A Yearly AND a March 2021 Monthly Recap (aka two for the price of one?!?! what a steal?!?!)

EVERYBODY, RELAX, your favorite blogger is here!

no, don’t look in the opposite direction……..

……… … …

Now that we’ve gotten some self-deprecation out of the way:

Me, writing a recap & returning to blogging?

It’s more likely than you think!

And to acknowledge the hilarity imbued within my title, yes you are indeed getting BOTH a monthly recap & a “yearly” recap for the price of one. Isn’t that great? Remember how much you like deals & saving money as you read the entire post and give me views and stuff.

I really miss you guys :’) and writing posts :’) and knowing what the most up to date books are lmao. HOWEVER, as I return to my god-tier status within the upper echelon of book blogs, I do have a couple of notes:

  • I’ll probably only be writing monthly recaps. First of all, they’re SO FUN TO WRITE and to READ! I do have a couple of ideas for “normal” posts though? They just take so much energy to write, though, and I always tried to put a SPIN on them and idk it’s just HARD.
  • I think that limiting myself to this, though, will really help me not have #bloggerburnout and allow me to spend more time reading other people’s posts & answering comments!
  • I’m not completely sure if I want to do reviews on here, but I’ll definitely be writing them on my Goodreads! I love Goodreads :’)
  • Also I highly recommend you going to my Goodreads and liking all of my reviews. This is for your own health, I promise.
  • I have nothing more to say except look at my last post title LMAO

Also, you’re probably wondering: will I be doing a blogging section of the recap, where I recap my favorite of the posts I’ve written and etc?

And my answer is: Yes, of course! How could I not?!?! Here it is:

Moving on to the reading recap!!

books i read

[click on book covers to be linked to their gr pages]

Instant Karma / by Marissa Meyer ★★★☆☆

— [goodreads review]

BRO THIS WAS SO MEH. I literally loved Marissa Meyer’s Cinder and this was… certainly not as good… (Cinder was lowkey racist BUT it holds so much nostalgia for me lmao)

The main character was just kind of a RUDE person and had me extremely annoyed. Are you telling me that you don’t have a shred of compassion as a high schooler? Ma’am go eat your bread.

Even though this is enemies to lovers! My favorite trope EVER! But this just relied so heavily on miscommunication that it was NOT even funny.

(advice to all blog readers, if it looks like you’re literally COMMITING A CRIME and you’re not or you have an explanation then maybe explain! instead of just never acknowledging it… just some solid life advice…)

image-1Fire & Heist / by Sarah Beth Durst ★★☆☆☆

— [goodreads review]

This is a DNF. I did not finish this.

As I stated in my Goodreads review, “Did I try, though? Did I put in the utmost effort that my weak and earthly body could grant me, straining my eyes as hard as I could to try and continue reading?

No, not really.”

This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, I SWEAR. Also I only read like 6% of this, but you know what they say! “Yolo!”, and “yolo” I shall do.

And yes, I did mark this as read because I need to get more books on my Goodreads reading challenge… what about it

image-2Romanov / by Nadine Brandes ★☆☆☆☆

— [goodreads review]

Wow. How do I explain how much I did not like this book.

The most important fact here is that I was literally catfished by the synopsis of this novel. I am a victim. Could I get one of those comfort blankets? When am I starring on the Catfish show???

I actually had pretty high hopes for this! Like, ooooh, an enemies-to-lovers romance between a soldier and a princess and she’s on the run and it’s a retelling of Anastasia and yay!

But no… this was really bad. Like, really bad. The average rating is 3.78 stars, which is 4 stars more than it deserves. yeah, I said it, this book deserves negative stars.

(The beginning was so slow and then I realized I was at 60% and it was still the “beginning.” Also known as, literally nothing happened COME ONNNN.)

Anyways, read my goodreads review if you want to see some Real Salt come out. 😎


The Iron Will of Genie Lo / by F.C. Yee ★★★★★

— [goodreads review]


That’s it, that’s my summary. 

No but actually this was really really really good, and I love F.C. Yee and this series so much, and this book literally fulfilled my expectations as a sequel in SO MANY WAYS.


Anyways if you want a book about Chinese mythology + fun characters, albeit some younger writing + GOOD HUMOR + also intermingling familial piety, I highly highly recommend this series. 

