Different Types of Posts & Why It Matters

Hello, blogging/blog reading friends. I’m here to discuss… the different types of posts. Because all blogs are like complex creatures that hold different things. Or… something like that? Anyways, I’m pretty sure that everyone has a specific favorite type of post. Mine personally is probably discussion?? And I know that a lot of others prefer discussion, too, but some also enjoy reading tags & etc. So.. this is a list. In case you wanted to /spice/ your blog up.

[regarding book blogs. because i am one.]


A type of post where you usually have an original idea and put your take on it, and then leave questions so that you guys can talk it out in the comments.

So, like I said before, this is one of my FAVORITES. Because they are always so interesting? And I like interesting stuff?


  • Usually higher stats
  • More helpful
  • More interactive with viewers (aka they have more to talk about)
  • Usually relatable
  • I like these. (Which totally counts, okay?)


  • Bruh, you have to ACTUALLY THINK FOR THESE.
  • Like, think up ideas?
  • for
  • original
  • posts??


A post where you review a book.

Hmmmmmm.. I feel like the blogosphere is populated by book blogs who only do reviews. Which is.. just a thing that I don’t like. I really enjoy seeing original content, and usually the only time I like reviews is when a) they have personality in them + they’re funny or entertaining and b) when it’s about a book I hate/love/want to read/read



  • If you’ve already typed up your review (which if you’re not a procrastinating nugget like me, you probably have) then just copy & paste the html, add some gifs + glitter, and VOILA. YOU are DONE.


  • Unless you’re a reviews only blog, your stats probably suffer. This is from what I know personally.
  • Usually not as much viewer interaction. The reviews that I’ve seen usually have less comments, sometimes even just none.
  • I don’t like these as much (and YES THAT IS A REAL CON. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO PLEASE ME.)


Tags: Doing a tag that someone has tagged you in and usually answering questions or prompts.

Memes: Doing a prompt and usually listing things in response.

Awards: Usually answering questions about yourself if someone has awarded you and awarding others.

I just kind of… grouped these all together. Because they mostly consist of talking about things that have already been established or answering questions.


  • They are fairly easier. Unless, like me, you are constantly trying to wrack your brain for witty answers. If you answer straightforwardly, just answer them and YOU ARE DONE.


  • Sometimes they get super overused. Like, REALLY overused. On Tuesdays my feed is FILLED with these posts.. there are only so many posts with 10 books about heroines that you can read, oKAY?
    • According to someone, sometimes people don’t even go on WordPress on Tuesdays/Wednesdays because usually not that much original content.
  • If you just post the facts, without any actual insider context or text, then… there’s not much to talk about. For example: the Waiting on Wednesday. If you’re just listing three books that you want to read, is it REALLY interesting? *close-up of my face* IS IT REALLY?

(This is just my personal opinion, of which I think others may possibly agree? Please do not be offended.)


Usually a post about things that have happened recently, usually about your blog or your life or your writing or everything that ever existed.

Now, I actually love reading these! If there’s interesting stuff in it, of course. And not just listing the books you have read. And then ending the post.


  • You can just list stuff that has happened. Boom. A POST. 
  • And usually it’s actually interesting?? (As long as you have something besides stats and just books you want to read. Give me something witty.)


  • These don’t always get the best stats?? It really depends. (My Writing Updates post went well, but my May Wrap Up post didn’t do the best.)
  • Also, if you’re just listing the amount of books you read over the month, I ask once again, IS IT REALLY INTERESTING.

Watercolor Streak

So, anyways, I swear I wasn’t pointing anyone out or anything, this is just my personal preference.

Also, today is Sunday (this is a scheduled post) and I’m most likely going to be at Bookcon! WHOWHOWHOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

What types of posts do you like reading the most? Why? Do you love any of the stuff that I love?


  1. Love this post! I definitely agree. I try to keep a balance of original posts with things like tags, TTT, etc. Not only is it more interesting for people to read, but it also makes things more interesting to write!

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  2. I love discussion posts too, but it can so hard for me to leave it open for discussion. I’m not a fan of memes at all. It’s very few people I see can make it into original content, myself not included.
    There are also a few more post types that I know! Lists and recommendations are pretty fun. Not like meme lists but when you have some interesting idea to share and you break it up one sections. I never read TTT but I love lists.
    Also when someone recommends stuff outside of genres it’s usually pretty good. Like when Puput @ Sparkling Letters made a post featuring books with different family relationships​.
    Tutorials for bookish crafts, or improving your blog are so helpful.

