March 2019 Recap || Listening to Audiobooks + Musicals!!

Y’all… I read a lot of books (12), but then I didn’t post a lot??

I think if I succeed in one area I just gotta fail in another. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I read 12 books in March though!! My average number of books read in a month is around 5-8, I think, but I’ve recently been setting a tbr for myself and I think that it’s really helped me to read more books!

I think my schoolwork was just a mess in general because my graphing calculator broke so I have to borrow my sister’s calculator (and she needs it too) and because a lot of teachers were just trying to cram in their assignments/tests for the end of the quarter.

ALSO THIS WAS TOTALLY THE MONTH OF being tired because I just wanted to sleep all the time and right now I desperately want to go to bed. Please.

reading stuff

books i read

37545571  36373464  37868550

King of Fools by Amanda Foody ★★★★★

  • wow Amanda Foody is amazing, I freaking loved this one so much and it was so well-written and just. SECOND BOOK SYNDROME WHO?? [gr review]

From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon ★★★★☆

  • Okay yes, the narrator to this did have a really childish and young voice, but it became endearing near the end and this was really cute and stereotypical but still I REALLY LIKED IT. [gr review]

The Antidote by Shelley Sackier ☆☆☆☆☆

  • I dnf’d this one because… the writing was really convoluted (although it was pretty) and the plot really frustrated me and just, the entire execution. I am so regretful about this one, folks.

35457257  40594591  35068632

Genesis by Brendan Reichs ★★★★☆

  • This was so fast-paced and just, Brendan Reichs is really amazing with his worldbuilding and he keeps on managing to take it further than what we expect??

Chrysalis by Brendan Reichs ★★★★★

  • THIS ONE WAS MY FAVORITE OUT OF THE ENTIRE TRILOGY and I seriously want more. Also, I hate Noah so much and he’s such a Trash Man. [review]

Pride by Ibi Zoboi ★★★★★

  • Maybe five stars is too high for me to rate this, but also, I loved Elizabeth Acevedo’s voice so much and this was super engaging, I finished it in like three days. ALSO one of my first audiobooks!!! [gr review]

39338454  40046019  13001716

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang ★★★★☆

  • This one was so sweet and there were some problems I had with it, I seriously really enjoyed it overall! And, I love Quan so much. (buddy read with Melanie <3) [gr review]

An Affair of Poisons by Addie Thorley ★★★☆☆

  • I’m not completely sure how I even feel about this one because listen… it was engaging but the overall quality was… only okay. Also, the main character was really wishy-washy because like… she was planning to poison an abusive royal but then she decides to save him later from her mother?? That cover is seriously beautiful, though.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling ★★★★☆

  • I read this via audiobook and Mindy Kaling’s voice is so nice??? Her voice is so nice and endearing and I really want to listen to more memoirs/autobiographies via audiobook now!

193755  17259690  41157974

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby ★★★☆☆

  • Okay, this cover is really terrible. Also, my school librarian & english teacher recommended this to me, and I am… disappointed. Maybe it’s because I read 50% of this while almost falling asleep, but this is not really memorable at all.

The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic ★☆☆☆☆

  • Buddy read with May, and seriously WhatTheActualHell why is this so bad. This is why I have trust issues now!!! I also wrote 🙂 a goodreads 🙂 review 🙂 sooooo I think you should read it to get the full spectrum of my anger. [gr review]

Far From Agrabah by Aisha Saeed ★★★☆☆

  • This was really interesting but overall, I was kind of disappointed. It didn’t really go further than reading as if it was a novelization, and it has a remarkable degree of telling and not showing. However, this is also middle-grade, so I feel like I would have enjoyed this a lot more had I been 8 years old?


overall reading analysis (favorite books, least favorite books)

  • favorite book? definitely, king of fools. It was so good what the HELL.
  • average rating? 3.7
  • I think that setting a tbr for myself has actually been helpful as opposed to before, when I didn’t follow my tbr at all! I don’t know what or why this change has come, but maybe it’s connected to my recent love of audiobooks?
  • Also I’ve just been grinding through audiobooks. I love them so much and they’re so nice to listen to. However, there have been two instances where I listened to it before sleeping and then I fell asleep (and forgot to put on the sleep timer) and I lost my place in the audiobook.


