January 2019 Recap

Honestly, I'm kind of shocked that I blogged consistently for a month. LIKE. WHAT. HOW DID I DO THAT. And how did time pass so fast??? It's unreal. I'm kind of convinced that this is all a dream and I'll wake up, look at my blog, and discover that I have written zero posts. I was … Continue reading January 2019 Recap


May 2017 Recap: A Month of (Kinda) Productivity

I started actually DOING things. Like commenting on other blogs + Twitter-ing + projects. Like I said in my Updates post. And I'm happy because I: read REALLY AWESOME books! started writing again (well, kind of.) um wait, did I do other stuff? Well, I only read like six books this month??? And I actually had … Continue reading May 2017 Recap: A Month of (Kinda) Productivity

Before Goodreads V.S. After Goodreads: My Bookish Life

So I talk about this a lot in some of my posts: my life was DRASTICALLY* different before I started using Goodreads versus AFTER I started using Goodreads. And this post will list all of my points! *I mean, now I know the actual order of a series. Drastic enough, am I right?? And also, slight … Continue reading Before Goodreads V.S. After Goodreads: My Bookish Life

UPDATES! // The May 2017 Version

So I used to do nothing and just sit in my house all day but now I'm actually going to do stuff to expand my blog instead of waiting around?? WHAT?? You may be asking, "Why are you doing this? This is unlike you. Usually the only thing you ever do is lie down and … Continue reading UPDATES! // The May 2017 Version