My 2018 Reading Statistics // hi guys, I read 37 books in a year

I literally slumped for around 80% of the year.

My goal at first was to read 100 (????) books, but then I lowered it down to fifty. Of course… as it turned out…. I didn’t actually meet my lowered goal either.

Clearly, I know what I’m doing. I’m a 10/10 book reader. I’m amazing at reading all of the books.

Also, not going to lie, but I’ve been avoiding writing this post because I’ve just felt uninspired to??? And I still feel uninspired but I mean… what can you do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


overall statistics

If y’all want to see my Year in Review by Goodreads you can view it here! But anyways, apparently The Boyfriend Bracket was 240 pages and I lowkey completely forgot that I even read that book. To be honest, it was really mediocre and had the gay-best-friend trope that was unnecessary.

I LOVED SPINNING SILVER THOUGH. Naomi Novik, my queen. *sighs*

318,899 people also read To All the Boys I’ve Loved before and I feel like so many people read it because of the movie and THIS IS WHAT JENNY HAN DESERVES. (I’m still sad I didn’t like the movie. Noah Centimeter suuucks.)

416 people read 500 Words or Less and that’s kind of shocking?? Less than 500 people read that book?? I just checked its page and… so many of the reviews were 3-stars… that’s unfortunate, but I also rated it three stars lmao.

<span style=”font-size: 10pt;”>*nice.



I think I’m actually okay with this ratio! If you consider that I read 37 books, then that’s 7 books that I read without a diverse mc, and… those might be my school assigned books as well as any others. Soooooo while I’d prefer the ratio from diverse mc to non-diverse mc to be higher, I’m not too upset at myself? 


The amount of time it took me to read a book

Y’all, please notice that single “114 days” right there. Yes, that was… My So-Called Bollywood Life. Which is 296 pages. IT WASN’T EVEN A LONG BOOK. I just… stopped somewhere in the middle of it for like two months??

AND I ACTUALLY FIVE-STARRED THAT BOOK, SO. (Y’all should read it!!! It’s a cute book with an Indian protagonist and love interest and cast & has themes of Bollywood within it!!!)

Image result for why am i like this gif
me right now.

Genre of the books

Okay, this is like… really confusing tbh because there are so many book that overlap and I don’t even know how to properly organize this in a way that actually shows my statistics accurately, but,


When I put “romance” as a genre in this graph, I don’t mean NA romance books, but rather books that have romance as a central arc or part of the story.

General genre

Something that I’ve noticed about my own reading is that I’m less… choosy about which contemporaries I read?? EVEN THOUGH LIKE 99% OF THE TIME I’M IN THE MOOD FOR READING A FLUFFY CONTEMPORARY.

But I feel like I usually won’t read a contemporary unless it’s diverse in some way OR if it just has a really really good nice trope, like fake dating.

Honestly, this is just a weird comment, but I feel like I subconsciously avoid books with white boy protagonists, because… they all sound the SAME TO ME. I DON’T KNOW WHY THEY JUST DO.


Seriously, these stats are lowkey useless because of the tiny amount of books I read. IF I READ 100 BOOKS THE STATS WOULD BE MORE INTERESTING.


I only one-starred one book in 2018! And 62% were five-stars, which is over half, so that’s pretty chill.


I’ve only read one book with an enby author and main character, so I definitely want to increase that number this year. (The book was The Brilliant Death by Amy Rose Capetta, by the way and it was AMAZING.)

Also, I haven’t read many books by male authors or main characters compared to the amount of books by girl authors or main character, and I don’t plan on increasing that number, tbh. I’m perfectly content with this.


I feel like I haven’t read as many sequels as I should have?? So many of the books that I’ve read were either the first book in the series or standalones, and then what happens next? I HAVE NO IDEA because apparently I hardly read sequels.

Throwback to my childhood when I would just devour series one after the other :’)


It’s really uncommon for me to reread books, unless they were some of my FIRST FIRST young adult reads like the Hunger Games or The Winner’s Curse or something that I absolutelyyyyy loved, like Warcross!

I reread Warcross this year because I was just so hyped for the sequel :’) also I know so many people hated/were disappointed by Wildcard but LEAVE ME ALONE I LOVED IT OKAY. Marie Lu is like. someone sent from the heavens or something.