books i read for #yarc

  • From Twinkle, With Love / this one has ownvoices Indian representation and the love interest is biracial!! Also, a mainly POC cast (the best friend is Japanese!)
  • The Bride Test / this one has ownvoices Vietnamese representation and ownvoices autism representation!! there’s also biracial representation (half-white)
  • Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? / this is an autobiography/memoir, and the author, Mindy Kaling, is Indian.
  • Far From Agrabah / I’m pretty sure that Aladdin’s story is Arabic, and this author is Pakistani! I… don’t know if Pakistan is considered an Arab country (I don’t know a lot about Arab countries overall?? I’ve looked it up but I’m still highkey confused). Anyways, I’m pretty sure that this is ownvoices. But I’m not sure



41219451  41454344  38205303

These are the books that are publishing relatively soon that I need to review!! Descendant of the Crane & The Tiger at Midnight both qualify for YARC!

34523174  35901105  28096541

These are the books I’m reading for Autism Awareness/Pride Month! The Brightsiders has an autistic author (I don’t know about the characters), and The Nowhere Girls & Into the Drowning Deep have autistic main characters (and are not ownvoices).

Also, apparently MIRA GRANT IS SEANAN MCGUIRE. I DIDN’T KNOW THIS. I mildly enjoyed Every Heart a Doorway, and Elise really loved Into the Drowning Deep, so I’m pretty pumped!!

41150487  36492488

The other books that are already-published drcs and review copies that I need to catch up on are:

Realm of Ruins / Mammoth / The Darkest Star / Dealing in Dreams / To Best the Boys / Never-Contented Things* / Last of Her Name

*I was excited for this one because I liked Sarah Porter’s Vassa in the Night, but apparently there’s like… an incest (foster siblings) relationship… so…. I’m kind of hesitant…


book haul

Once again, I have not taken a photo of my two books I received this month, so here are the covers that I have stolen from goodreads!

41454344  39983511

I got a physical arc of How It Feels to Float because it sounds really compelling and also that cover is really aesthetic (okay it’s mainly because of the aesthetic) and I got a drc of Last of Her Name!

Also, I totally got approved for Last of Her Name after the release date, but it’s Jessica Khoury, the author of The Forbidden Wish, so I’m grateful.


most anticipated books for next month

40170373  42201864

I’m excited for TBWSH, because, OF COURSE (even though I haven’t even read Cait’s A Thousand Perfect Notes) and also for Love from A to Z because IT LOOKS SO ADORABLE OH MY GOD. That cover is so adorable and I didn’t even notice that it’s in an airport setting.

blogging stuff 2

favorite post

spoofing titles of my fav books

This is simultaneously one of the worst posts I’ve ever made and one of the best ones, because I honestly don’t even know what I did but I did it.

I was so entertained by myself while writing it, and… hopefully you guys were also entertained??

Why is my brain like this.


most popular post

why i'm a hypocrite

I’m really happy that this post was received well!! I felt like this was really rambly and not succinct at… all, and I haven’t written a blog-related discussion post in a long time!

Also, I haven’t replied to these comments yet (as of writing this) and I am so sorry guys, but I WILL DO IT SOON. I’m so thankful for y’all and the comments that you post on here!!

Anyways, yeah this post what just inspired by me feeling really guilty and then realizing I shouldn’t be guilty?


posts i loved

Kate shares some titles she believes should be in the modern-day school curriculum.

Jami posts a list featuring tv shows you should watch if you like certain titles (her graphics are amazing).

Lais debunks some of the stereotypes that exist about her home country, Brazil.

Sil shares her most anticipated releases for the next quarter of this year.

Rhi tells us seven of the books and moments that mean the most to her.

Taasia gives us some amazing feminist recommendations in celebration of Women’s History Month.

Olivia mini reviews some contemporaries that we need to read in the spring.

The Story Sponge shares some of her reflections on being a cynic and how cynicism can act as a safety blanket.

Xandra discusses sharing spoilers and when it’s deemed “okay” to post spoilers for a series.

Tiffany wrapped up her February and I’m so in awe of how aesthetically pleasing they are. I want to start taking nice pictures for my wrapups??

Melanie reviewed The Patron Saints of Nothing and I love her and her reviews so much, always!

CW summarizes all of the entries from bloggers about balancing work and blogging and life, and I think this is so important to read!

