My TBR for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!!

I was supposed to post this the first day of May, but there was a small problem and that problem was that I hadn’t written the post yet because I suck.

Anyways, hello hello everyone, I’m back from not posting for like, a week (or two? time is a manmade concept) and here’s going to be my tbr for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!! (APAH for short.)

Also, last month, April, was Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month, and I know that a lot of people haven’t been talking about it (myself included) so here are some resources about that and recommendation lists of books with that representation:

It’s so terrible that there aren’t a lot of autism books that are mainstream + have actually good rep. I’ve only read, like, 7 or 8 books total that have non-problematic representation or an autistic author??? I need to do better and so do publishers.

There are two challenges that I’m kind of interested in participating in, but I’m not really forming my tbr around these challenges because most of the books on my tbr are ones that I have copies of right now or that might be releasing soon and I need to freaking read them.

Also, my tbr is freaking huge: ten to sixteen books (!!) but I’ve already read two books so I’m technically on track right now? Good luck good luck good luck @ myself

{all book covers link to goodreads}


The Candle and the Flame by Nafiza Azad

41473871I was blessed enough to have been gifted an arc of this by Scholastic (thank you so much???) and I’m so hyped to be buddy reading this with May!! Thank you so much to the author for helping me obtain an arc aaah.

Also, I didn’t know this, but the author is Pasifika!! (Thank you May for telling me.)

This is one of my higher-priority ones because the release date is May 14th (so close y’all) and I’m planning to post my review within a week of the pub date!!

Tbh I just stare at my copy of this for forever because I’m still ??? in awe ?? that I have this ??


Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee

34966859This is the group book for the Dragons and Tea book club, hosted by Mel @ Mel to the Any & Amy @ A Court of Crowns and Quills!

I’m so excited to finally read a group book with them because this was one of my most anticipated releases and it also fit in with my reading plans for May! I’ve placed a hold on the audiobook at Libby and aaaah! By the way, if you want to also join it’s not to late because the reading starts on the 13th and ends on the 17th!!


We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal

36492488This was a buddy read with Fadwa and she already finished it (!!) and rated it four stars but I’ve still been stuck in the same 20% spot for the last three weeks.

And, also, I’m not really a fan of how the story is going right now.

I think it’s just that the description is lagging way too much for me?? I really don’t know what my problem is, aaah. But also I expected something different, I think. The synopsis says, “People lived because she killed.” Listen, Zafira has killed no one in the first 20% ??? what is up with that.

Image result for upset gif

I’M SO SAD because this was one of my most anticipated books. It’s sad boi hour up in here, team.


Tell Me How You Really Feel by Aminah Mae Safi

41150474The gods have smiled down on me and somehow got me a copy of this book!! I, truly, am THRIVING right now. This is the peak of my book blogging career. It’s all downhill from here.

I’m so excited for this fluffy contemporary enemies-to-lovers based off of a misunderstanding book about filming!! (I’ve been reading so many books about filming/directing recently? Wut.*) Seriously, look at that cover please. I really love the girl on the right?? Her eyeliner looks so so good.

*So there was From Twinkle, With Love, and Happy Messy Scary Love, and now this one?? Wild.


Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune by Roselle Lim

42051103Like I said, I put this down when I was reading a digital copy of it (but still planned to pick it up again) and then I got a physical copy of this from Melanie!!! I LOVE YOU MELANIE.

I read one (1) chapter of this and I was Just Not Feeling it but I think I might deal better with hard-hitting contemporaries in physical format?? I just didn’t realize that this dealt with familial grief and I thought it was a happy fun book about cooking, lmao. Apparently, not!


The Tiger at Midnight by Swati Teerdhala

38205303I’m currently 60% through this and I’m buddy reading this with Shealea and this is only my second day since starting it! I am absolutely flying through this and the romance and tension in it is so good. 

Seriously, I cannot get over it. Do you want the Best Romance Ever, Ever? Because it’s most likely in this book. This is when someone is trying to capture a criminal but there’s a secret playful relationship between the both of them and the prosecutor doesn’t really want to capture the criminal, they just love the chase and THERE’S TENSION IN EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. So, basically, this is cat-and-mouse and I Love It So Much!!

Truly, I am blessed to have received an e-arc of this (after requesting it two times on Edelweiss and literally begging in my second request lmao) (they took pity on me, a sad soul!!).


This Time Will Be Different by Misa Sugiura

41716638This one is releasing on June 4th, and it’s about gentrification and the Japanese history of WWII and it just sounds !! so good!!

Have I mentioned the cover approximately 2393 times yet in my other posts? Because I love it so much and I think it’s such a good artistic portrayal? My heart is singing for the salmon-y color in the background?

I’m so happy that I was granted an e-arc of this on Edelweiss because I almost never get approved on there but I’m so glad I was approved for this one.


Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean

37569318This is going to be a buddy read with Ilsa and I think we tried to buddy read it before because we both had e-arcs?? But then we ended up not reading anything at all. Iconic, right?

(Oh my god I’m looking at reviews right now and there are so many three-star reviews?? This is not looking great. Apparently there’s insta-love? Save me.) (I’m still going to read this tho.)

