December 2017 Recap // Bye, Hiatus & Hello, Blogging World

I can’t think of a non-awkward way to start off this post except to say…


Not gonna lie, this hiatus was great & I didn’t really miss blogging as much as I expected to. It was still stressful without blogging because, of course, blogging isn’t my only source of stress but wow. I feel so much better about returning.

(Except I hope that December doesn’t count as a month of blogging in terms of stats because if it does I will cry.)

I’m so happy to return to blogging though! Honestly there was a period of time that I didn’t really care about returning to blogging?? BUT I REALIZED I DO WANT TO RETURN SO HAHA I AM RETURNING.

I’m sure kingdoms* are rejoicing because of my return.

Anyways, since I didn’t really blog… at all this month, I’m going to do my recap of December a little bit differently? Aka I probably will just cut out the blogging section and expand on the life section.***

ALSO!! I am going to write a 2017 recap because WOW that year was kind of a mess but it was also interesting blogging-wise! I think I’m just going to sum up each month of blogging and also note down other non-bloggingverse things that happened as well.


Reasons toGo on That Hiatus You'veBeen ThinkingAbout

*Okay maybe like, 3 people max.**


***This is literally just going to be bookish stuff & life stuff because DID I WRITE?? NO.

second grass graphic



*recalls the time my smol self thought I could read 25 books in December*

Three is a large enough number, right?

215575  34569846  32320661

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou  // 4 stars

  • This was a very interesting memoir. (Yes, this is a School Book but honestly I was just trying to meet my freaking GR challenge.*)

As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti // no rating

  • Yeah, okay I admit that I DNF’d this book. And also I was just trying to meet my GR challenge, once again. BUT EVERYONE HATES THIS BOOK and it seems a bit problematic soooooooo I feel like I’m not missing out on much?

Everless by Sara Holland // 3 stars

  • Okay, wow, this was… such a fantastic concept, but this book was nothing really special. THE ROMANCE WAS KIND OF LIKE INSTA-LOVE AND ANNOYING AS HECK. [review]

*I didn’t meet my GR challenge. 😦

favorite book?

Haha this month sucked in terms of reading sooo I don’t really have a favorite, but I guess if I had to choose it would be I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

least favorite book?

I feel like it’s unfair to say As You Wish, seeing as I DNF’d it, so then Everless. (I only have three to choose from ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)



  • Renegades by Marissa Meyer // Ahh I got this for Christmas from my TBTB Secret Santa and I’M SO EXCITED even though apparently for many people it was disappointing, I still have faith in Marissa Meyer. And also I’m not that picky, so still hoping.
  • Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu // SKDFJKJ I WON THIS FROM A GIVEAWAY AND IT ARRIVED TWO DAYS BEFORE RELEASE DATE and omg omg I love Marie Lu and I’m so ready for this book.
  • The City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty // THANK YOU SO MUCH MAY for sending me this it’s so beautiful. I’m seriously way too excited??? For this book??
  • Along the Indigo by Elsie Chapman [arc] // Thanks Abrams for sending me this! THE MAIN CHARACTER IS CHINESE WOW and I think she finds dead bodies by the river or something?? Honestly, not too sure but I think there’s death so obviously I’m ready.
  • The Accidental Bad Girl by Maxine Kaplan [arc] // Thanks so much to Abrams for sending me this! IT SOUNDS LIKE ONE OF THOSE THRILLER CONTEMPORARIES WHERE EVERYTHING GOES WRONG. Obviously, I need it.
  • My So-Called Bollywood Life by Nisha Sharma [arc] // Thank you to Penguin for sending me this book! I’m so excited to read it, especially since it’s centered around Bollywood film and from the viewpoint of an Indian girl!
  • The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan [arc] // YES THIS IS ONE OF MY MOST ANTICIPATED OF 2018 WOW. The main character is a half white, quarter Taiwanese, and a quarter Chinese. ALSO THAT COVER IS SO PRETTY.