Elise lists 18 things she learned from her eighteen years of living and I love this post!!! so much!!!!!!!!!

Chaima reviews Red, White, and Royal Blue and has infinitely boosted my excitement for this title holy crap.

Fadwa judges books by their covers and this is one of the most entertaining posts, ever.

Marie posts about blogging and how important social interaction is with other people in the book community (I love this post).

May reviews The Fever King and I really want to read it but also probably will not get to it in a while.

Cait posts about audiobooks, why she loves them, and how important and amazing they are.


bookish news

The cover of The Never-Tilting World by Rin Chupeco was revealed and I haven’t even fully read Rin’s books but I am not okay.

Kiersten White’s novel, The Guinevere Deception, had its cover revealed and it’s so so beautiful oh my gosh!

Tara Sim’s Scavenge the Stars had its cover reveal as well and I’m so emo for this cover!!

The cover of Eclipse the Skies, the sequel to Ignite the Stars (which I loved) was revealed and it’s absolutely perfection.

Hafsah Faizal’s pre-order campaign for We Hunt the Flame was revealed and its the beautiful, beautiful character cards!

life stuff 3

media consumed

The most important thing out of all of this is that I listened to Heathers: the musical and oh my god, you guys, it was so good. I really, really love Beautiful, Candy Store, and Dead Girl Walking (reprise). I WOULD DIE FOR JESSICA KEENAN WYNN’S VOICE, and I’m so sad that there aren’t any bootlegs with the original cast?* It’s clearly a personal attack on me.

Also, so many musical bootlegs are called “slime tutorial” or “definitely not musical bootlegs” on YouTube and I find it so hilarious omg.

One of my friends recommended Dear Evan Hansen (I didn’t like the novelization rip), The Great Comet of 1812 (I haven’t heard of this one), and Waitress!! I’m actually currently listening to Waitress right now, and by that I mean just playing When He Sees Me on repeat over and over again.

I also watched the k-drama Touch Your Heart and I know all of the episodes have been released but I haven’t watched the finale episode yet and I’ve just…….. stopped. I highkey don’t want this drama to end, and I’m also really lazy.


I don’t think this happened in March, but I want to share this one story that occurred when I was at church. Basically, at my church I often volunteer to teach children my little brother’s age, and there was this one new kid (in fourth grade).

Anyways, he kept on looking at my phone and would say things like “can I play games on your phone?” or “can I see your phone for a little bit” and of course, I was like young child I do not have games on my phone. It was a lie, I do have games on my phone. After that, he still wanted to go on my phone??! To look at the model??

And I was really annoyed, but he kept on insisting he just wanted to see the model of my phone and so I finally let him look in my settings. And when he saw my phone’s model number or whatever, he was like “WOAH YOUR PHONE IS REALLY GOOD” and I was like, “….thanks?” and then he kept on trying to get me to download this online app called idownloadbox or something where I could download paid apps for free, and I was like young child I know of these apps who do you think I am but I lied and said I didn’t know my Apple ID password. It was a wild time. Children are wild.



Okay, so first off: you can get free refills at Starbucks for iced teas & other general basic drink items (not frappucinos though). So I’ve been experimenting with trying iced teas to see which ones actually taste good, and uhhhhh they all suck. I kind of like the Green Tea Lemonade, I guess? But anyways, most of them are too flavorless and bitter for me?? Like, I tried this Pina colada refresher thing and it was actually terrible.

But I’ve been looking up secret menu recipes based off of iced teas that I can order and I’m pretty hyped!!


Also I realized that I have Impostor Syndrome a lot. Like, I’ll often be looking at tweets that are like “the impostor syndrome is strong right now” and I’ll be like “lol can’t relate I never have impostor syndrome.” But then whenever I write my posts I have a heavy sense of this post is absolutely terrible I don’t know why anyone ever reads my posts but it never occurred to me that it’s Impostor Syndrome?



I know I stopped doing monthly goals literally last month, but I kind of want to start again because I can think of so many goals that I have. I used to categorize them by life / books / blogging, but I won’t be doing that anymore because it makes my posts look like Actual Messes.