Also I love the new covers!!! Honestly I was never really… a fan of any of them… and I still am honestly not a fan of this cover… but it’s better than before…

image-4Small Spaces / by Katherine Arden ★★★★★

— [goodreads review]

I was pretty proud of the review I wrote for this book. :’)

But guys this was my first middle-grade of the year and wow… I need to read Katherine Arden’s novels! 

This was SCARY that I literally got jumpscared while reading it… from dialogue… idk how that happens…

(Basically the main character was reading a book when her dad interrupted her and when he did I was like HOSDJ.)

But this was just, overall, really fun! I can think of no imperfections.


overall reading analysis

Honestly, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself because I’ve been able to force myself to read a lot more successfully recently! Like, I was not that into most of these books… and yet I finished them?!?! GOOD FOR ME!

Also these are the only five (young adult) books I’ve read the entire year. I Have read some historical romance but I’m just like… not marking that (or webtoons / manga). 

number of books read: 5

average rating: 3.2 (that’s so low… but makes SENSE)

favorite book: The Epic Crush of Genie Lo ❤ so good…

least favorite book: Romanov (ew) seriously I thought there was going to be a war but it just stops right before anything INTERESTING HAPPENS

diverse books: the only diverse book I read was The Epic Crush of Genie Lo (ownvoices Chinese representation!)… which is kinda low in terms of percentages (1/5)… but also I only read five books so whatever


goodreads reviews i wrote

Guys… you will not believe this… I actually wrote a review for every book I read! In a timely fashion, and also most of my reviews were pretty long! # hell yeah


april tbr

Heh heh… I’ve already read five books so far ! Which I’m super proud of myself for (and they were all Asian and I didn’t even REALIZE lmao) but not going to lie… one of them was a short story in the When Dimple Met Rishi series, and the other was a graphic novel that took me 11 minutes to read

Also I started using Notion to track my reading list & tbrs and I literally JUST discovered columns… life is amazing! This is so aesthetic I literally cannot stop looking at it!

40304179. sy475  33275690  51075332

48502268. sy475  36292242. sy475   39847584


Also, I am currently reading three books, which are these:

35297380. sy475   28187230. sy475  43895338. sy475

⟶ American Panda

This was literally one of my most anticipated reads so I don’t know why I haven’t started it until now. Honestly… the writing so far is kind of hard to read? I can’t tell if it’s my attention span tho xoxo. (Like I’ve accidentally started skimming and been like wait What.)

⟶ The Woman in Cabin 10

I probably wouldn’t be reading this like ever EXCEPT that I wanted to listen to an audiobook while I was making some pasta and I’ve really liked thriller-type audiobooks so! This should be fun. Honestly it’s kind of weird right now, the concept seems incredibly interesting

⟶ Dangerous Alliance

One of my more recent anticipated releases was this book! I’m like 10% into it and honestly not really enjoying it as much as I thought I would ahaha! Why is literally every single book disappointing me so much!! IDK!! 

Miss the feeling of being addicted to the book I’m reading… I can only get that with webtoons nowadays 😦

life stuff 3

Just want to cut in and say that I literally hate block editing so much. It’s the worst thing ever. I am very Angry that WordPress chose to do this. I can tolerate and even sometimes appreciate block editing when it’s in certain forms, like with Notion & how it emulates bullet journaling. But for actually writing things, block editing is terrible!!!!! 

Also, they made the classic editor… worse than before…


media consumed

ANYWAYS… I usually do like. pretty extensive lists and stuff on here but I’m feeling really lazy (and this post is already at 1400 words… so many…) so I’m just going to tell you about two sitcoms I watched recently!

Made a hi-res poster for Arrested Development fans : arresteddevelopment  Community (season 2) - Wikipedia

⟶ Arrested Development was so good, and I would say if it continued (and wasn’t canceled), it would probably be my favorite sitcom of all time. The humor and quality is just soooo good, but the last two seasons of the reboot took the story in directions that were just. Not Great to watch. I STILL RECOMMEND IT THOUGH.

⟶ Community is another gem, and guys. There are SO many memes out there from Community that you don’t know are from Community. I think the humor in this is pretty good, but this also fell flat on many levels, probably because of the changes in directing lmao.

