Types of Bookstagram Accounts (Feat. My Opinions on Each One)

I love all things aesthetically pleasing.

I like to please my eyes, okay?? Don’t judge me?? Sometimes there are things that are just /that/ aesthetically pleasing that I can just stare at them for DAYS AND DAYS and never get tired and I just??*

Bookstagramming is not for ANYONE, of course! You should feel free not to bookstagram or to bookstagram! It’s completely your choice! But I love bookstagram and here are some reasons I think that you should:

some reasons to create a bookstagram

    . . .
  • Validation! What’s the point of doing things if they don’t give you validation?? Also I’m pretty sure validation is like the #1 motivation for any human to do anything, so I mean…
    . . .
  • You can make your captions cool! Personally, I just like to scream 100% of the time in my caption.
    . . .
  • The community is pretty nice?? Tbh I don’t know how to socialize on Instagram. Usually your comment is either the ONLY comment or ONE comment out of 637 comments.

But anyways! I love bookstagram and there are so many different TYPES OF ACCOUNTS but I’ll show you some of the ones that I’ve noticed. This refers to feed, by the way! Not anything else.

*I wish I could do the same thing with writing blog posts or studying.

second grass graphic


This feed usually has a simple, white background. The whole theme of this feed is that there is nothing else in the picture besides the book, except maybe one or two flowers randomly.

  • Personally, this isn’t my favorite because it’s most likely very easy to take these pictures and there’s like, no effort?? The main things that effort would go to are finding a good plain background (a bedsheet can be used) and having good lighting. And maybe finding different angles?
  • But there are definitely some creative ways to work with this theme!



second grass graphic


This one usually has a HECK TON OF PROPS, and I honestly *tried* to have a bookstagram like this but it didn’t work because I HAVE NO PROPS TO PUT INTO THE PICTURE.

Usually it’s just a book and there are scattered items all around the book.

  • This is one of my favorite themes EVER and that’s because there are just SO MANY WAYS TO FREAKING USE THIS THEME and it’s fantastic.
  • It’s just that in order to have a cluttered theme, you usually need props- like bookish merchandise and other things and not everyone has those same items! (If you want to make a bookstagram, definitely don’t feel obligated to buy items or props!)





second grass graphic


I think it’s obvious that I’m not very good at the names???

But also what am I supposed to do?? Come up with new, creative names? I think NOT.

Anyways, this feed usually doesn’t just show books, but maybe a WHOLE ROOM or the WHOLE BOOKSHELF with a book featured in the middle, or maybe the entire galaxy with a few floating books in the middle.

  • These are so cool!!
  • There’s like,, one that I actually know of
  • but

examples! example!


second grass graphic


Why would you need props when you can literally just throw books everywhere??

This feed is A+ for the broke person who has no props (aka mE) and it usually works well with colorful books!! My old feed used to be like this because I had no props, and tbh the only reason I had a bookstagram was so that I could use the pictures to create my featured images.

  • Like I said, I used to have this feed and I lowkey judge myself because my feed was really ugly since I took pictures of the same books.

types of reviewers   aaa bookstagram   Bookstagram Pic HOW DO YOU DISCOVER BOOKS

  • I’M CRINGING ALREADY make it go away

i have no examples oops!

second grass graphic


This one explains itself.

It’s when the bookstagram consists of books… outdoors. I don’t know what else to add?

  • Like basically EVERY FEED EVEr I feel like it really depends on how this is used.
  • Personally, I would probably still love this one, as long as the outdoors somewhat matches the book cover?
  • But also specific books would work with this theme, since not all books are blue or white or green.



(Not all of her content is outdoors but SOME OF THEM ARE and also I couldn’t find any others)

second grass graphic


Did you guys know that apparently, most people have a life outside of books?

I mean, I don’t, but apparently these other people do.

Anyways, this feed is a bookstagram… but it’s not a bookstagram because like 60% of it are not book-related pictures.

  • I’m pretty sure this is not a theme that people make on purpose, but they just mash their personal Instagram with their Bookstagram and honestly?? THAT’S 100% FINE WITH Me.

examples! (most of these are frens)





second grass graphic

Wow self-promotion time // check out my instagram bye I’m actually somewhat… proud of it??


second grass graphic

What are your favorite Instagram themes? If you have an Instagram, which theme do you use? Are there any themes that I missed? What are your favorite bookish social medias? Do you have a life outside of books and how can I get one??