  • posting nine times (w/ 3 reviews) according to my schedule
  • be more hydrated please!!
  • focus on lacrosse and just improving in that area
  • catch up on my late review copies please (I’m literally five months late)
  • stop putting so much effort into certain relationships when they don’t care (it’s kind of terrible. I do this a lot)
  • stop procrastinating on Youtube
  • stop trying to multitask while watching BookTube. it never works out and you end up not being able to write your posts or pay full attention to the video

tell me your thoughts 2

How was your reading in March? Have you listened to any audiobooks and do you recommend any audiobooks? Did you blog a lot in March? Do you like Starbucks?




  1. idk why but “I used to categorize them by life / books / blogging, but I won’t be doing that anymore because it makes my posts look like Actual Messes.” made me laugh IDK WHY I HAVE A WEIRD SENSE OF HUMOUR okay. but like it’s just so true. i just lump all my goals together lmao. and OMG i need to stop procrastinating on youtube. ALSO THE ARI AND DANTE AUDIOBOOK. i’m listening to it and it’s so good and i love this book so much and i want to cry okay i’m a MESS. and no i didn’t blog for basically the entire march!! also i love your blog posts so much. byeee.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. maybe because it is TRUE it made my posts look so ugly at the end and the subheadings were so annoyingly complicated. OKAY I WILL ACTUALLY MAYBE CHECK OUT THE ARI AND DANTE AUDIOBOOK!!

      hey I didn’t blog for May and June and also didn’t respond to your comment until now so yeah be


  2. Audiobooks I recommend?? On on the Come Up by Angie Thomas—no doubt my fave read of the month. You actually get to listen to the main character’s rap songs, and the narrator nails intonations *perfectly.* I too have started reading audiobooks, and I think that some of them really had to the reading experience. Congrats on reading twelve books—wow that’s a lot!! I have so much respect for people who can read more than ten couple hundred books a month because… I can’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg that sounds so cool that the rap songs are within the audiobook of On the Come Up?? I’m nervous though, because I listen at 2x speed soo it might sound weird, lmao. The narrator sang in the Brightsiders audiobook and it wasn’t so good. But I totally recommend the Pride audiobook if you liked On the Come Up because the narrator does slam poetry and it sounds amazing!

      Wait the end of your comment is too relatable. I swear, reading 12 books a month isn’t my norm. 😭 Some people read >20 books a month and I’m just like ???

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey, congrats on reading so many books, haha! I… I don’t even think I read any books last month, but who’s keeping track? Certainly not me?

    But I love audiobooks, too! They’re perfect for someone like me who listens to music all the time – I’ll just switch out the music for a book, if I can! 🙂 I also have not read A Thousand Perfect Notes, but shh, don’t tell anyone! I own it, I just haven’t gotten around to it, yet!

    As for musicals… OMG I didn’t know you liked musicals?? Dear Evan Hansen is a must, I must say, because I listen to it quite often. Waitress is also great! I recently saw it on tour and it was so good! (I can’t remember if you like Percy Jackson, but if you DO, I highly recommend The Lightning Thief: The Musical soundtrack because it’s also pretty great.) (But if you DON’T, then don’t listen to it, I guess? Try Anastasia.)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing my post! Have a great month, Ju! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG XANDRA it’s okay I hardly read any books recently 😭 but it’s….. okay…. I’ve come to terms with it…. kind of.

      Ahhh I haven’t read ATPN either yet and honestly, I’m scared because… what if I don’t like it?? Cait is one of my favorite bloggers, soooo??

      OKAY DEH IS SUCH A GOOD MUSICAL and I seriously love Sincerely, Me so much. What are your favorite songs? I LOVE LOVE When He Sees Me from Waitress, and I WILL DEFINITELY CHECK OUT THE PJO MUSICAL AAAH.


  4. JULES A+ FOR EFFORT!! (jk you did amazing. 12 books is a heck of a whole lot so you should be proud. also writing posts is a lot of work, and the ones you put out were A++ quality)

    I am SO SO Excited to buddy read RW&RB with you ❤ and LMAO falling asleep while listening to an audiobook is such a real struggle. Sometimes, tehy're good but when you're too sleepy it just happens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Thank you so so much for sharing my monthly wrap-up!! and YES YOU SHOULD TAKE PHOTOS!! ME WANNA SEE 😀 and I've been wanting to watch a K-Drama so I think I'll check out Touch Your Heart! Also, I'd recommend Mango Black Tea Lemonade for Starbucks 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DHAJSH THANK YOU TIFFANY this made me feel validated and made my crops grow so thank you

      YESSS I’m so excited for RWRB everyone literally loves it so much so if I don’t love it, then…. I’ll be so disappointed. Omg one time I set up a sleep timer on Libby and it didn’t work?? But it worked yesterday so I’m really confused.