(That Jeff/Annie romance… ew… in the first season she is 18 and he is 35… how is that… acceptable… like yes, she does grow up, but I wished they treated it as a childish fantasy of Annie’s instead of an actual romance.)


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba The Movie MUGEN TRAIN Anime Official USA  Website

Oh my god… this is literally one of the greatest animes ever. 

How do I explain how much I love the anime? Even though there’s only one season! I felt VERY unfulfilled, and yet the art is so high-quality, as well as the characters? (Although the art is different in the manga, which I’ve read a little bit of.)

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" Clear Folder Collectible | Anime demon,  Slayer anime, Anime Also this guy (the one on the left) is my actual favorite character. LOVE HIM. 

Anyways, this is really good and addictive and I highly recommend 🙂


a small yearly update

Honestly I was going to stop right there, but then I realized that my title said “yearly” update and I included no information about the year?? Besides the two shows I watched?? So!

  • The coronavirus pandemic is something that happened while I was away. And it really sucks and is also weird to think of that literally everybody is experiencing this? Like around the world? WILD.
  • I mean I mostly just hate that it’s hard to eat out & also the fact that I can’t !! go to the library to study !! NOO. 
  • I cannot think of any other news. I am so sorry. You have been bamboozled and not given much “yearly” content. However I also did not read like, any books during 2020 so if I did a recap it would be very boring. 

tell me your thoughts 2

  • I need to find more book blogs, so if you could link down one of your favorite blogs below in the comments, that would be VERY GREAT.
  • Which books did you read in March & which one was your favorite? Which was your least favorite? Do you have any recommendations of recent (2020-2021) releases that I should read?
  • Have you seen Arrested Development and/or Community? Have you seen Demon Slayer and if so, WHOis your favorite character?

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  1. OMG JULIANNA WELCOME BACK TO BLOGGING!! i’ve missed your blog posts and witty voice so much :’) i’ll be sure to go to your Goodreads and like all of your reviews i see bc your reviews are superior 😌 (i’m also becoming more and more addicted to Goodreads, it’s an actual problem sldkfjsf) i hope April brings you a lot of wonderful reads – i absolutely loved Foolish Hearts when i read it in 2018 and i definitely wanna reread it again ❤ also can't wait to buddy read with you this month and in the future hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DEZZY <33333 omg i've missed you and YOUR BLOG POSTS TOO!!! also literally ME TOO, the amount of time I've been spending on goodreads is growing astronomical & i am concerned for myself. save me

      YAY I'm so excited to read Foolish Hearts!! Literally everyone loves it (and also disliked the one book I liked? Lucky Caller) soooo I'm feeling VERY HOPEFUL

      YES I'm so excited for our buddy reads!!! TPW is going to break us both :')

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome back!! This post really caught me off-guard but happy to see you pop up on my feed. I’ve read a couple upcoming releases lately and Hana Khan Carries On as well as The Summer of Broken Rules have captured my heart so far. I seem to be in a very contemporary mood.
    Community is one of my favourite shows! Did you watch their live reading on YouTube with Pedro Pascal as a guest? It was hilarious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL yeah it was definitely unprecedented of me to actually return to blogging… I haven’t heard of Hana Khan Carries On & The Summer of Broken Rules, but omg Hana Khan sounds soooo good (I love You’ve Got Mail tropes! and the cover is GORGEOUS)
      The Summer of Broken Rules also looks like a really good contemporary romance… will be LOOKING INTO THESE THAN YOU

      Omg I watched some of it, especially the part where Donald Glover found out he wasn’t in the gc with the rest of the cast LOL ❤ he was my actual favorite in the show

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Both of the books are bubbly and fun, but also have a more serious component without ever getting too heavy. I enjoyed them a lot.

        Troy and Abed were my favourite part of the show, so I very much feel you on Donald Glover haha

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Welcome back, Julianna! 🎉 It was such a delightful surprise to see your post in my Reader!!