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    1. Oh, that’s true! You make a good point 😀 Oh, really? I’ve heard that from a lot of people! Someone that I read whose memes that I still love are Cait @ Paper Fury ‘s

      Thank you for pointing those out! I can’t believe I forgot about that. Recommendations are fun, but like, MY TBR IS SQUISHING ME helppppp

      Aha I only recently discovered Puput but I’ll definitely try to read her posts! I also like reading book recommendations, but usually when it’s a personal preference.

      And YESSS I know right? I feel like before I entered the blogging community, the only blog posts that I really read were tutorials when I needed help 😛



    Ahem. Anyways.

    Discussions are awesome! I really love discussions of any kind. The only exceptions are 1) if the discussion is not INTERESTING or thought-out enough, 2) if the discussion is just a huge chunk of text… that makes it hard for me to read, and/or 3) NO PERSONALITY… just talking.

    Reviews are a hard little thing. I mean we are BOOK blogs which means we obviously do BOOK reviews… but something about it is unappealing. UNLESS. You’re funny/witty in it because then I’ll actually ENJOY reading the review… whereas if I even click on a review in my Reader, I skip over parts.

    Ah. Memes. I love the Top Ten Tuesday meme… but if I did it, I would change it up a bit. Because like you said, I DON’T WANT TO READ THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN OKAY??? Also Cait’s TTTs are different from the actual prompt and I ENJOY THEM.

    AGH WRAP-UPS/UPDATES! Wrap-ups are another thing I LOVE to read. Unless it has no personality and just listing stuff that happened. OR listing books read… and that’s it. Me is ??? Updates are also fun because I feel like as bloggers we don’t share what’s going on as much??? Updates are needed and fun to read… usually.

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      Haha YES. I know right? I LOVE DISCUSSIONS IF THAT’S NOT OBVIOUS. And that’s really true. I like broken up text, and I think that it’s easier for everyone in general to read, right? And YES. PERSONALITY IS ONE OF THE MUSTS. Like, words that are not fun? No thank youuu

      Yeah, that’s true.. I’M BEHIND ON A GAZILLION OF THEM. And aghao;sidkfjl I feel like it’s easier to just write down thoughts in an unorganized list review than form coherent sentences? That’s just me though. I TRY to make nice, organized paragraph reviews BUT IT’s not working??? And yeahhh I love funny reviews or sometimes just reviews that are mean because then I’m entertained haha.

      Yes, memes. I actually do like memes, but like, the popular ones can be quite annoying when you’re just LISTING BOOKS. Like, THANKS. NO CONTEXT?? And yes I know righttttt? WHY CAN’T I HAVE THAT SKILL FOR MAKING THINGS FUN.

      AND YES I LOVE WRAP UPS. IT’S FUN. And yeah, when it’s just like, I read 4 books! Yay! and then the post ends and I’m like WELL WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO PUT IN MY COMMENT. And yeah, updatesssssss because usually we talk about books and not life?

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  4. YES YES YES and I did I mention YASSSSSSSSSSS!

    Okay, I need to calm down! Tags Memes and Awards are really light and easy posts to write, but they just lack sustenance and all the comments for MEMES are like, Oh yeah, all these books on my TBR, check out my WWW here (link)’ LITERALLY ALL, and that’s why I don’t really do memes. Awards and tags can sometimes be really interesting, because you get to find out more about the author of the blog.
    Discussions are probably my fave, and there also like bookish entertainemnt post like ‘types of readers’ and stuff which I LOVE because #relatablerelatblerelatable
    Reviews…THEY HAVE TO BE DONE well, is all i’m saying. I think I do one review a month, because I literally can’t write them to save my life, and no-one else really likes them??? I thin mini reviews all smushed together are actually quite fun though!

    AND WRAP_UPS! They’re so exciting to read and write, unless it’s just like people JUST listing what they read. I like your wrap-ups and recaps ARE USUALLY LONG AND FILLED WITH ALL THIS JUICY STUFF and I LUV IT.

