Review Policy

Review Policy

Hi! I’m really sorry but I’m currently not accepting any review requests. I’m trying to focus on working through my backlist! Please disregard the below information right now.


  • If you want me to post a review for an unreleased book around the release date, the release date must be four months or later from now.
  • I am only accepting requests that have either a diverse main character or a diverse author.

The reason I am only accepting books publishing in four months or later is because a) I currently have reviews I need to catch up on, b) I need time to read your book and c) I need to organize my posting/review schedule!

I will try my best to read and review the book in an orderly manner. I want to note that there are times where I may not be able to finish your book in time because of possible reading slumps and/or unforeseen events.

Also, I’m currently only accepting books with a marginalized main character or author because I want to use my platform to boost all the diverse books that I can!

Contact Info

You can contact me via my contact form or email me at: blotsofinkandwords(at)gmail(dot)com.

Information about My Reviews

I review both on Goodreads and on my blog, and I cannot guarantee that I will be able to post a review for your novel on both platforms. (I like to write distinct reviews for them.)

My reviews will range from 500 words to over 1,000 words depending on how much I have to talk about the book! Also, of course, I cannot guarantee that I will be writing a positive review for your novel; however, negative reviews can still boost a book’s sales.

Examples of my reviews are located here in my review archive.

Genres I Like To Read


  • YA Fantasy
  • YA Contemporary
  • YA Science Fiction

Other genres I read:

  • YA Thriller
  • YA Historical Fiction
  • NA Science Fiction
  • NA Fantasy
  • NA Romance

I will always put my honest opinion of the book in the review and disclose that I have been provided a review copy.

Thank you so much for reading!