    I haven’t read any of these books (The Iron Will of Genie Lo is now on my radar though, glad to see you loved it so much!) and I don’t think I’ve read that many new releases lately either. Ooh, there is one though that I’m pretty excited to try which is The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna and I think it was released last year, so maybe you’ll be interested in that! Haven’t watched any of the shows either, but I am currently re-bingewatching Avatar The Last Airbender which is the best tv show (imo) of all time 🥺

    For blogger recommendations, well I’m not sure who you already know, but some of my favorites are Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea, Sophie @ Me & Ink, Ash @ Starlight Strands, Malka & Chana @ Paper Procrastinators, Veronika & Sabrina @ Wordy and Whimsical, and Sumedha @ The Wordy Habitat. I could go on and on but I’ll just leave it at that 😅

    Anywayy, a huge welcome back, I really can’t wait to see more of your amazing posts!! ❤✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh thank you so much ❤ and I'M SO GLAD THAT THE IRON WILL OF GENIE LO is on your radar!!! It is soooo good and I hope you really enjoy it! Also, just looked at the GR page for The Gilded Ones & the cover… it's so pretty… my eyes… and the concept!

      ATLA is literally one the best shows!!! I remember when I rewatched it like a year or two ago and I was SO. EMO when it ended. Emotional support was necessary.

      Thank you so much for the blogger recommendations!! I know a couple but I'm 100% looking into all of the people that you mentioned, thank you sooo much!! So many people I used to know are inactive now (rip)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Welcome back!! ❤
    I had a pretty meh 2020 too and it's kinda continuing this year as well.
    Anyhoo, agree about the WordPress editor. I am unable to navigate in the new stuff so I have changed stuff in setting and using the old Classic editor till now.
    I watched Demon Slayer too and loved it. Eagerly waiting for season 2.
    Anyhooo, here to hoping for a good bookish year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sucks to hear that your 2020/2021 isn’t going well! But to be fair, we are all on lockdown… so it’s hard to have a good year, amirite?

      & Omg I am so glad I found someone who hates the new WordPress editor. It is absolutely terrible. I looked up ways to get the old classic editor back, but I heard that you need a paid version of wordpress in order to use a plugin?? Did you do that?

      Demon Slayer is one of the best animes ever, hands down! Have you heard about the movie? It’s not going to be “original content” like a lot of anime movies are!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is true. I just become hopeless sometimes since we all stuckl. In a loop.

        Nooo, I absolutely use the free version. Imma giving you the link in a bit after wrapping up work on how to use the classic one.

        Yes, but I still want to see the movie. I have started watching anime from this year and apart from Death Note, I have seen this one and Attack of the Titan (which is mindblowingly epic as well). Do you have any other recommendations?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Omg, I have so many recommendations Poulami. SO. MANY. If you want fantasy, I recommend Seven Deadly Sins (it’s ecchi, but still so so good!) I also love Yona of the Dawn, it’s an amazing classic!!

          For contemporary anime, I recommend Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun (TOP TIER HUMOR. IT’S SO GOOD. I LOVE IT. ALSO BEST SHIPS except not a lot of romance progression). Saiki K is an anime without romance and it’s more slice-of-life and also has the best humor!! I laughed so many times while watching it!! LET ME KNOW IF YOU WATCH ANY OF THESE 🙂


  5. omg hi?!! welcome back!!! the iron will of genie lo is on my tbr and it looks so!! good!! small spaces also looks interesting (but the jumpscares i’m scared) three of my most anticipated releases of the year are she who became the sun (which i highly recommend (smile through the pain lmao)), darling, and our violent ends! i haven’t watched the shows you mentioned, but i’ve started haikyu (which is so cute and i love it asldkjf)! some of my favorite bloggers are prutha @ moonchild lexicons, may @ forever and everly, and cherelle @ a bolt out of the book ❤ i hope you're doing okay and i'll be looking forward to more of your posts!! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WAIT have you read the epic crush of genie lo?? because the sequel will definitely not disappoint. also i’m very excited for she who became the sun! and i’m reading darling right now, which is very cool; i’m also planning to read these violent delights soon! i haven’t watched haikyuu, but it’s on my list… i haven’t watched it because i am Too Scared (i know i’ll love it). and thank you for the recs!! i’ll look into them (i already know may lmao)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. no i haven’t??? (i thought the iron will of genie lo was the first book lmao but i’m planning on reading the epic crush of genie lo hopefully soon) ahh i’m glad you’re enjoying darling (the gay peter pan retelling i need)!!


