Blogs I Love

Hi! This is where I’ll feature blogs that I love & also my blogging friends.

(Note: This is not going to be a blog button swap– I’ll just put up the buttons of blogs that I love, and if you like my blog, then you can just put mine up if you want.) PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO SWAP BUTTONS- I WILL SAY NO.

(I might ask others to button swap with me, but I’m not open to swapping on my own page unless I ask.)

If you’d like to add my button, here it is:


Just copy & paste the image and then link it to my page!

Also, if you’re on this list and you recently got a button, you can just tell me by commenting or giving me a message on something and I’ll add it!

(This is in no order whatsoever. I opened the links in order from first to last in the “blogs I follow” tab on WordPress.)

Anyways, if you’re a new person, you should check out these blogs! I love all of them!

Linked to their respective pages.

grab button for A Whisper Of Ink

Forever and Everly

grab button for Nerd In New York






The Well-Thumbed Reader Button


For All Who Wander






a paper reverieGrab button for Quartzfeather






Drizzle and Hurricane Books | Too Much of a Book Nerd | Lost in a Story


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