  1. This is a great idea for a post! I think I personally enjoy the cluttered type the most, and I think those profiles which have those very intricate photos with a bunch of props are super pretty! I think my style is like a subdued clutter, since I have a lot going on in my picks, but not actually that many props. Loved the post! 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I always, always admire people who come up with a theme and STICK TO IT. Like, sometimes you won’t even realize they are using a theme because you just see their pictures show up on your timeline, right? But then you go to visit their profile and BOOM! A THEME. It’s always so aesthetically pleasing! I wish I had the motivation to do that! xD

    And honestly, I love a good mix of themes on my timeline! I usually follow people who combine bookish things with stuff about their life – be it in the pictures or captions. I just like getting to know the person behind too, you know?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Also!!! Because apparently I hit ‘Post comment’ to quickly, I really like when people use wood-type-of backgrounds like My Friends Are Fiction does and some other accounts I follow because it adds more interest to a photo that I think a simply white background often doesn’t. And candles. Those are usually really pretty too (and expensive AF)! Or flowers! Basically, I think i really love some sort of clutter in pictures!

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  3. I love your Instagram!!! I wish I had an Instagram but I know it’s waste WAY too much time on it so I haven’t gotten it yet……. When I do, I definitely want to start two accounts, one as a book blogger and the other for my irls 😂😁 Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha your welcome 😂😂

        Dude saammmeeeeeeee! I already spend so much time looking at memes, I don’t know how I’d manage if I had Instagram 😂❤❤


  4. I tried my hand at bookstagraming once… but then I realized I had no free time so that is no more lol. But I do like seeing everyone else’s pictures bc their are some amazing people with crazy amounts of talent

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I am definitely the last one! The one that’s not always books (https://www.instagram.com/vanessawolfe_/) I consider this “lifestyle” with an emphasis on the bookish. It helps me take the pressure off of myself of not having a 100% of the time Bookstagram. I just can’t commit that hard when I’m a writer as much as I’m a reader. Great post! I had fun reading it and you put a lot of thought into it 🙂

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  6. Mine is like a mixed theme! I’m not very consistent haha personally I prefer not very cluttered pics or if it is, an organized clutter. I love creative instagrams like @bookishbronte and seeing as it’s what I’m interested in, I’m slowly taking that route 😀

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  7. This was such a fun post idea. What do you call a theme when there is no theme? Because I don’t have any! I randomly take bookstagrams according to whatever inspires me at the moment haha. But, like you, I don’t have any props either. Also, your feed looks gorgeous!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Hi. Nice post! I just did a blog post on bookstagram earlier and found yours here. I don’t really have a theme but I love colors and I use origami a lot. Besides, about props, you can use so many things. You don’t have to buy stuff. You can use your own clothes, hats, jewelry, bookmarks, origami, utensils (cups, spoons, plates) – the possibilities are endless. Your self-=promotion worked, lol – I checked out your Instagram. You have a really nice feed. 🙂

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  9. In the summertime I tend to go with a more outdoorsy theme, but now that I’m abroad I literally just post any bookish photos that I take. I’m so bad at sticking with a consistent theme!!

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  10. I recently changed my Instagram theme, but it’s mainly down to the way I edit them. I like to use a plain background with a few props scattered around, but I enjoy the simplicity. I love themes which use an abundance of props, but with nice, neutral colours (although I am also in love with paperfury!) I’m @bookmuffin on Instagram by the way 🙂

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  11. Honestly the only reason I created my „bookstagram“ is so I could enter Becky‘s giveaways 😂😂😂 but thanks for thinking of me! ily ❤

    I have another IG account which is basically my personal one but I haven‘t used it in ages! I just got really tired of using Instagram because I‘m not very creative and it feels more like a chore to think of taking pretty pictures to post etc. This is also the reason why I NEVER wanted to make a bookstagram account because I don‘t have the energy or the creativity to take all these aesthetically pleasing pictures. I LOVE the ones that are filled with props because it‘s so PRETTy. Ugh I envy everyone who is able to do this.