I definitely want to read more middle-grade this year!! I mean, these statistics are so easily changed because of my only having read 37 books, but still. Only 9% are not YA? I want to read more diversely across categories!



I’m not surprised that the majority of the books I read were from publishers because I honestly don’t buy a whole lot of books? (even though the second majority was me buying books that I bought. shhhhhh)


I was looking back at my mid-year bookish stats and y’all, I read 21 books the first half of the year. Which means… I read 16 books in the second half. #proudofmyself

As for my stats, I realized that in the other post I included prettiest covers, best sequels, forgettable books, best plot twists, etc etc, but… I mean, I only read 16 books in the second half what do I dooooooo.

Also! Even though I’m saying I “only” read 37 books in 2018, it’s totally valid to have read that many or less. I’m only saying this because I, personally, expected myself to have read more and therefore I was just not meeting my goal of 100 books originally.

For some of the statistics I had literally no idea what I should add on or comment on so… I just left it blank. Have fun looking at my statistics I guess???

I FEEL LIKE THIS POST WAS REALLY SHORT AND NOT INTERESTING. I’m sorry I don’t know what to say that’ll make this post of better than mediocre quality but let’s. move. on.


tell me your thoughts 2

How many books did you read in 2018? What was the source of most of your reads? Did you read mainly five-star books or did you have a worse reading year? Do you usually read ebooks or physical copies?


  1. But 37 books is still a good number! I only read like 25 last year! 🤣

    I usually try to read diverse books just because those are usually more interesting, but I *also* try to only read books which have 4 stars on Goodreads… I want to make sure I like the books I read!

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  2. This post wasn’t uninteresting! I’m a nerd and I love looking at graphs so I really liked reading through this. 😊 And Marie Lu has been sent from the heavens!! Her Legend series was the first YA series I ever read and I love them to pieces.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I STAN ONE PERSON AND THAT IS MARIE LU. Yes, the Legend trilogy was also my first YA trilogy I believe? Or at least one of my first five??

      So many people disliked Wildcard and it makes me so sad!! I freaking loved it, so much. Awwww, thank you so much ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. I think I read about fifty books this year? Which is about average for me. I don’t think I have EVER read 100 books in one year, though in the blogging world that seems pretty common. And I definitely did a bit of rereading because sometimes I just miss my children. It’s normal.
    I think my average rating might be like 3.5? I can be super harsh. But also I don’t make awesome pie charts or do math so I can figure out exact details like that. So I’m not really sure.
    I ALWAYS read physical copies because I don’t like what reading on screens does to my eyeballs. I mostly get my books from the library. I’m pretty sure 97% of the books I read this past year came from the library. I don’t know what I would do without it.
    Haha, most of the books I read are Middle Grade. I guess I got into that habit when I was ten and never got out of it apparently? I just float to that section of the library automatically. I have started branching into YA though, now that I’m, you know, in my early twenties…yeah.
    I wish you the best in your 2019 reading!

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    1. I read 100 books in 2017 and honestly, now… I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW I DID THAT. WHat.

      Ahhh I only started tracking my books this year in an Excel spreadsheet just so I could make these pie charts LMAO. I feel like I’m not that harsh with ratings, but I kind of wish that I was harsher, lmao.

      OH YES omg sometimes when I read on my phone my eyes kind of start tearing up… but I keep reading because… I don’t know. I make bad decisions. I used to use the library so often but now I don’t really use it as often as I should! ❤ Also, MIDDLE GRADE IS TOTALLY VALID and I honestly want to check out more mg novels!

      I wish you the best for 2019 too!!! ❤ ❤

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  4. Great post, it was so fun to see all your reading statistics! 😀

    I’m sorry you didn’t reach your reading challenge goal, but hey, 37 books is still amazing! And an average rating of 4.4 is great too! Mine was 3.6 😦

    But anyways, I’m wishing you luck in accomplishing all of your 2019 goals! Happy reading!!!

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  5. Ooh these stats are so cool! It’s a shame you didn’t meet your goal but hey, my goal was initially 100 too and I then lowered it to 50 and barely met it (I read like 20 books in December?!) I actually have a thing against reading ebooks haha, I have to get really into them or I’ll just… stop? (Guilty of not reading far too many ebook requests and arcs oops) I definitely prefer physical books. In 2018 I read a lot of mystery/thriller which is my equivalent of ya contemporary in my weird way because they’re usually light, plot based reads that I’m pretty much guaranteed to four star? Here’s to hoping we both read more in 2019!

