How Being a Book Blogger Affects My Reader Life

Book blogging is life-changing.

Well, maybe not life-changing for everyone. But it’s definitely changed my reading life significantly, for a number of reasons.

Not all of them are good.

In fact, a lot of them include me crying over books but let’s ignore that!!!


 i know a LOT of the anticipated releases.

If I wasn’t a book blogger, I would not know of any anticipated releases unless they were in the “recent” section of my library.

Like, I would probably be aware of TWO WHOLE BOOKS before their publication date, and those would probably be sequels of books that I already read.

Now I’m aware of those books publishing in 2020 and have plenty of time to cry while I wait.

There would be also a lot less suffering while I wait for the book to publish. Is there a muffled sobbing sound as I wait for Wildcard? yes.


i’ve been able to “analyze” books better while reading them.

Before I started blogging and reviewing books, I’m pretty sure that I loved every single book that I read??

Image result for stars gif
basically my rating system before i became a blogger

But alas the Golden Age has ended and now there are one-stars and two-stars EVERYWHERE.


i’m more aware about diversity in literature.

Now, I’m actually aware of topics like representation in literature and #ownvoices and things like that.

I also try to pick up more diverse books when before, I probably would’ve just picked up the more popular (and therefore, usually white) books.

Even just being on Twitter has helped me learn soooo much, including:

  • things regarding aave [x] [x]
  • things regarding ableist language [x]
  • how important media representation is [x]

And now I actually am aware of more books that are diverse and put in an effort to show them and boost those titles!!


i’m able to scream about my favorite books a lot more often.

I used to only scream about my books through in-real-life talking to other people or just internal screaming while curled up in a ball in my bed.

However, blogging has opened up an avenue of possibilities regarding talking about my favorite books, including actually finding people who’ve read the book, posting reviews, and/or posting tweets on Twitter!

It’s like a little outlet of emotion.


i have SO many more books on my tbr.

My TBR used to only consist of the couple of on-display titles in my library or a book that I found in the bookstore or those that were gifted to me.

However, thanks to all of those “book recommendation” posts my to-be-read shelf is actually suffocating and dying.

Seriously, I’m probably going to get to only 30% of my entire tbr shelf during my lifetime.


my reading choices are more planned instead of sporadic.

I used to just pick up the books that were available to me, like the ones at my piano teacher’s house or the ones that caught my eye at the bookstore.

However, now I actually use this contraption called Goodreads and read the synopses of books before I start them? Amazing.

Also, my reading choices have definitely changed because now I prioritize certain books to read over others- ex. the arcs that I need to read and review before a certain date.


i know more people who read and enjoy books

Wow I used to know approximately 3 people who also read young adult books and that I could also scream to, so I had to channel my love or hatred through other methods, such as:

  • reading fanfiction, but since it would be young adult there would be like 3 works total
  • that’s literally it there was nothing else

However, since I actually know people who also read books regularly, chances are that I can scream at them about the books!!

Image result for waterbending gif
imagine me channeling my love of books like this


i write posts about being a book blogger

*you guys gasp because the fourth wall has never broke this amazingly before*

I mean, another thing that has changed about being a book blogger is that I have the experience of being a book blogger.

Amazing, right? A revelation. No one has ever figured this out. Truly legendary. A mark in history.

#CompletelyTrue #NotFalse


i have a lot more books

The number of young adult books that I own has significantly changed ever since I’ve been a book blogger.

Before I started blogging I think I had about 15-20 young adult physical books total? The majority of my reading would be from the library or from ebooks.

However, ever since I’ve started blogging, I have more digital review copies and physical review copies and I am currently drowning in all of the books I have.

I don’t have a bookshelf, so I just have piles of books haphazardly strewn around my room.

Image result for drowning in books gif
whenever I open up the door to my room


tell me your thoughts 2

How has your reading life changed from being a book blogger? Do you drown in your books regularly? Did you used to read fanfiction when you were smol?



  1. Allll of this is true! I definitely think my life has changed. Now I pick up a book and I’m like ugh, I need to write a review for this and it’s not even that good. But I definitely LOVE screaming about books on Twitter!

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  2. Love this post! ☺️💗 Even though I’m pretty new to the book blogging community, most of your points are so relatable, haha. Joining this community has changed my reading life for the better; I’m so glad that I’m more aware of diverse and inclusive books. (And I love chatting/screaming with everyone about books!!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is such a great post!🤗I was nodding along the whole time because ME TOO. I’m so happy I became a book blogger because I’m wayyy more aware of diverse books and their importance, and I’m also aware of books coming out, too. Sometimes I wonder where I’d be as a reader if I hadn’t started book blogging…definitely not here, haha. Anyway, wonderful post as always!

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  4. Lovely post! ❤ I have to agree with everything here – book blogging made me way too aware of all the books releasing thousands of years from now and I feel like I will never keep up, yet I keep adding everything to my TBR because apparently I just can't be stopped??? And I have learned so much since I started blogging as well and I love how aware it made me of so many issues and things I just did not realize enough. I love that and am so thankful for that, too. ❤


  5. I love this post! My reading is definitely more scheduled now that I have a blog and I’m (a little) better at keeping myself on track. I’m also so happy I have an outlet to scream about books now because none of my irl friends read 😦


  6. Yes to everything, especially the first two points! But I wouldn’t say that my reading habits are better XD Especially during this last year. For sure it also helped me to get what books were worth to keep and what to let go. I managed to get a lot of new free space on my shelves.


  7. It’s only been a month since I started blogging, and the biggest change is this – communicating, reaching out to other bloggers however awkward it may feel, when before I would just silently read and then drift away like a ghost…


  8. Ahh this is such a relatable post! Book blogging has definitely given me a way to discover new releases, even though my TBR is getting larger and larger now haha! Book blogging has also given me a way to talk about my love for books which I love! And I agree, before blogging I literally loved every book I read too!! Awesome post! 🙂


  9. I just started my book blogging journey, but I’m already experiencing some of these things! Especially looking at release dates and planning my reading. I feel super awesome being one of the first to request a book from the library, before there are even copies available.


  10. I just started my book blogging journey, but I’m already experiencing some of these things! Especially looking at release dates and planning my reading. I feel super awesome being one of the first to request a book from the library, before there are even copies available.


  11. I love this!!💗💗💗
    I need to make sure that I remember to check for trigger warnings whenever I review a book! Sometimes I forget that people will receive books differently than I do.
    Also, I have 3 bookshelves and I still have stacks everywhere😂😭


  12. I do indeed drown in books lol this is such a relatable post!! I was also less aware of new releases before I started book blogging but now I’m exposed to ALL KINDS OF BOOKS and it helps me diversify my tbr pile a little. I also spend a lot of time planning which books I’ll read in the near future even if I don’t create a proper tbr list for each month because I can’t help wanting to read all the books that everyone is raving about!


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