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      Okay, yeahhhhhh I know right? Yes, they are easier but when it’s just like HERE IS A LIST OF BOOKS. NO CONTEXT OR ANYTHING. I’m like well ok. Yeah, I feel like I used to do memes sometimes, but I don’t really do that anymore? Unless I have something interesting to put in it. Yes, awards and tags can be super interesting sometimes, but sometimes it’s just like, here is the book that I read. Done.
      I looooveee discussion posts…. And yeahhhh those relatable posts though! Also is relatable not a word BECAUSE THE RED SQUIGGLY KEEPS ON SHOWING UP.
      Yesssssss that is so true! With reviews, it can SO SO hard to keep me interested unless it’s a book that I loved or hated and I just want to see how you feel! I don’t think I’ve read many mini-review posts? I’ll probably try to do some sometime.

      Yessss I love writing them when you have information! I especially love the Interesting Posts and News parts because I ALWAYS WANT TO FIND BLOG POSTS. AGHHH THANK YOUUUUUUU I LOVE YOURS TOOOOOOO.


  5. This post was 1) so original and 2) helpful and 3) awesome! Thoroughly enjoyed it!! I definitely am always overwhelmed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays here on WordPress. Not that I think weekly memes are bad… just there are A LOT of them on tues/wed LOL

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  6. I enjoy reading discussion and reviews the most. Lately I’ve really only been posting reviews (totally not because I was super behind on review and just caught up… pshhhhh why would you think that) but I really wanna get posting some discussions. I DEFINITELY agree that memes can get overused. They are quick and great for last minute posts, but they aren’t the most interesting to read.

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    1. Aha yeah, I loveee discussions! I mean, reviews actually can be fun to read, I think it really depends on the person that I’m reading, you know? And yeah, they’re pretty easy in case you need a post quickly and you’re out of ideas (which happens to me often haha) but yes, they aren’t always super interesting.


  7. I like having ideas for discussions the most and reading them is fun too. But tags are way easier to write. Usually on the weeks when I blog, I do one review, one tag or feature (my blog has a couple of recurring features) and one discussion, but it really depends. Anyway, this was an interesting breakdown, and I hope Bookcon was GREAT

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    1. Yeah!! But like, sometimes I have somewhat good ideas but it’s like HOW. TO. TYPE.
      Tags areeee so easy to write! It’s like THE QUESTIONS ARE ALREADY THERE. But I try to keep witty answers, etc. in order to keep readers interested. Thank you! And YES IT WAS. *cries because I didn’t get all the books* but I still got Jane, Unlimited which I am super psyched abouuut./

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  8. I really love writing discussion posts, especially when I collab with other bloggers. (Those are also the discussion posts I most enjoy reading, too, because you get to see so many different points of view.) However, those are also the hardest to write because there are so many already out there. If I’ve already read three posts about LGBT+ rep in YA, I’m much less likely to click on the fourth. I either really like tags or really dislike them – I think I like them when they’re about books or writing, but not so much when they’re about someone’s personal life. They’re super easy to put together, though, and really fun to write! I think the reason book reviews are often less popular is because you have to have read the book in order to find anything to say about it. :/

    Great post!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

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    1. I know right? It’s so much fun! I don’t think I’ve ever done a collab discussion before, but it seems so interesting to try! That IS true.. Tags CAN be interesting, as long as there’s interesting content, I think? And not just listing books. That IS a really good point, but I think it’s always refreshing to see new points of views.


  9. Ah, this is such an amazing post, Julianna! Now I can finally comment on it! XD

    I definitely prefer discussions over everything, not only to read, but to write and post! Ideas come pretty easy to me, but if you asked me where, I wouldn’t be able to remember for the life of me. XD

    Reviews are definitely my least favorite to read and write! I usually only genuinely READ a review if I’ve been anticipating a book, and that’s pretty much it. And even then, I only read a couple of reviews of the same book before I feel like I’ve read the same thing over and over.

    Tags I can definitely work with! There are some really boring tags out there, to be honest, but some are really interesting, like book blogging tags or unpopular opinion tags! Then you can learn more about the person! The only memes I genuinely read are TTT, but if too many people do one topic, I only check out one or two, or skip them all. My Reader was over-saturated last week because SO MANY PEOPLE did “Top 10 Books I’m Anticipating For the Second Half of 2017.” And just by the featured image, pretty much all of them had the same books with a couple of variations. So, I just skipped that. XD Awards aren’t really too interesting, though.