  6. ahhh i like came across your blog mid-2020 and i loved it so much, except your last post said you were back from your hiatus and then i wasn’t there to see any new posts 😭 so i was SO happy when this popped up in my reader and i was just like!! 🥺 she hasn’t abandoned!! her blog!! haha i started my blog in like august, so i don’t know any editor except for the block editor,,,,,,, and it isn’t THAT bad lmao 🙈

    the iron will of genie lo sounds so so good ahh and i NEED to watch demon slayer like rn because of all your praise ahhh!! and i haven’t seen either arrested development, or community, but they both also sound amazing so i can’t wait to soon!! 💓

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahhhhh that’s hilarious;; yes… after i said i was coming back from my hiatus, i officially Did Not like the skilled book blogger i am… we don’t talk about it lmao

      if you experienced the classic editor…. i promise that you would Understand

      and definitely put epic crush of genie lo & arrested development / community on your lists!! i highly recommend

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Jump scares from a book though. That is so impressive, I don’t know how you would WRITE that.
    Anime!!! I haven’t seen Demon Slayer (and honestly it looks kind of terrifying, though I LOVE the idea of a boy protecting/ saving his sister, because SIBLINGS, YES) but I have recently discovered how AMAZING anime can be so if you start talking about anime I will get excited. Have you seen The Promised Neverland? That was my introduction to anime and I am OBSESSED THAT SHOW (though I haven’t seen season 2 and I am kind of thinking I will hate that). What other anime have you seen?
    (Welcome back!!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL honestly, I don’t THINK it was meant to be a jump scare… but I think I was very immersed within the story within a story that when it abruptly cut off I felt very Surprised!! It was WILD.

      I NEED TO WATCH THE PROMISED NEVERLAND AHHHH both of my siblings have watched it and they love it!! That’s definitely going to be on my list for anime (I’ve been on a Big anime kick recently for some reason!! The comfort though!!)

      I’m so excited for you to watch Demon Slayer because I can almost GUARANTEE that you will love it; it’s basically a cult favorite even though there’s only one season!! Just get past the first couple of episodes LOL. I’ve also watched Saiki K, Food Wars, Seven Deadly Sins, Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, My Hero Academia, and just a lot more lmao but those are most of my favorites!!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Welcome back, Ju! (also wtf why did WordPress unfollow you?) I love your approach to blogging moving forward, I think only doing monthly recaps and anything else you feel like being extra is a great way to avoid burnout & stress!

    I am starting Tokyo Ever After today!!! and bummer you aren’t enjoying Dangerous Alliance as much as expected… that book is on my owned TBR and it’s pink spine taunts me from the shelves

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HI KAL! ahhh I’m very hopeful & I actually already am lowkey in the mood for non-monthly recap posts?!?! so we will SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

      I’M SO EXCITED FOR TOKYO EVER AFTER I’M SO HAPPY THAT YOU’RE ENJOYING IT!!! I literally love bodyguard/princess ships so much. they are Amazing. Also I ended up really liking Dangerous Alliance!! It actually grew a lot more interesting and by the end I really liked most of the characters!!!! I think I rated it four stars :’)

      Liked by 1 person

  9. i’m so happy to be reading a post from you again, ju! also: love the idea of only writing monthly recaps. i do agree they’re the best posts to read (not so much for me to write, because i’m an over thinker and can never manage to make my recaps fun or interesting lol), so i know i’ll be having a blast with yours!

    i do hope you love american panda and foolish hearts because I love them lol but both books have such great characters! i also will be looking forward to hear your thoughts on frankly in love, as it was a book i felt very torn about.

    hope you’re having a great april!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lais!!! I’ve missed YOU AND YOUR POSTS TOO ❤ and aahhhh thank you so much! and NO I love reading all of your posts, which includes your monthly recaps!! (I always end up putting Literally Everything in my posts and they get Incredibly Long)

      I ended up loving Foolish Hearts!! EMMA MILLS WILL NEVER FAIL ME. I ended up… not liking American Panda… but we don't talk about that lol! and ooooh okay I'm very interested to swap Thoughts on Frankly in Love once I've finished it!


  10. Welcome back, Julianna!! So happy to hear from you again ❤ I read Small Spaces last year and loved how atmospheric and suspenseful it was! I also got pretty spooked 😂 I’ve read the sequel now as well and it was also great! 🥰


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