/READALONG/ the Legend series by Marie Lu with us!

For once, I’m actually doing a project-esque thing. 

[cue fanfare because like, seriously why haven’t I done any project-y things with this blog] [maybe because I’m lazy and also way too sporadic]

Anyways, I’m a huge huge fan of Marie Lu. Like, she was the first author that I saw that was Chinese and I was like ???!>!?!/?!??1 (because I am Chinese) and I admired that little blonde-ish streak in her hair.

(I thought her hair was so cool & ofc, I still do.)

And I loved her Legend series, even though I literally did not retain ANY of book two or three, and her Warcross series????? All I can say is… perfection.

So, in celebration of Marie Lu releasing REBEL, the fourth book in the series (published by Macmillan not Penguin hahahahaha)…

Taasia @ Librae Paints Pages, May @ Forever and Everly, Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink, and I are going to be hosting a readalong where we reread the first three books in the Legend series!


the information

First of all, you need to look at this very aesthetically pleasing and professional graphic that May and Ilsa worked on:

LEGEND READALONG information; all information can be found right below this graphic!

The entire readalong will be taking place over September 8th to September 25th.

  • LEGEND ⁠(1) — Sept. 8 to Sept. 11
  • PRODIGY (2) — Sept. 15 to Sept. 18
  • CHAMPION (3) — Sept. 22 to Sept. 25

This readalong is going to be happening primarily on Twitter, because we will be hosting Twitter chats (dates to be announced, we might be doing either three or four) as well as having a Twitter groupchat for everyone to talk about the books!

As we read the books, we’re going to be opening up spoilers in the gc after everyone has finished the first book, second book, etc.

I’ll tell you how to join the groupchat down below, later in the post!

(Of course, there’s absolutely no obligation to participate in the Twitter chats or the Twitter groupchat, you can just readalong with us and tell us how you feel at the end. <3)

I can’t think of anyway to actively include people who don’t have Twitter, because making a Goodreads group just isn’t efficient because this is isn’t a recurring thing, so I’m going to be posting a readalong recap near the end and include my thoughts upon my reread of this series.

And if you decide to read the series along with us, definitely tell me your thoughts in the comments!! I’m super interested!

(Fingers crossed that I don’t hate this the second time around. Although it’s Marie Lu. I trust her.)

(Get yourself someone who loves you like I love Marie Lu.)

I also just want to say… it was my idea to put emojis into this graphic, and I’m really proud of how much they ~accentuate~ the features in this graphic, you know?

Anyways, here’s my Twitter announcement, which it would be so helpful if you decided to boost: 

If you want to be included in our Twitter groupchat, you can either reply to the Tweet I just linked above or the Tweet that I linked below (to May’s tweet).

And follow all of us, the hosts on Twitter:

Julianna  / Ilsa  /  May  /  Taasia

This post is only about 500 words, which is… wild because I usually veer around 1.5k words per post, lmao!!

Anyways, I hope you can join us or at least support us (which you should do, I ADVISE IT.)

tell me your thoughts 2

Are you going to be participating in this readalong?? YOU SHOULD ALL KNOW THAT IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY so you could/should participate as my “present,” yes??? 


  1. I also don’t remember anything about the second and third books… except for one ~specific~ scene in Prodigy, and the last few scenes in Champion!

    I have my Legend audiobook, and I’m probably going to start it right now so I’ll stay ahead of the game 😎


  2. can’t wait for this!! I don’t have Twitter so won’t join the chat but I!! Will!! Still!! Read!! on the dates 😉 this was a fabulous idea, thank you! and if you plan to break up the books by day (like… ch13-19 on the 9th Sept for ex) please let me know!! via my email (marshmallow.harmonies@gmail.com) or this comment thread xx


  3. Okay, I should totally do this because I own the whole Legend Series but I’ve never read it. But, then again, I know I’m HORRIBLE at following along with things like readathons, so I’m sort of on the fence….

    Nope, I’m going to go for it. The worst thing that can happen is that I fail to read along and I’m no worse off than I was. LOL! 🙂


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