Also, I am totally not a fan of this cover. I feel like the weapon is kind of placed awkwardly and there was so much more room for an artistic rendering of an actual empress (of all seasons). Please. I remember hoping for a poc on the cover!!

(The arc cover is prettier, tbh.)


Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman

35716237This has a Pasifika main cast and biracial representation and I didn’t see any complaints/criticisms of the representation!! I feel like a lot of people say that they feel like they can’t write outside of their own cultures but I mean… you can but it’s going to be hard to write accurately. An example of a success is this book! (If there are any complaints from ownvoices readers that I missed, I am so sorry & this is completely wrong.)

I’m going to be listening to this on audiobook and [primal screech] I am so excited because I love Akemi Dawn Bowman and I love audiobooks!!

WAIT I didn’t realize that the background was a wave!!! I literally saw it just now. I thought it was just an aesthetically pleasing pattern of blue-green tones? Wow.


Last of Her Name by Jessica Khoury

39983511I mean, Jessica Khoury’s novel, The Forbidden Wish, was literally my favorite of all of 2018 so I have pretty high expectations. I’m so excited to read this Anastasia retelling that’s set in space sdffkdjfkj. I feel like I never talk about this on my blog, but I’m a huge fan of space books?? So many of my favorites were set in space :’)

The cover is absolutely gorgeous, although… underwhelming. Also, the author is Asian!! I remember finding that information somewhere in her bio on her website or somewhere?? I forgot where, though.


Anyways, the books above were all of my high-priority books but if I’m in the mood for another book that’s not there, here are some other books that I was hoping to get to!!

36301029  40404714  40590407  35297469

tell me your thoughts 2

Have you read any of these books + how do you feel about them? Which one has your favorite cover? When was your book blogging Peak?




    lol i feel like i always end up in all caps on comments for your posts i’m sorry ju


  2. The Candle and the Flame looks so beautiful! The cover is so aesthetically pleasing while still being very atmospheric and badass?? I just love it a lot and I’m super duper hyped to read it soonish.


  3. OKAY TELL ME WHEN YOU WANT TO READ CANDLE AND THE FLAME I don’t think I’m in the mood for it rn so I probably am gonna read The Gilded Wolves but in a few days I think I would be good to read it (I realize I should probably read it Now but is it my fault my arc came 12 days before publication date 😎😎😎) also thank you for reminding me to try to request Tell Me How You Really Feel, arc gods I’ve asked for like 1 arc in the past 2 months pls grant me this


  4. AHHH what a beautiful TBR, I hope you’ll love all of these books! The Candle and the Flame sounds really good and I am very much in love with this cover ahhhh SO pretty. ❤ I'm sorry you're not feeling We Hunt The Flame so far, hope you'll end up liking it more and more as you keep on reading! and Tell Me How You Really Feel, what a gorgeous looking book ahhhhhhhh.
    Happy reading! ❤


  5. This month I really want to get to The Candle and the Flame, The Tiger at Midnight and We Hunt the Flame for sure! ♥ I recently added Empress of all Seasons to my TBR as well! Last of her Name also sounds amazing, and a book set in space? Yes please!


  6. Awesome tbr, love! I have SO MANY of these on my to-read list! This truly is the Year of the Asian. 😀 I can’t wait to dive into the Candle and the Flame, We Hunt the Flame, Tiger at Midnight, Dragon Pearl, and Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune! They all sound so amazing, plus the last one has food in it. DOUBLE POINTS! ❤

    I also have Starry Eyes pretty high on my to-read list as well! Let me know if you'd be interested in buddy reading it some time, Julianna! 😉


  7. I read Summer Bird Blue recently and it was SO GOOD. I would love to read a bunch of books for this readathon this month (I have a long list!) but I have a bunch of big scifi arcs to read and most of the books on my list are also big or also scifi. I’m still hoping to fit a couple in!!
    Thank you for mentioning autism acceptance month and adding the links ❤


  8. YAAAS TO ALL THESE WONDERFULLY ASIAN BOOKS ❤ I need to hurry up and pick up Natalie Tan (also I need to hurry up and finish RW&RB) but yes!! I'm also so so excited for Akemi's books, and Summer Bird Blue is so high on my list.

    ALSO YOU NEED TO READ STARRY EYES…BEST FRIENDS-TO-ENEMIES-TO-LOVERS(!!) It's like the greatest trope EVER and cuteness overload and I am v v excited for you. (Unless I'm overhyping it now then jk this sux low expectations pls) but I want to hear your thoughts 🙂


  9. I got a physical ARC of The Candle and the Flame and an eARC of The Tiger at Midnight too! I am super excited for The Candle and the Flame. SO happy to hear that The Tiger at Midnight is really good because I wasn’t so excited about it.


  10. Good luck with your TBR! 😊 I personally really liked Empress of All Seasons, it had so much interesting mythology and complex characters. I would have really liked a sequel because the world had so much potential! 😄


  11. LAST OF HER NAME IS INCREDIBLE. I read it a while back and it one of the most fun books I’ve read in a while despite the constant despair and peril that the character’s face, which was…weird but awesome. I can’t wait to see what you think of it!


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