      Of course I’ll share your monthly wrap up Tiffff. HAHA Okay I’ll start taking photos but no guarantees that they’ll be actually aesthetically pleasing! PLEASE watch Touch Your Heart. the main character is kind of silly but it’s so wholesome and we all need wholesomeness, right?? OKAY THANK YOU FOR THE RECOMMENDATION of Mango Black Tea Lemonade bc I actually JUST NOW saw a life hack on Instagram to drink that w/ extra mango??

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ahh, 12 books is so amazing! I hope your April is going well and best of luck with all your goals.💓

    I didn’t know Mindy Kahling has a book?? I’m watching The Office right now so I was excited to see that she does haha, I’ll have to check out it out. (And yes, her voice is so nice, so I’ll have to see about the audiobook.)

    Children ARE wild, I loved that story. XD I am around five-year-olds every week for a class at my dance studio where I’m the assistant teacher and WOW, they come up with the most random and hilarious things ever.

    Thank you so so much for mentioning my post, I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Again, hope you have the most wonderful of Aprils.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. i’m literally so entirely excited and not so patiently awaiting red, white & royal blue and all the praise and love for it just add up into this big fluffy cloud of affection for a book that i can’t even read yet — ahh. i’m buying it as soon as possible and i already know in my heart that it’s going to be great! i enjoy the aspects and elements in the book that i’ve heard people talk about and itS SO PERFECT FOR MY MOOD RIGHT NOW. Oof. also: 12 BOOKS IS LITERALLY AWESOME? i want to read half as many books in a month. kudos. many of them for you. wishing you luck for the rest of the month!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like RWRB is one of those books that just almost NEVER lets you down. the hype is REAL and it is not a lie!! (have you read it yet??) I have so much love for Casey Mcquiston in writing that novel!!! AHHH don’t worry, I didn’t read half as many of 12 books in the later months, so. 😎


  7. That story you shared about the little kid, loooooool. Why are little kids all so obsessed with games on your phone? Like, honestly. I don’t have any games downloaded anymore because I want to decrease my Screen Time and I was legit kicked out of the “cool-older-kids” group because of that. Children are wild.
    Twelve books is impressive AF. I feel like my number of books read also got up a lot because of audiobooks and I’m so thankful? Lol. I did listen to The Foxhole Court last month and I’m just as mad. Your review is everything I’ve always wanted to say, so thank you so much for that. I’m still mad too.
    I finished The Kiss Quotient recently and even though it didn’t blow me away at all, I’m still excited about The Bride Test. I think there’s something about romance that reminds me of Cheetos. Like, it’s bad but I can’t stop eating notheless. I don’t like the banter in these romances, but I still devour them in a matter of hours, so at least it’s great for my Goodreads challenge. Not so much for my brain, though, lol.
    Wishing you an amazing April, Ju!


  8. 12 books is such a feat, Ju! Pride is so pretty I want a physical copy so badly 😍 And I’m so happy to see books read for YARC ahhh. I really love audiobooks, but my library doesn’t have a lot (hello international reader struggles), which is super sad but hey what can you do? I’ve heard so many good things about Descendant of the Crane, the Nowhere Girls and Red, White and Royal Blue, all of which are on my TBR! Your posts were so good this month, and I can’t wait to check out the posts that you linked this month. And thank you so much for linking mine, it means a lot 💗

    I wanna listen to Heathers soon, I LOVE Candy Store (a certified BOP), and everyone loves it so I’ll feel like I’ll love it, I just follow the bandwagon at this point 😂 The bootleg thing is hilarious omggg. I really relate to having imposter syndrome too, because I feel my content is so mediocre sometimes.

    I know this is so late, but best of luck with your goals! I’m sorry I’m so late. I need to work on cutting off relationships with people that don’t care about me as a person, and I’m sorry people treat you like that, because you’re an amazing person and deserve sm better. Have a day as amazing as you, love!


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