  10. ooh I loved this! Such a good summary of many types of posts! I like to add in another one though…lists! ;D I do a lot of absolutely ridiculous lists that are super fun to write and usually pretty nice on the stats. Although total agreement that reviews often bomb the stats. Buuut, I enjoy writing them so I don’t mind! And I LOVE discussions! They’re fun and it’s a great way to get to know a blogger by chatting. Also TTT posts can be fun if people put unique spins on them, right?! I’m pretty over WoW posts though.😂 They seem a bit like filler content. 🙈

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    1. Yay thank you!!
      Haha I think most of own posts are lists, but I count them as discussion posts?? Oops?? And yeah, reviews bomb them but I still love screaming about books that I loved. And yesss I know right? And you can actually TALK about something.
      I looove your TTT posts because they are always unique so it’s ok! But if it’s just like, listing books then I’m like “WELL WHAT DO I TALK ABOUT IN MY COMMENT, HUH?”
      Yeah, sameeee all the WoW posts I’ve read just list some books and it’s like DONE.


  11. This is such a great post! 🙂 My favorite kind to read are discussions for sure, but I also enjoy reading reviews a lot. It makes me a bit sad that they are sooo underrated at times :/ I really enjoy reading fun tags but whenever the same one is around all the time and the books are always the same in the answers…well, yes, it gets a bit repetitive at times – just like memes do, sometimes. I used to do them and read loads of them but now, I gave up on memes because they were sort of “content-fillers” on my blog and just felt like a chore to write. I much prefer fun tags. ANYWAY all of this to say, great post 🙂

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    1. Thank you! 😀 That’s true that reviews are underrated, but I feel like that most people don’t enjoy it as much because they don’t relate to it as much??? And yeah, same! I used to do memes but then I realized that I wanted to be doing more original content rather than just doing memes. And THANK YOU again! 😀

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  12. What a wonderful post Julianna! I definitely agree with ALLLLL of these!!!

    And I do love discussions but I’ve never actually written one? And it’s not because I have no ideas, I literally get inspired every day and I have a list of discussion topics in my blog journal BUT I LACK MOTIVATION TO WRITE THEM. I am so #lazy and I just can’t bring myself to sit down and write even one of them *cries*

    And I agree with the memes! I do both TTT and T5W but lately I’ve been getting quite ~annoyed~ (I guess??) and I think I’ll either stop doing them or only do like one or two topics a month! Or maybe choose a topic and schedule the post on a day that isn’t Tuesday or Wednesday hahaha XD Sometimes I really like a week’s topic but reading 30 posts on the same topic can get quite tiring!

    And my Wrap-Ups do pretty well! I think it’s because as you said, I don’t just list the books I’ve read (UGH PLS STOP DOING THAT PEOPLE IT’S SO BORING) but add like Gifs or fun comments here and there! I try to do that with most of my posts because I love when you get a feel for a blogger’s personality through their posts! It makes them so much more fun to read!

    Omigosh, sorry for this super long comment but this was a wonderful post! ❤

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    1. THANK YOU ❤❤

      Well, I feel like blogs can definitely be INTERESTING without discussion posts, it’s just that usually most posts can be boring. *cries because I have no ideas but I LIKE writing discussion posts?? HOW…*
      I feel like writing them are actually super fun, in my own opinion. Maybe it just /feels/ like work but it’s not as much as you anticipated??

      As for memes, I feel like yeah, they can get super repetitive, but there are people whose memes that I enjoy reading! And yes, sometimes they are interesting, but I feel like usually I’ll tons of posts on the same topic when a post doesn’t have enough information??

      Yeah, I LOVE reading everyone’s wrap-ups (except for lists of books *sigh*) And YES I LOVE THE PERSONALITY. PERSONALITY IS THE BEST.

      And don’t be sorry haha, and THANK YOU AGAINN. *throws confetti at you*


  13. Love this! I agree about all your pros and cons, too. I used to do a lot of memes and such, but they got so old. So now I do them only if I really like the topic. I definitely like discussions the most- both writing AND reading. They just show so much more personality, I think. Plus, most of it is stuff that everyone can relate to, whereas with reviews and such, we all have different tastes. Hope you had fun at BookCon 😀

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  14. I love discussions posts. Bu you know what’s weird? I love lists too! I’ve become put off by TTT posts over time, but it’s just when they are labeled as such. Someone can post a top ten list about something but if they don’t label it as TTT then I’ve noticed I feel more inclined to read it. It’s not that I HATE MEMES and want to burn them all. It just really gets repetitive and my mind doesn’t like that. I think that’s why people enjoy Cait’s TTT posts so much, because she comes up with her own titles for them that don’t mention TTT.