second grass graphic


  • SO I STARTED WATCHING TEEN TITANS AND WHOA I LOVE IT. I also read the Teen Titans Go! (2003) comics because the day I finished binge-watching Teen Titans, I was in a state of shock because apparently these shows?? Don’t go on forever?? Despite my desperate pleas??? Which is obviously disappointing. 0/10 on that factor, 10/10 on everything else. (OK IF YOU WATCH TEEN TITANS PLS HMU I NEED FRIENDS TO TALK ABOUT IT WITH.)
  • I had a fantastic Christmas Secret Santa exchange with May, Jackie, and Ilsa! Well it was supposed to be a Secret Santa but then we decided that international shipping would be too expensive, so May and I would just exchange presents and so would Jackie and Ilsa! THIS WAS SO FUN WOW. (Although the goodies I gave May sucked, but hahaha whatever.)
all of the items (described below) in a box
thank you may
  • The City of Brass hardcover // I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK WOW. It has Muslims??? In fantasy??? AND THE INSIDE IS SO PRETTY
  • Model Magic Clay // haha pls don’t fault me for my obsession with clay IT’S SO FUN TO PLAY WITH
  • A bar of soap // Ok so I specifically asked for soap you guys, because in case you were wondering… MY FAMILY HAS NO HAND SOAP. I usually just use body wash or dishwasher soap to wash my hands haha..ha.
  • A Yankee Candle // AHHHH THE SCENT OF THIS IS “STRAWBERRY LEMON ICE” AND I LOVE IT. IT SMELLS SO GOOD and I really want to light it, even though I am completely terrified of matches.
  • A Letter // May was honestly so sweet and her letter was so nice! LSKFJSLDKFJDSLKF
  • A Handlettered Quote Card // The quote was by J.R.R Tolkein and IT WAS CUTE and also I used it in my bookstagram (which you should 100% follow) soooo multiple purpose, obviously.
  • A bunch of Lindor chocolates! // Tbh May and I basically did a Lindor chocolate swap because I gave her all of my dark chocolate ones, and she gave me… everything else. I dislike dark chocolate, pls don’t judge me.
  • A Snickers bar // And this was one of the BIG Snickers bars, so you know that May is serious about her gift-giving.

Honestly this was so fun and I love it and *points directly in your face* if you have the chance to do a Christmas gift exchange, DO IT.

second grass graphic

wrap up titles



  • Read 24 books this month. ㄨ no comment
  • Write at least 5 Goodreads reviews. ㄨ Yeah, no, I didn’t go on Goodreads uhhhh at all.
  • Read all of my January ARCs. ㄨ I READ THREE BOOKS TOTAL. And wow I completely forgot I even like,,, had goals for December? My #1 priority was to just to chill.


  • Read at least 5 arcs this month, publishing in January-February. Wow I have to get out of the freaking habit of reading arcs publishing in May or some other date, like in the year 2087.
  • Write at least three Goodreads reviews for already read books. I SWEAR EVERY REVIEW IS MARKED AT RTC AND I NEED TO STOP.



  • Write at least three posts. ㄨ OKAY WELL AT LEAST I RELAXED.
  • Relax. ✓


  • Write 11 posts. I literally counted the amount of posts I could post if I started posting regularly today.
  • POST ON SCHEDULE. Is this a hard goal? IT SHOULDN’T BE *glares at self*



  • Write at least ten more pages of my rough draft. ㄨ Yeah, noooooo. Honestly what did I expect from myself at this point.


  • Think about my novel for at least 9.12 seconds. The real question is, HAVE I THOUGHT ABOUT MY NOVEL EVER?



  • Start studying better for class. ㄨ Ughhhh.
  • Generally be better at not procrastinating. ㄨ Hahahahahahaha.


  • Drink water from the fountain and not from a plastic water bottle! #SavingTheEnvironment
  • Stop going outside wearing like a t-shirt and pants when IT’S SO FRICKING COLD WOW. Why am I Like This.
  • Try?? To?? Be?? Self-confident?? And also I should stop comparing myself to others.
  • Stop biting my fingernails. THIS IS SUCH A BAD HABIT I NEED TO STOP.

second grass graphic

In case anyone was wondering, this post was 1.4k words long. And honestly I completely forgot about how I added the “Goals” section of the wrap-up. I kind of just added that section because my post wasn’t long enough, but GUESS WHO SUDDENLY HAS ALL THE WORDS TO SAY. (me)


Also guys I’m going to take a minute to promote my social media:

  • TWITTER // I tweet a lot about the most random things honestly and this is probably the best way to connect with me because I GO ON THIS PLATFORM TOO MUCH.
  • INSTAGRAM // Hahahaha I got a new theme recently so GO FOLLOW ME I LIKE MY THEME.
  • GOODREADS // Yeah I love Goodreads.

second grass graphic

Tell me your thoughts! (please)

<big>WHAT DID YOU DO IN DECEMBER? Did you blog? Did you take a hiatus? I honestly have zero idea, I was not in the blogosphere at all during December. Do you think my title is cheesy? Because I do, too.



    your book haul is full of so many awesome books *cries*

    also i started watching teen titans and it’s??? s o g o o d

    raven and beast boy are a Whole Ship and so are starfire and robin my heart cannot take this adorableness sjashashsh

    tbh for january i’m looking forward to sending you more memes on instagram


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  2. If you want to have someone make your design graphics and stuff for your blog for free, I recommend going to Mukta from Design Pique Studios. Here’s a link:

    I’ve never actually worked with her yet, but I’ve seen her work, and the reviews sound awesome, so I probably will ask her for help when I (finally) upgrade my own blog (someday). 😃