    Also I wouldn‘t know how to interact with people on Bookstagram and how to meet new people and stuff?? I follow my blogger friends and that‘s honestly enough for me because I know y‘all and I love y‘all ❤ so yeah I think the only reason I‘ll keep my bookstagram after becky‘s giveaway are over is because of YOU XD

    Liked by 1 person


      hahahahaha i wANT TO TAKE SO MANY AESTHETICALLY PLEASING PICTURES but i literally have 2 pictures posted on my personal rn bc it’s too much work omg lmao


      interacting with people on bookstagram is too hard tbh, what i do is just like all of my frens’ pics and then post like,,, SOCIALIZING IS TOO HARD

      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ILY

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  12. lmaoo i don’t know how to take pictures of books xD I HAVE LITERALLY NO PROPS OKAY NEITHER DO I HAVE THE ABILITY TO SET BOOKS IN AN AESTHETICALLY PLEASING MANNER but thanku for remembering me ❤

    my "bookstagram" mainly exists to follow blog friends?? and meet new bloggers ofc but it's hard to do it on a community like instagram because like :/ usually your comments are drowning in other comments :/ but it's ok i still like it!!!

    also jules how the heckity heck do u take such nice pictures tELL ME YOUR SECRETS

    Liked by 1 person

    1. my dude i have no props or the ability to set books in an aesthetically pleasing matter but hey i’m still gonna promote my bookstagram

      I KNOW RIGHT IT’S SO HARD TO HAVE A COMMUNITY ON INSTAGRAM??? like how does one even make friends when people have 300 comments on their post

      THANK YOU ARIS but i don’t?? it only looks good because of photo editing lmao

      Liked by 1 person

  13. I have such conflicted feelings about bookstagram. On the one hand I really admire all of the work and creativity that goes into it and I’d love to join in. But on other other hand, I HATE photography, I’m really bad at it and I simply don’t have the time it requires. But I do think not being on it is really hindering my ability to reach more of the book community and make friends 😦

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  14. I did not expect to find my instagram account on your blog post ahah, THANK YOU so much for the shoutout! To be honest, I considered starting a bookstagram, but I already struggle SO hard to make ONE picture for my book reviews each and every week on my blog… having a bookstagram would be impossible. I have no props, no imagination and no time, so… I’d much rather just look at other bookstagrammers awesome feeds and drool all over them haha 🙂 Instead, I just take random pictures of books every once in a while on my personal instagram haha.
    I wouldn’t even know how to pick a favorite theme for a bookstagram? I love the ones with tons of props like Cait’s, it is so pretty, but I also love simple ones like thebookwormofnotredame, wishesandpages or deckledpages, which are very simple yet soooooooo aesthetically pleasing, too!
    Fantastic post!! x

    Liked by 1 person


      tbh sAMe props and imagination is so freaking hard???? but if you really want to start a bookstagram, go for it!!

      tbh i'd probably pick a theme that was easiest for mE to do? DO YOU HAVE NICE SCENERY?? MAYBE TAKE PICTURES OF BOOKS WITH A NICE BACKGROUND LMAO

      thank you so much!! ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t knoooooow it just takes so much time, I can’t handle it hahahaha, but I just loove watching bookstagram pictures haha 🙂
        You’re so welcome!! ❤ ❤


  15. I don’t have a bookstagram but I used to post bookish pictures once in a while. My favourite accounts usually are the minimalist, light themes, but the outdoor themed pictures are always so beautiful to look at ❤

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  16. I’m more of a minimalist in general, so I definitely prefer the white background photos to cluttered ones! They’re definitely NOT lacking in effort–I personally use this style, and post-processing is the hard part with this theme since you have to make sure each of your photos have the same lighting, and you have to remove annoying shadows behind/beside books and props, etc. But my personal favorite would have to be the “big picture” kind, especially when the “picture” is girly. xD

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I really wish I had the time/energy/money/skills for bookstagram. I’d probably still end up being the first kind because of my limited photography skills, but sometimes I honestly like minimal photos and just looking at the books. I’m super impressed by the clutter type who are able to arrange things just so so that they look purposeful and pretty.


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