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  15. I really think a variety of posts is the best way to make sure that you continue to have fun blogging too! I probably couldn’t write review after review and still enjoying them. We usually post one review per week between the two of us (I co-blog with a friend) which is really great and on days when we have a review go up, I sometimes also try and put up a second post for our followers to read if they just aren’t interested in reading the review which helps with stats sometimes.

    Sometimes I’m one of the people who doesn’t check their readers as frequently on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because it’s just filled with memes but by now I know which people do more than just list books or thing and instead TALK ABOUT WHY they added the thing to their list which definitely helps to give your readers something to talk about in the comments!

    Great post! 😀


  16. This was posted on… *checks date* JUNE 4th WHAT?? How has it been so longggg since I last checked your blog I’m the worst blog hopper ever. 😳
    BUT I’M HEREEEE AND OH THIS POST IS FABULOUS!! ❤️ I totally get where you’re coming from and I also love this topic! Post preferences seem to vary quite a bit but the general population seems to be against memes quite a bit haha. 😂 I actually don’t mind them *too* much but they can definitely get repetitive for sure! When I first started blogging, I had SO MANY memes oh my gosh, you won’t believe. One for each day almost and I look back on those days with horror now?!? I only participate in ONE nowadays and that’s usually Top Ten Tuesday (like many others), and I try to put a different spin on it as well ahah which makes it more fun to write as well!

    As for reviews, I used to write so many of them, apart from memes those were what I had the most of and now… I don’t usually post any?? 😅 I don’t know, it’s not that I don’t like them but they’ve gotten harder for me to write and I don’t enjoy writing them as much? I don’t mind reading them, but generally if it’s on a book I’m really looking forward to.

    Discussions/lists are probably my favourite to read and write now!! They’re just so much fun to read, and I also love making lists myself for all sorts of things so translating that into my blog has been great so far ahah. 🙈 I LOVE reading other discussions and love writing them as well, my problem is even with an idea I just never sit down and write it?? I also struggle with actually getting my thoughts across without sounding like a rambling potato… it’s a work in progress. 😂 Lovely post Julianna sorry for this excessively long comment!!

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    1. XD Same I’m also horrible at blog hopping??

      THANK YOU ❤
      Yes I feel like so many older bloggers kind of are against memes but newer ones looove them. XD I don't mind them as long as there aren't a gazillion of them. I'll probably read one and then just skip the others?? I LOVE THE PUTTING ON SPINS.

      I know right? When I first started blogging I would ONLY do reviews because I had no idea that you could do more XD. I usually also only read reviews if I've read the book and loved./hated it or am looking forward to it!!

      YES FOR DISCUSSIONS AND LISTS. IT'S SO FUNNNNNNN. And me toooo probably 30% of my post is just rambling, 50% is sarcastic comments, and 20% is actually helpful stuff.

      THANK YOU ❤ and also I love long comments so whatever XD


  17. Dear Julianna, or whatever your name is, I am none other than Detective Tony Pastry of New Scotland Yard. My informant has told me that you are the Red Herring, the notorious art thief. And my informant is very reliable: He recently sold me the Moon for £500 and a pint of mild. He’s very big in NASA, you know. He has also informed me that the Pink Panther films are not fictitious but are in fact a series of documentaries about a real Inspector Clouseau. Since then I have modelled my entire career on Clouseau’s achievements and it has not been easy, I can tell you. If you do not immediately hand yourself in at the nearest police station, I will have to come and put you under arrest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh gosh, DETECtIVE TONY PASTRY??? OF NEW SCOTLAND YARD???? I AM HONORED TO BE IN YOUR PRESCENCE. But first, may I ask you a question: WHY WOULD YOU THINK I’M THE RED HERRING?? In fact, I’m the blue herring. Ugh, why don’t the blue herrings EVER get any recognition? We’ve spent our whole lives in the shadow of that darn Red Herring.

      But personally, I think your informant isn’t very reliable at all. The Moon is worth only £499! He SCAMMED YOU. SCAMMED YOU, I TELL YOU.

      Wow, Pink Panther films are documentaries? I’ll have to tell that to my parents whenever I start watching them!! Thanks for this excuse reason to watch Pink Panther.

      I can understand. It seems to have been very hard. I pity you. You gotta let yourself rest a little while every couple weeks or so, am I right?

      What! Put me under arrest! That’s crazy.

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