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  3. THE ASTONISHING COLOR OF AFTER OMG I AM CRYING. You’re soooooooooo lucky, it’s one of my most anticipated reads of, like, the whole year and of all times after The Belles haha. I hope you will enjoy it, I can’t wait for you to read it!
    AND OBVIOUSLY I MISSED YOU and I am happy you are back! It’s GREAT to relax and I’m happy you were able to, I hope you’ll be back to blogging in a more… relaxing way, meaning that you will be posting so I get to enjoy your amazing posts, but that you won’t stress yourself out too much about everything. You are awesome.
    That gift exchange with May is INCREDIBLE, you got so many great things ❤
    I hope you are having an amazing month ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person


      I missed you and your blog too!! ❤ ❤ I'm so looking forward to reading everyone's posts now; I really hope I don't get as stressed out? Maybe I'll force myself to go on hiatus every couple of months of something?

      I hope you have a fantastic year ily!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YES you should do that. I mean, every two – three months, I’m having small breaks (or trying, I FAILED ROYALLY this December) and it really helps. Stepping away for a while feels good 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Relaxing is a truly worthy goal, my friend! Not everyone can do it and I congratulate you on your success in that area!!! Seriously, we all need breaks sometimes, and I am glad that you took the time for that. Also YES on goals for building self-confidence and not comparing yourself to others!!! I am constantly working on that myself. I sometimes make the mistake of comparing myself to Cait@PaperFury and that is never a good idea. We all have different methods and different paces and not all of us can write a million words and read 200+ books in one year and that is OKAY. I am a turtle writer. And I read two and a half books in December, so I am with you there.
    I just checked and realized that I wrote four blog posts in December. This was probably because I was not schooling or working so obviously I had nothing better to do. I wrote about: 1. How stories get told, including very insightful metaphors about sweaters, 2. The glory of books in translation, and the fact that I can barely speak the language I was raised speaking, 3. The difference between lobster and Leibster, while semi-following the rules of the tag, and 4. A summary of my story consumption in 2017. I also had time to relax and watch a lot of Netflix with my siblings, so I had a fantastic December.
    Also this comment has turned into a monstrosity so I will leave it at that. Best of luck with your goals, and I hope you have a spectacular 2018!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! ❤

      I really hope that you don't compare yourself to others in the future! I LOVE CAIT TOO, I SOMETIMES COMPARE MYSELF but yah, she's like the queen, okay? I'm so glad you had a wonderful December! Even if you wrote four blog posts, that's four more than me XD
      Don't worry, I always love to read your comments ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    I feel the same way after a hiatus – when i was moving in december and barely posted, it felt SO GOOD and i was SO RELIEVED to not have to write any blog posts. i get scared every time i take a hiatus though because i always get the thought of “what if i just… y’know, stopped?” and it terrifies me because i make hasty decisions sometimes and i don’t want to one day ‘accidentally’ delete my blog and – gosh i’m giving myself anxiety i’ll stop…
    ANYWAY i’m happy you felt less stressed during this hiatus even though you didn’t complete any of your goals, being less stressed is the most important thing! GAHHH i strive for a friendship like you and may

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU!!! ❤

      It felt so good for me to go on a hiatus, and honestly I had a mid-month crisis like "what if i quit blogging???" but then I thought about how much work this has been and honestly wow I DON'T WANT TO DELETE EVERYTHING. so #relatable

      Thank you! I'm honestly so glad I wasn't stressed, or at least… less stressed??


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes omg the work i’ve put into blogging – i’m someone that doesn’t like my work being put to waste so thinking of deleting all of my blogging accomplishments along keeps me from actually going through with it

        Liked by 1 person

  6. It’s totally okay to take a break from blogging once in a while! I find that you’ll come back much more refreshed and excited for blogging than before 😊 And I’m so excited for The Astonishing Color of After too… I’ll be waiting to get a copy of the book when I can 😆

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hope you read more books and post more posts in 2018! ❤ I adored Teen Titans when I was younger, I really consider rewatching it in the future! In the meantime I'm currently watching Young Justice, which has Robin as well 🙂

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  8. RELAXING IS GOOD!! I actually also took a hiatus in December (and November… oops), so I totally get you. It helped so much to, if not exactly reduce stress, not add to it?? WHICH IS GOOD. I was going to request As You Wish from Netgalley, but now I’m glad I didn’t ahah. I’m sorry to hear about Everless though! That cover looks so cool and the concept sounded awesome.

    Such an amazing haul!! I was SO HYPED for Batman (MARIE LU <3) but I recently read it and it was quite disappointing, frankly. I hope you enjoy it more than I did!! I am SO excited for your thoughts on The Astonishing Color of After and My So-Called Bollywood Life. I really hope you enjoy them! 🙂

    Your gift exchange with May looks amazing! 🙂 (I mean, there's a book, Snickers and a candle. What's not to love.)


    Liked by 1 person

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