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    1. Ahhhh, thank you SO much, Cas! OMG WOW we totally twinned in 2018 in terms of reading LOLL. Omg wait same same about ebooks???! Sometimes I’ll read a book & be solidly kind of enjoying it and just STOP when I’m like 70% in… it’s wild. I have so many unread ebooks from 2018 that I’ll just… eventually get into… soon… hopefully…

      OH YES I don’t know why, but mystery thrillers always have me SUPER ABSORBED and INTO THE STORY even though I wouldn’t classify myself as someone who really prefers that genre!

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  6. Ahhh all of these stats and graphs that looks so very cool I admire that so muchhhhh. I think that, despite the fact that you had to lower your goodreads goal, you seem to have a pretty great reading year with so many great ratings, that’s SO GOOD!! and I can relate to the “I hardly read sequels” thing, I feel like I start so many new series and then…. well, that’s it. Oooooops. haha.
    Wonderful post!! I hope this year will be amazing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😭😭 THANK YOU FOR APPRECIATING MY STATS AND GRAPHS, MARIE. Haha, YEAH I have had a good amount of higher rated books, so I’m mainly okay with it!! OMG yes sometimes I just don’t read sequels bc I completely forgot EVERYTHING that happened in the first book and I’m too lazy to reread the first book!

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  7. The stats look super cool! I hope to do something like that for myself by the end of the year; though I probably won’t have many books either, lol. But that’s okay, it still works!
    I relate to 2018 being a very *slumpy* year. (What I don’t relate with though is not liking the TATBILB movie???lol) I read soooooo little in the year (only 18 books!) and I was pretty much doing nothing but watching poorly written shows on Netflix. I hope 2019 is better for you too, not only in reading, but in everything. I’m still working out of my life slump, but wishing you the best luck!

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    1. Ahh, thank you 🥰🥰 I would LOVE to see a bookish stats post from you for the end of 2019! 💕 I feel like 2018 was just a slumpy year for so many people?? EIGHTEEN BOOKS IS STILL AMAZING. Also listen I had SUCH HIGH EXPECTATIONS for TATBILB 😩😩 I am sooo salty!!

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  8. THAT DIVERSITY RATIO YES!! and all these colorful beautiful pie charts ❤ I think it's still amazing that you read 37 books. It's not the amount of books you read that make you a good or bad reader but the passion which you totally have 🙂 I'm so excited for you get back into the through throw of things and excited to see all you accomplish for 2019!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU TIFFANY! I think that the majority of books that I’m exposed to at all are diverse?? Also, thank youuu this comment is so sweet and it makes me feel ACKNOWLEDGED as a reader who only read 37 books. LET’S DO AMAZING THINGS THIS YEAR! 💗💗💗

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  9. This is such an interesting post I love looking at reading statistics! I know how you feel, I felt disappointed in my reading last year too but sometimes it happens.. hopefully this year is better for us both 😂
    Sarah x (

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  10. Oh my gosh I loved Wildcard too!! So many people seemed to be disappointed in it I’m glad to find someone else who loved it ahaha. Also I’m glad you liked My So Called Life! It was so adorable! I loved seeing all your pie charts. I hope you have a lovely 2019 reading year! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHHH YES RIGHT?? A lot of people said it was so bad compared to the first but I LOVED IT A LOT AND IT WAS AMAZING. Also Hideo. I love him. Eeee yay I’m so glad you liked My So-Called Bollywood Life, I haven’t seen many people who have read it! Thank youu, Aline!


  11. JU!! 37 BOOKS IS AMAZING CONSIDERING YOU WERE IN A SLUMP (i hope it’s now disappeared into a ditch somewhere) Your posts are ALWAYS fabulous and no one can argue with me on this.

    I love all the pie charts in this! My mathsy heart feels so very very happy! Also I really need to get to Marie Lu’s books! Legend’s in my library so I should probably go and get it?? Maybe?? When I’m not feeling so lazy.

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  12. I read around 50 books last year (which was my goal so I was happy with it) and I discovered some of my all-time favorite books which is always great! Also all your stats/pie charts are absolute goals that’s some seriously satisfying categorization right there lol

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