that was a great choice plot-wise. HAHA I THINK TODOROKI IS MY FAVE CHARACTER. he’s sort of the typical hero, but I love him anyway. haha, my friends sent memes about the anime in our group chat back in the day, and they were HILARIOUS.

        same!! it’s a part of the reason why he’s not my favorite character. he’s just too nice sometimes?? I just think he’s so kind that he puts himself in danger. i would love to see him get angry at Bakugo and call him out on his actions!! omg the fight between ochaco and bakugo was AMAZING . It was one of the rare moments that we got that focused solely on her, with deku completely out of the picture. I am personally not on board with ochaco and deku, because deku is wayyy too focused on being a hero, and i feel like ochaco would not get the attention she deserves!! like i see where the author is going with her crush, and I’m not happy!! and yes, Momo is THE BEST.

        (haha maybe join the Libre 2 club? 👀 irecently switched to it and I like it so far!!)


  2. as always, this was v satisfying to read, thank you very much for this.

    all my anime friends are literally after my life to start Boku no Hero Academia and i keep delaying it because I want to read the manga first. what do you think i should do,,, since i’m most prolly not gonna end up doing either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (which would be a shame, ik)

    ok not to be the one with the unpopular opinion but links getting opened in new tabs is the best thing ever? i mean what if you wanted to read the rest of the article? what if you’re on a research spree and need all the content in one place? frankly, I’m fascinated by your madlad choices ngl

    omg i LOVE the news segment (both bookish and weird). i’m v intruiged by the drugs article.

    congratulations and all the best for the book awards!! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg yes I aim to satisfy thank you so much

      start bnha.. do it… not trying to pressure you… but I think that you very much should.. I always start the anime first and if I love the anime enough, I’ll read the manga!! I don’t think I’ve ever read a manga by itself… lmao. What do you usually do? I think the animators did a really good job keeping the anime in the art style of the manga and they’re basically almost identical, lmao!!

      OKAY SHOULD I CHANGE IT SO THAT IT’S ALWAYS IN A NEW TAB THEN AHHHH because it’s already a habit for me, lmao!! I just usually open the link in a new tab myself by right clicking or choosing that option???

      Yay thank you so much for your appreciation of the news segment >>>


  3. ju, thank you so much for recommending webtoons! this was a goal of mine at the beginning of the year to actually venture out to manga/webtoons more and i’ll be checking out the two you mentioned. random chat sounds like something i’ll love! can’t wait to read it 😊


  4. Good luck with your summer homework and reading! 😭 I definitely don’t miss that about school, haha. Congratulations on the nominations! Aaaaand posting one discussion post a month is definitely a goal I can relate to haha. I have one in my drafts right now, but for some reason, I stopped writing it halfway through and never got back to it rip


  5. Wait, I thought everyone just knew about My Hero Academia? Like, I thought it was one of those shows everyone knows about? I mean, I’ve never seen it and I’m not an anime, but it sounds really good!

    Oof, I’m sorry about all of that with your cousin! I have some weird cousins too, but none of them are that bad, haha. And my parents used to put me in useless camps when I was younger :/ and I just Did Not like them at all.

    “Every single time I start drawing, I get really stressed out because it literally looks like trash.” Wait, this is literally me!! 😭 I used to LOVE drawing and painting, but then I started to have too much school work so I couldn’t practice, and now I just feel like everyone is better than me 💔 I feel that.

    Anyways, good luck with returning to school! And I hope you have a great end of August! 😊


  6. I don’t know much about anime and I have to admit that I have never heard of Boku no Hero Academia, but I love seeing your enthusiams for it 🥰 I do get the ‘I initially wasn’t into it but then I got obsessed’ that happens to me waay too often 😅 Good luck with your goals, I hope you had a great August! 🙂


  7. I think posting your recaps so far apart was actually quite a good idea! I liked having them split up, and also having them a bit further apart because I really like reading recaps, but everyone tends to post theirs around the same time. This gave me something fun to read while I wait for the end of the month to hit!

    You should definitely count your webcomics!!

    Good luck with your goals for the rest of the month!


  8. This is a really great recap!! I’m so sorry I’m commenting on this so late, I’m immensely behind on everything at the moment.😅

    Thank you for mentioning my post, ahh, I’m so happy you enjoyed it!!

    Oh my gosh Emma Mills has a new novel coming out in 2020?? I was not aware of this , but now I’M SO EXCITED EEEK. The cover IS so different- I’m a little sad because she broke her trend but it is beautiful and her books have yet to disappoint me so I’m definitely looking forward to it!!

    Okay, yes, I have to agree the crispy chicken sandwich is definitely the best thing on the Burger King menu… I hope you’ve had a great August by the way!!


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